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After weeks and months of not wanting to work from my office because blah, there’s Christmas decorations that need to go in the loft loitering about and blah, why does my white desk always look dirty and blah, the spare bed is covered in all the things that don’t fit in my handbag, I decided that I needed to dedicate a morning to pulling my life together.

Because, if 2016 is going to be my year for internet domination then maaaaaate, my working environment has got to be sassy and fresh and inspiring and I’ve got to stop running off to Starbucks for coconut lattes every two minutes. ‘Cos otherwise, I’m not going to be able to afford to eat anything aside from $1 slices of pizza when I hop on over to New York in May.

No YOU keep bringing that up in every blog post.

So anyway, I pulled on my sports bra (not a joke) and got to moving furniture about to create a space that would make the words and motivation sing out of me like I was the new J K Rowling.

And I gotta say, my new workspace is looking smokin’ hot. Like Pinterest come and hire me to head up your interiors section because I am killing it hot.

You might have had a sneak peek over on Snapchat (follow me at hannahfgale) because I got seriously over excited about OMG MY OFFICE <3<3<3<3, but I thought I’d give you the full proper tour in this meaty post.

Just a heads up – to coincide with my office shake-up, I got a lot of new things from Etsy. Maybe, definitely, possibly including the best Pretty Little Liars pencils known to man. And a framed Dumbledore quote that makes me cry with happiness when I’m hon my period. Lols.

Oh and ALSO, there’s a chance for you to win £100 to spend at Etsy at the bottom of this post, so don’t go running off to check your Twitter notifications just yet, gal pals.




Ok, admittedly the first print – that gloriously bright map of Manhattan – is a lil vintage find from a flea market in Brooklyn (probably the most hip and happening thing I’ve ever said – if I die, I want to be remembered for that line), but the rest of them – aside from that cute black and white snap of my nan – are from good ol’ Etsy.

The Dumbledore one is my newest purchase. Obvs I love the quote because I definitely went to Hogwarts, but I love the watercolour effect on the font and the snazzy little stars that make it more magical – you can shop it here.

I’ve also got my ‘haters gonna hate’ print which I’ve had a little while now. It was one of the first things I treated myself to after making the move into full-time blogging and it reminds me just how far I’ve come, and how much thicker my skin has become during my online journey. You can snap that up from SweetLovePress, one of my fave Etsy stores <3



The sassy marble and leopard print framed beauties are in fact greetings cards.

Yuh huh, framed greetings cards. I’m so frugal and smart, I know. They cost about £3.50 each and are from CJ Designs who does THE dreamiest notebooks and cards and omg you have to buy them for everyone you know and then a giant stash for you because awww pretty artwork for your wall. You know I’m right.

Oh and just hooking a girl up – all my white frames are from either IKEA or Wilko and all my gold frames are from Dunelm. You’re welcs.

Oh and I hung them to my wall using Command strips which means NO NAILS IN THE WALL (an absolute game changer if you live in rented accommodation and want to go insane with ALL the prints because #homegoals).



How utterly adorbs are these? Can we just take one eeny moment? N’awww, cute concrete, who knew that was even a thing.

I’ve bought two of these pots – one for my desk beauty staples because my nail beds are always dry and rancid, and one for my pencils and pens.

I love the marble one because it’s uber blogger of me, whilst the pastel dipped pot also comes in other colours. They’d also look bangin’ with mini cacti in. Just being your fave enabler, y’know. You can shop them here.



I decided pretty early on in the I AM GOING TO BE A FULL TIME BLOGGER game that I would need all the little pick me ups to help me stay motivated. I pretty much always have flowers on my desk because a) they’re pretty majestic photo props, b) they hide the smell of cats and c) they’re just damn sweet to look at on grey, moody days y’know?

I also tend to light a candle on long afternoons chained to my desk –  I guess it’s one of those things I’m desperate to make the most of because I AM MY OWN BOSS AND I’LL DO WHAT I WANT. I’ve just opened this dreamy new organic one from Etsy which not only includes my fave scent of all time – hello Rose you sweet beauty – but is called ‘Happy’. Which is a nice gentle reminder to be happy even when stressed and drowning in emails. (Shop here)



Told ya there was a cute little PLL set of pencils and boy, did I not disappoint.

I also have these sweet days of the week set, which feature a ‘Friyay’ pencil, which I got way back when last summer during an Etsy sleepover.

Both sets are from PobbleAndPing who also do loads of other fun quotes and sayings from Mean Girls, Gossip Girl etc etc. Basically, pencils made for babes as basic as I am.




Basically, I’ve teamed up with Etsy to offer one of you lucky little ducklings a juicy hundred quid to spend on transforming your workspace because hello, what better way to make sure 2016 is your year, right?

All you have to do to enter is upload a photo of your current desk set-up to Instagram with the hashtag #EtsyDeskie. Tag me (hi, I’m @hannahfgale) and @etsyuk in you snap so that we can see all the entries.

Even if your desk is just your bed, super slow laptop and a really bladdy cute mug – we wanna see it!

We’ll be picking a winner at random in one week, so make sure your snap is uploaded by 11pm Tuesday 1st March 2016.

Good luck gal pals. Here’s to being motivated, inspired and JUST PRETTY AMAZING TBH.


This is a sponsored post, but all desk love very much my own.


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