Friday Favourites: 19th February 2016


I need to start off by telling you all that I’ve re-arranged my office (all the excitement has been documented over on good ol’ Snapchat – username: hannahfgale), and pal, I suddenly have all the motivation.

Maybe I’ll write an entire novel surrounded by candles and red wine tonight. (Lol JK, need to get through season four of Game Of Thrones before I even think about moving forward with my life).

I’ve spent the week at home cat-sitting, because Rudey and Granger have had a mate over for the week while his parents were on holiday, and it’s been pretty nice. It’s been nice because I haven’t felt stressed and behind with work, and nice because I’ve been able to get back into a pretty decent food and fitness plan, which, after Scotland and pancake day and Valentine’s weekend, was ahem, not so cute.

I’ve had pizza and cake and macarons and pancakes and meh, living the good life.

As you’re reading this I’m hopefully hurtling towards London with a super size coffee and a heart of excitement for a day out the house. I mean, I say hopefully, you can’t trust Greater Anglia to actually y’know, do their jobs and put trains on and that. But whatevs.

I’m dipping into the beginnings of fashion week with a breakfast, then a meeting with an old colleague and then I’m off vintage dress shopping. And then I have a chilled weekend ahead with maybe a tub of Ben & Jerry’s and some colouring in and some blog photos. All hip and happening round here, I tell ya.

Let’s get cracking, shall we?



I’ll start with the tastiest part of my favourites and ffs, now my tummy is rumbling and I need to start dinner in about 14 minutes and there’s a cat asleep on my lap and n’awww don’t wanna wake him up.

For V Day, Chris bought me a jumbo pack of my fave macarons from Macarons & More in Norwich (you have, have, have to try their salted caramel ones – they’re better than stuffed crust pizzas).

Anyway, instead of your standard circular macarons, the shop made a giant batch of cute lil heart-shaped raspberry ones ‘spesh for Valentine’s and Chris ordered me some as a present and I’ve delighted my way in eating through the entire pack of 12. No regrets.



I mentioned oop top that I’d had a little office switch around, and as part of that I had a lil clean up, treated myself to some fresh new spring flowers and got a few cute new bits from Etsy.

I’ve got a full desk tour coming next week (fingers crossed), but it had to make my favourites because it’s just made all the difference to my working mood.

Instead of running off to Starbucks every other day to spend my bank balance on copious coconut lattes, I’m actually doing my work in my office like a proper grown-up. Sometimes you just need to pull on a sports bra and start moving furniture about and getting a lil bit cosy with the wood polish and cloth and voila, everything looks and feels instantly better.



As part of my Etsy homeware haul, I snapped up this insanely wonderful quote to go above my desk.

I’ve mentioned before that this is one of my fave quotes of all time – mostly because Harry Potter is bae af, and Dumbledore gives me life and daily inspo, but also because there’s something about the words that kinda makes me draw strength from within. Y’know?

Anyway, this beaut is from seller thebiglake, but I also adore this one from JazzStanArtworks.



Chris and I actually got to pick out a couple of Next pieces to pose about in whilst in Scotland as part of their #LookOfLove campaign. And this dress is just <3<3<3

I’m currently waiting for warmer days so I can actually get acquainted with my razor and fake tan and prance about looking all cute in it. I love that the smocky shape means it hides all my macaroni cheese sins. What a babe. My plan for the summer is just pretty dresses like this, pastel cross body chain bags and mega cute flats.



Despite the fact we started season four earlier this week, I’m about 92% sure this is the first time that Game Of Thrones has made my Friday Favourites.

The thing is, it’s taken me this long to get myself entirely hooked. Like, I still don’t have a clue what’s going on half the time, but the twists and turns are so YOU WHAT NOW, that you’re forever on your toes.

I can’t even explain why I like it, because in my head it doesn’t make sense that I like it. And I can’t even explain why I keep going back for more and more (and so much more that I haven’t watched First Dates or The Undateables in weeks), BUT I HAVE AND WHAT AM I GOING TO DO WHEN I FINISH THE BOXSET.

I’d say it’s a cross between Lord Of The Rings, Downton Abbey and some random internet porn. Fair, right?



I know a lot of people don’t celebrate Valentine’s Day. It’s commercial, it’s pointless, it’s blah blah blah. But I’ve always loved it, regardless of relationship status. For me, it’s another excuse to just got my favourite people together – whether that’s me or a boy, or me and my fave gal pals.

It’s an excuse to drink one too many cocktails because lol treat yo self, and to get out the house, and to, well, celebrate love and life. *Voms down self*

And I guess because Chris and I don’t formerly have an anniversary (because we never worked out when to start it from), we use V Day as our day. Our day for presents and dinner and celebrating us because maaaaan, we rock.

Neither of us worked all weekend or went to the gym and instead we crammed our time with a trip to Norwich for shopping and macarons and lunch, time on the sofa slobbing out with pizza and GOT and a rather boozy posh dinner on the waterfront (no YOU had two cocktails, prosecco, port and a bottle of wine). My bad. But it was dreamy and nice and so anxiety and stress free. More of this please.



The creme de la creme of 2016. I did it, I booked some of those darned flights in the BA sale.

I wanted to say thank you to Chris for all the outfit photos, agent, ad code and blah blah blah chat, and all the pausing to eat his food so I could get ‘the’ Insta shot. So I booked us flights to New York City for May because the price was SO good, and I’ve been working hard and y’know what? What’s life without adventure with the people you love most?

So yeah, highlight of the week was seeing Chris’s face, whilst drunk, opening his present – which was a framed Manhattan print with the tickets in the back.

Making other people happy feels pretty bloody ace.

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