Friday Favourites: 5th February 2016


I’m writing this from the sweet, sweet carriage of weekday hell that is the train home from London.

I may or may not have accidentally stayed up so late last night catching up on this week’s Silent Witness (because OMFG HAVE YOU SEEN BOTH EPISODES THEY ARE INSANE AND CAN I BREATHE YET), and now I feel like a 10% version of myself.

My phone is out of battery and maaaaan, so am I.

I contemplated being that person who rested their heads in their hands on a table in Pret and set a phone alarm and just hoped and prayed to the good luck fairies that no-one pinched their bags (I have five because y’know, shopping).

And then realised that I couldn’t bring myself to hit rock bottom so went a bought some make-up wipes (plz don’t judge me) and took off all my make-up in the middle of the station before popping on a nice hefty layer of a new OSKIA serum.

Least I feel a bit fresher, although I can spy my reflection in the train window and LOL I have a yellowing white head on my chin and there’s nothing I can do about it until I get home. I hope no-one sits next to me because it *might* eat them.

Not soz.

Anyway, I’m going to go right ahead and stop spewing out my life story and instead concentrate on y’know, my Friday Faves.

(Which just FYI nearly didn’t come to you this week because lol no time and I’m flying to Scotland in the morning and ha, I’m a shit blogger. K bye.)



Sweet mother have mercy.

If you haven’t got your damn fine ass over to Bodean’s for food, then sugar, you are missing out.

This week marked my first visit to the restaurant (there’s several in London – I hit up the Balham branch to do some Trek America interviewing), and omg, there are no words to describe how happy the food made my belly. I mean, like, it’s probably best you *accidentally* forget to input your meal to MyFitnessPal, just sayin’.

I wept tears of joy over the macaroni cheese, the ribs, the burnt ends, the chicken wings and the pulled pork poutine. I am salivating aggressively and there is no food on the train and I’m feeling in a very sad and lonely place right now.



Following on from a food-fuelled lunchtime chat working with Trek America to put together a new video on my experiences on the trip last year is the WHAT THE EVEN OH MY GOD I DIE news that your girl is off to the States again this year.

And man, am I excited. Maybe this time I’ll pack actual casual ‘trek’ clothing rather than eight dresses, y’know?

Myself and Hannah Witton will be heading on the Deep South BLT later this year – taking in the sassy vibes of New Orleans as well as other southern cities. I AM SO EXCITED.

I can already tell that wenty sixteen is shaping up to be the kind of year that will make me do emotional happy tears whilst I’m driving to ASDA for biscuits and Diet Coke. So yeah, high fives and hugs for helping make that happen.



My lips are forever cracked. I’m the girl who’s basically a walking advertisement for not buying matte lipsticks because lol there’s brightly-coloured dead skin hanging off my face.

Hope you weren’t eating dinner then, soz ’bout it.

But anyway, I gave this little magic pot from Clinique a whirl because Josie had a spare one and I was like meh, got nothing better to do aside from Instagram stalking girls I’m jealous of, so why the flip not.

And woah boy, is it good. At £15 for what’s essentially a tinted lip balm and a scrub, it’s not exactly pocket-money, but it works. After one use my lips felt more like soft little rose petals and less like someone had glued some Bran Flakes to my face. That’s all I’m saying. It’s staying in my bag forever and that’s that. (Shop here)



I spied this on H&M’s Instagram approximately 9 days ago and was like BE MINE YOU PERFECT RUFFLED HUNK.

I couldn’t find it in the Regent Street branch or the Ipswich branch and was going about my life as usual, just bumbling along and thinking about food and who A is, whilst putting together a Valentine’s edit for the ol’ blog and I was like OMG IT’S ONLINE AND SOLD OUT IN EVERY SIZE.

Then I sobbed inside for a bit.

Then yesterday, after a champagne afternoon tea at The Ivy Brasserie in Kensington (I know, some days my life is really hideous), I located it. AND it was in my size. So yeah, happy dances all round.

I’m wearing it on my flight to Inverness and couldn’t be happier about the situation. (Look at it online here)



I don’t have much to say on this aside from awwww lol we tucked Rudey under a blanket on the sofa.

This was during date night last Friday and she was fast asleep and we were giggling like children like omg she’s so fast asleep she hasn’t even noticed and omg she’s going to be fuming when she wakes up.

Spoiler: She was fuming and she ran away from us and didn’t return to the sofa for the rest of the evening. Sad face.



Yeha, yeah alright, I already bigged this up in yesterday’s V Day post but man, it’s SO good.

As someone who ‘pops’ to the supermarket every day just to y’know, get out the house and have social interaction, I’ve found myself staring at this crockery collection about 534756 times.

IT IS PERFECT. There’s pun-eriffic pizza slice plates, sippy cups, noodle bowls, pasta bowls, omg the list is endless. Go and treat yourself (or ahem, wait until under the 14th when they *might* get reduced) and make every meal you ever cook automatically double as sexy.



The current hotspot for breakfast meetings in London and THEY DO NUTELLA PANCAKES.

And also french toast and syrup and bacon and also a really, really good avocado on toast. Better than the version I make myself at home, and it saddens my kitchen skills to admit that.

Berner’s Tavern is based just off Oxford Street and will set you back about £15 for an I WIN INSTAGRAM breakfast and coffee. You need to go. It is yummers and regal and I will be taking Chris when we get round to having our ‘tourist’ weekend in London. Yup. Uh huh. K bye.


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