The New High Street Range You Need To Know About


First off, can we just give my darling boyfriend one heck of a round of applause for shooting these somewhat glossy snaps of me parading next to a main road in Ipswich without him (or me) having a breakdown?

Good work Christopher, good bloomin’ work.

(I treated him to a lil Star-bee coffee afterwards to say thank you – Starbucks, to those of you who don’t speak Hannah-Chris lingo. We so cute).

This outfit is a step away from classic HG, probably because it’s quite structured and put together and sleek and well, those things I am not. (It would also look seriously killer if you worked in an office with y’know other people – another thing I do not, unless the cats count and in that case, I’m making them wear bow ties).

I’m a bit chaotic and loud and bumbly and HI I HAVE BREAKFAST DOWN MY TOP, NICE TO MEET YOU.

But I adore this look and felt pretty smug trotting about Ipswich in it knowing full well that I looked pretty smart and sophisticated whilst everyone else was nursing Sunday morning hangovers.

Y’see the main two components to this lil get-up are from a new collaborative range that’s just launched at Uniqlo. Yuh huh, you heard it here first.

Ines de la Fressange 2016 Spring Summer Collection is split into three wearable categories – Voyage, Le Sport and Uniforme – which feature wardrobe classics in easy to wear shades like navy, olive and soft beige.

Because Ines de la Fressange is one of the chicest French woman of all time, so it makes sense that we’d want to nab some of her simple yet elegant style for our own wardrobes, y’know?

There’s 82 items in the range and it’s available online now and in selected stores and prices start from £12.90.

I paired the pale pink shirt (buttoned up all the way to the top because mate, I am so East London) with the navy heavy linen pinafore dress.

The shirt also comes in pale purple and I am despo to get my mitts on it because I have developed some sort of unhealthy addiction to shirts, like a man who works 12-hour days in Canary Wharf just without the six figure annual salary. Sob.

Anyway, I struggled last year to find a pinafore dress that was flattering on curves and ahem, a sizeable cleavage, but this darling little charmer does that and it is so, so comfy and has a tie waist that stops it drowning my figure.

Plus that midi length is so fashion AND it gives me ample thigh coverage and that is A-OK with me.

It’s the perfect style staple to take you from is it winter? but is it winter? It’s 12 degrees? to HELLO SPRING AND YOUR SUNSHINE AND BARBECUES AND PIMMS.

Know what I mean?


I pulled the whole look together with an ancient trench coat, equally ancient black fedora and a simple chain cross body bag.

And these boots, which have one heck of a heel on them (hello to suddenly strutting about like a sassy 5ft 5 sister rather than a squat 5 ft 2 one), but are so ridiculously comfortable I’m 92% sure there’s some sort of witchcraft going on.

So Uniqlo give yourselves a pat on the back, this range has me excited to give my every day wardrobe a more grown-up spin.

BRB I’m just off to upload my own photos to Pinterest because I feel like I’ve finally learnt how to dress myself.

I’m also thinking about how hunky that midi dress would look with a striped tee underneath. That’s tomorrow’s outfit sorted then…

This is a sponsored post but all outfit crushing very much my own


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