An Unexpected Snow Day


Today is supposed to be the most depressing day of the year.

A day when the cold OMG I CAN’T FEEL MY TOES, WHERE ARE MY TOES weather and lol someone on the internet has stolen my money bank balance all gets too much and we feel pretty vulgar and hello, yes, I’ll take all the pizza and do you have some mozzarella dippers I can add-on to the side plz?

But not me.

I mean yeah, sure, OK, good, I had a moment (and by moment I mean lengthy two-hour slot) this morning where my blog was broken after moving host and the anxiety was rising up in me like some devil threatening to eat my soul in one big almighty gulp, but mostly my heart is full and good and rich and shiny today.

Y’see this weekend was super.

Like, really REALLY super.

I feel emotional. Like, I’m not going to do a cry on the train, but I feel good emotional. Happy. Content. Full of all the good stuff that makes life living, that makes it worthwhile, that makes it go round.

I spent my weekend driving. Listening to noughties beats and drinking coffee and driving a 300-mile round trip to see two of my oldest, closest and most favourite of friends.

Friends that have known me since the days of melting pens in Bunsen Burners and taking grainy selfies in webcams.

Friends that have been around to see every triumph and heartbreak and mistake and success since the day I had my first kiss under a duvet whilst watching The Ring.

And this weekend, well it reminded me that when it comes down to it and when you take away everything else – the worrying over bills and the growing up and the illnesses and the arguments and the job pressures, nothing matters as much as people. As much as people you love.

We spent our 24 hours of gal pal time eating too many chocolate buttons and chinking glasses of prosecco and reminiscing about house parties and it just made my heart beat to such a darn merry rhythm.


And then, around the time, as mature sensible grown-ups, we should have been settling down to sleep, little drifts of snow started appearing in the air. And it started to settle. And we stayed up chatting, laughing and watching it in all its silently perfect beauty.

Because there’s something so majestic and surreal about snow, something so calming and all-consuming about watching it flurry down to the ground from the night sky.

And then in the morning, with bellies full of eggs and hot tea, we went out and explored the snow chaos and my friends, my forever friends, helped me take these outfit snaps.

Whilst I squealed because OMG OMG OMG THERE IS ICE IN MY SHOE, the girls took turns shooting me gallivanting and hopping about in the garden.

Yes it was cold, yes I’m glad I fake tanned so that HELLO you can tell the difference between my legs and the ice white snow on the ground and yes, it was hard to balance in heels whilst standing in an inch or too of the chilly stuff.

But it was bloomin’ good fun and it didn’t feel like work, it didn’t feel like the blogging world I’ve become used to. It just felt different. Nice different.

I am, just so ya know, pretty obsessed with this studded suede skirt because IT GOES WITH EVERYTHING.

Oh and also these strappy heels that I’ve been harping on about for months, because legit, I can actually walk in them like they’re trainers, but with more sass, obvs.

Oh and also draping biker jackets over my shoulder because hello I am so fashion and don’t I like look a style queen?

(Spoiler: I don’t actually prance about Ipswich with jackets draped over my shoulders because I don’t want people to point and laugh at me).

And then, when we’d watched the snow for long enough, and my camera battery ran out, we packed up, had one last cup of tea for the road (because gurl needed to defrost her insides) and went our separate ways. Back to the real world where we all live different lives in different towns with different people.

I spent that Sunday afternoon cruising down an empty motorway surrounded by rolling hills thick with snow and I just felt so damn lucky.

Lucky to have friends who have known me for so long and still love me. To have people who lift me up and make me feel empowered and inspired and excited about life. Even if I only get to see them a few times a year.

So yeah, this is an outfit post (and my hair looks mildly on-point), but it’s an outfit post that’s joined forces with friendship love from the heart and the most magical of UK weather to be something just a little bit special <3

Black fedora – Debenhams / Striped top – Red Herring / Black suede skirt – Nine by Savannah Miller / Loafers – Call It Spring / Tan saddle bag – Red Herring / Tan Suede jacket – Nine by Savannah Miller / White blouse – Nine by Savannah Miller / Chain bag – Faith / Black strappy heels – Call It Spring

This is a sponsored post but all views my own


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