Friday Favourites: 8th January 2016

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First Friday Faves of 2016, let’s be having ya.

It feels like today winter has just swanned up and said ‘Soz I’m late bros, what have I missed?’.

I mean, don’t get me wrong, it’s a gloriously sunny and crisp day. The sort of day I’d have *kinda* liked over the Christmas holidays for long walks and gloves and giant scarves and equally giant mugs of coffee, but it’s suddenly about -20 and I’ve forgotten how one’s supposed to dress in these circumstances.

I had a 15-minute walk to my GP surgery last night and just flung on my leather jacket over my denim shirt and man, that’s not cool. I could feel my nipples basically carving holes in my shirt. That’s not OK. Dig out the thermals, wear three pairs of socks and start carrying those hand warmer thingies in your pockets.

Over and out.

It’s also my littlest brother’s 23rd birthday today. So erm, better go and text him before woah it’s February and fuck, didn’t someone have a birthday like, at some point?



My eBay sunglasses binge was all down to one seriously swag street style snap that caught my eye when I was scrolling through Bloglovin one fine December day.

I fancied the girl and everything about her woah-hunny look immediately and so went a-hunting for all the accessories I needed to master her look myself.

Which resulted in these babin’ black cat-eye sunglasses and these reflective lens cuties. I actually wanted rose gold lenses not, ahem, lime green, but when you’re buying glasses for a couple of quid from China, these things will inevitably happen. Meh.

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I’ve become one of those weird preachy nutrition people who everyone hates on Facebook. Because yeah, yeah, yeah, I got no nutritional qualifications or something.

I’ve taken a slightly different approach to using the weight loss app this time around (username is hannahfg89 in case you fancy a stalk…) and that, my darling friends, is to not enter any fruit or veg I eat into my daily food diary.

Y’see, in the past it’s made me cut down my veg intake. It’s made me say, well, y’know, if I don’t have the sweetcorn and broccoli and tomatoes with dinner, then I’ve got enough calories for a sneaky bag of Quavers later. And that’s not the way you should be treating food.

So I’m counting them as free calories. As many sweet potatoes and avocados and berries and rocket and tomatoes as your girl pleases. And, well, I must be doing something right because I’m currently 3 lbs down in a week and legit not even hungry OR craving macaroni cheese. I mean, maybe a teeny tiny bit because cheese and pasta <3



Ah, my darling little star-print sale buy. My one and only sale buy. My hun. My woah-girl-I-can-see-you-boobs dress.

Because yes, that cute little lace up detail does give me quite the cleavage.

Anyway, I was ogling this dress (shop here) back in October and then spied it down to £15 in the sale and so, in keeping with my MORE COLOUR PLZ 2016 style resolution, snapped it up.

I’m yet to wear it yet, mostly because I haven’t really left the house. But the skirt is the perfect length to looking fiercely sassy with over the knee boots. Now can someone please take me out for dinner so I can wear it and feel as fly as someone from Little Mix?

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I got a little confession to make. I’ve actually had this magic little piece of joy in my make-up arsenal for months and months and oh, a few more months. And here’s where I have to admit that I had it pegged as one of those extra beauty products that brands make that you don’t reaaaaaally need. Like a pointless necessity for people with too much money and not enough self-esteem. But whaddya know, I was wrong.

As a girl with greasy everything, my perfect smokey party eyes are already full of lid creases and sliding down my face before I’ve even downed my first glass of prosecco, and this? It keeps things matte and firmly in place.

I use it every day because somehow I’ve got myself into a routine of wearing eye shadow every damn day. Weirdo. Anyway I blend a little bit of this onto my lid with an eye shadow brush before putting the main even on my eye and voila, magic happens. Shop here.

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Three days into my clichéd January health kick I felt like I deserved a little treat. Chris had finished his last exam/assignment of the term and well, I’d had the results back from my vaginal swabs, assuring me that I hadn’t been harbouring Chlamydia or Bacterial Vaginosis. So that was grand.

So off I swanned to Sainsbury’s for a big ol’ tub of Ben & Jerry’s frozen yogurt. Not exactly a bowl of berries, but y’know, not exactly a giant family size chocolate gateaux either. And then, WHADDYA KNOW, IT’S NOT A THING ANYMORE.

I am so out of the froyo loop. And, turns out, the froyo section at supermarkets these days is particularly thin on the ground – get me to LA and stat.

Anyway, I went with some original flavour SNOG because it was on offer and then went to town with berries, caramel sauce and chopped nuts and oh mumma, it was basically like getting a proper SNOG or Pinkberry but AT HOME IN SUFFOLK. And all for under 200 calories. No biggie. Shop here.

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What even is a pomade? It reminds me of a Pomeranian dog tbh.

After reading much hype about this whizz brow product from fellow bloggers and YouTubers, I decided to fork out a slightly obscene amount of money with the hope of getting my brows looking fierce and beautiful and dayum girl, dem brows <3

I went with the medium brown shade, because in the past I’ve found that ‘blonde’ brow shades haven’t quite cut it and my natural root colour is a terrific mousy shade, which I guess makes me kind of a brunette?

Anyway, it comes in a little pot and I would best describe the consistency as similar to a cream eye shadow and is applied with a thin eyeliner brush. The first time I used it I looked a *bit* like that monobrow baby from The Simpsons that hates Maggie, but once I started using a tiny bit at a time and building it up OMG I FELL IN LOVE.

I can already tell the pot’s going to last way longer than a pencil and I much prefer the end result – it also stays in put longer than a pencil does on me. Shop here.

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So, I know I totally already did a whole post on this, but it’s technically this week and it would be a *bit* weird if I didn’t include my first ever magazine campaign in my weekly faves, y’know?


I have loved you guys tweeting me to tell me you’ve bought it especially and how much you adore the campaign and the idea of us women breaking free from the things holding you back.

So let’s make 2016 our year. The year we do us. The year we tear our walls and our insecurities and our pasts down, and nail all of our wildest dreams. Let’s find happiness and contentment within ourselves. Twenty sixteen, we coming for ya.

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