A Little Christmas Love Note




I go into painfully honest details about most aspects of my life over here on my blog, but the one thing I don’t really talk about is my relationship.

My relationship with a handsome fair-haired Suffolk lad who I met two and a half years ago on a cool summer night in an East London bar.

I know right, who knew you could actually meet boys in bars just like on TV, eh?

Sometimes I’ll throw in Chris’s name when I’m babbling on about who I brunched with, or bought cat-related items with or festered on the sofa all day with, but I don’t really talk about us.

So I wanted to take some time to send a little bit of end-of-year love his way, because bloomin’ heck does he deserve it for coping with the wonderfully up-and-down, internet-obsessed babe that is me.

I get a lot of people telling me they wish we were best friends forever IRL, and I think Chris can confirm the fact that I’m not as fun and hip and happening and cool girl as the internet portrays.

I hog the bed. I never motivate us to hit the gym together and be #cleanandlean after a weekend full of beige carbs and wine. I leave lipsticks and nail varnishes on every possible surface in the house. I’m lazy with emptying the litter trays. Heck, you can probably count the amount of times I’ve taken the bin out on one hand and oh, sometimes I cry and pull a strop and stomp around the house for no reason because this girl over here? Such a handful.

But he puts up with me. He humours me. He pretends to be excited about possible maybe kinda almost trips I’ve been invited on which won’t benefit him in the slightest. He hoovers the entire house whilst I’m hiding under a duvet on the sofa watching a can’t-possibly-be-missed re-run of Friends. He brings me coffee to bed just before he leaves the house whilst I’m still completely lost to the world of sleep and New York dreams, and sometimes, when I’m feeling a bit blah, he drives us to McDonald’s Drive Thru for McFlurries complete with extra sauce and chocolate.

And that’s my idea of love.

Someone who is so in sync with all your little details.

Not the grand gestures, the little details. The person who knows your takeaway order off by heart and can name your top 3 friends at any given time. The person who could relay your 5-year plan (including every holiday destination you need to visit) off to you just like that.

The person who is your best friend and your one true love.

Which, brings me on to that phenomenal dazzler featured in these photos.

The Ever Us ring. Ain’t it just the prettiest, sparkliest, most dashing thing you ever did see?

Not only does it look ‘woah, need to Instagram that immediately’ it also has a really beautiful idea behind it that I absolutely adore and something that’s very close to my own heart.




The two diamonds on the ring are both the same size and sit next to each other and one symbolises that you’re each other’s best friend, whilst the other symbolises that you’re each other’s one true love. The two things, love and friendship, that tie a couple together.

It’s like the perfect relationship summed up in one ridiculously stunning piece of jewellery.

And as I’m typing this I’m starting to feel a bit emotional about just how damn lucky I am. I think sometimes it’s so easy to get lost in the mundane clutter of every day life – the bills and appointments and emails and chores – that you forget to stop and appreciate the people or the person, that means the world to you.

So I love the idea of wearing something that glitters in your eye just when you need a pick me up, a reminder, a token, of the most important thing in life – love.

The rings are available across the UK (as well as the U.S. and Canada) and more information can be found here, the perfect piece of luxury jewellery that actually has a meaning behind it. Something that every time you look at it, makes you feel fuzzy and warm and smiley about your own little love story.

Something you’ll cherish forever.


And on that note, here’s a ginormous big ol’ thanks to the fella who copes with me every single damn day, even when I’m a crumbling, horrible mess.

I have got some seriously big 2016 plans for us, that may or may not include an upholstered coffee table. Hashtag relationship goals.

This is a sponsored post, but all soppy thoughts my own


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