Friday Favourites: 18th December


Guys, guys, guys, guys, guys, guys.


Today is Friday and today is the first day in a week that I’ll be socialising with people who aren’t Chris, the cats or the postman, so today is a bloomin’ great day.

I’m off to London to Christmas lunch like sophisticated ladies with Josie and Gemma and then am heading out for (a hideously boozy and lol-tastic) night out with my friends from uni. We do a reunion every Christmas and omg so excited, I already have all the feels.

Then I’m in Sussex for the weekend celebrating Christmas with my family which will undoubtedly involve all the food. Us Gales like a good pudding, and happy, full tummies. And there ain’t nothing wrong with that.

So, as you can imagine, I’m feeling pretty fly right now. Pretty bladdy excited. I thrive off human interaction and the next few days is like PEOPLE OVERLOAD.

But between now and then I got 473526 things to do, so I’m surviving off ice-cold cans of Diet Coke (*might* have walked home from the Co-Op with a can in each pocket like a right little addict) and this noughties playlist.


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Could pretend I’m really classy, but truth is, gal bloomin’ loves a McDonald’s. It’s kind of mine and Chris’s thing to get Drive Thru McFlurries in the evenings as a treat when we’ve had a long day.

The limited edition one on at the moment is a Galaxy Caramel one and for real, it’s the best I’ve ever had. Better than the Oreo one. Totally serious here. THAT STINKIN’ GOOD.

Also, here’s the place where I’ll just give you all a heads up in case you’re in the dark, the way I was for so long – you can pay more for extra sauce and chocolate. That’s a thing. Sometimes I get double sauce and double chocolate and it still costs less than £2 because that’s just how sassy I am.


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After seeing this post from my girl Amy, I knew I had to dig out my faux fur stole and actually y’know, start doing that thing where I wear it out the house.

It’s the perfect way to add a chic and polished look to a leather biker jacket and well, still keep you seriously snug at the same time.

It also reminds me of my nan, because she’s the damn queen of faux fur (and by faux fur, I mean real fur – let’s not go into details about the thing she has with an actual fox face on, it’s too grim).

Mine’s from New Look and has sadly sold out online, but this one is definitely on my wish list right now.


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I watched the first episode of this back in October, mostly because Emma Roberts just makes me die. In a good way. Like, she’s second to JoJo in my girl crush stakes.

I wasn’t overwhelmed by it (it’s on 4OD just FYI), but then during a mood crash last week I binge watched 5 episodes and well now I’m bladdy well hooked.

You kind of have to take it with a pinch of salt. It is ridiculous. And silly. And offensive. Like, I would be extradited from the blogging community if I made the same jokes. But it’s pure lolz and Emma Roberts’s wardrobe is serious goals. It’s makes me want to invest in all the cute girly pastel pieces (and ALL the faux fur coats).

It’s a good hot girl/crime mystery mash-up to fill the Pretty Little Liars lull in your lives right now.




This little blogger event was *technically* last week, but HI, I’m writing about it now.

I’m secretly quite into things like space and dinosaurs and natural disasters and medicine, and so let out a tiny baby squeal when I was invited to check out the Call It Spring footwear collection inside Greenwich’s Planetarium.


We got to watch a show (is it called a show?) in the actual theatre and learnt about constellations and galaxies and that, as well as checking out the sassy shoe range from the Canadian brand which is stocked at Debenhams.

Did a quiz and drank a cocktail with gold in to, so yeah, pretty damn fly. I vlogged the whole thing too, so catch that video below…


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There are few things that make me smile as much as surprise post and finding this little hunny sitting on my doorstep when I was heading out to replenish my Diet Coke supplies was a real treat.

It’s become my number 1 mug, so erm soz if anyone else has ever bought me a mug. This one’s my new gal for lazy hot Ribenas on the sofa with Grey’s Anatomy.

It’s from Truffle Shuffle and costs £6.99. And, I hate to be the chum to tell you this, but it’s sold out.

There’s other cute designs though like ‘Little Miss Social Media’ and ‘Little Miss Selfie’, so ya know, swings and roundabouts.


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I’ve included both of these lil beauts in Friday Faves before, so I thought I’d lump them together and include them again.

It’s pretty rare that I’d re-stock a high-end beauty product, mostly because as good as I’ve found them, I’m always secretly thinking I can do better.

These guys – Clarins Instant Concealer and Dior Star Foundation – both ran out a couple of months ago and I’ve been making do without. But my make-up just didn’t feel the same, I didn’t feel as confident, it just looked, well, not as good.

So I treated myself ahead of party season (and threw in a lil order for the Anastasia Beverly Hills DipBrow Pomade too, cos girl gotta have on fleek brows – right, right?).




I don’t even know where to start.

YOU GUYS <3<3<3<3<3<3<3

The amount of love I had coming in every bloody direction when I put up that post earlier this week absolutely floored me. I was overwhelmed by your love and support and I guess that’s the golden side of the internet – this strength and togetherness that comes out in people’s hour of need.

So I just wanted to shout a big great thank you from the rooftops, because it made such a difference. it made me feel positive and bright and normal and me again.

I haven’t got any more news as of yet, but I DO have a GP appointment early next year, so fingers crossed for some more detailed answers!


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