Friday Favourites: 11th December

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With, ahem, a couple of days before we can say OMG IT’S CHRISTMAS NEXT WEEK ????, I’m just casually sat here trying to make myself feel a bit festive.

I’ve watched The Holiday (the old man makes me noisily weep into my duvet every damn time) and have Elf ready and raring to go tonight. I have a Christmas tree up. I have littered ALL the Christmas candles around the house, complete with a dusting of cute fairy lights. HECK, I even have a fancy Poinsettia bouquet on the dining table. And yet there’s something stopping me from skipping everywhere and singing All I Want For Christmas as I amble about the place.

I hope this is just a minor life blip because I’ve had quite a lot fuzzing up my brain space of late, and not some cruel side effect to growing up. Because if it’s what happens when you get older, then I’d like to stop now plz. YOUTH, TAKE ME BACK, TAKE ME BACK.

I’ve bookmarked this weekend for present wrapping and eating my weight in Quality street and omg maybe making some mulled cider, so I’m hoping it reet sorts me out.

Any other recommendations as to how one goes about making themselves feel as festive as Buddy The Elf? Plz let a girl know.

So, this week…



Like a loyal blogger, I like me a LUSH bath bomb.

Now, I did really, really wanna take a snap of this little fella that I picked up from the Ipswich store but what happened was, well, I used him in an hour of need. Y’know the sort of hormonal, emotional moment where you just need to get the FUCK in the bath.

Like, you ain’t got time to sit round and find lighting for a cute Insta photo. Heck, you don’t even care if Instagram spontaneously explodes never to come back again. You just gotta get in that bath and hope it restores you back to you.

So that happened, so now I don’t have a photo, BUT I can assure you that this smells like sweet, sweet heaven (AKA Snow Fairy) and that it – wait for it – turns your bath the most majestic shade of emerald green known to man. Oh, and that it does fix you.

MIGHT get Chris to pick me up another on the way home… (Shop it here)

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Guys, guys, it’s national Poinsettia day tomorrow. Betcha didn’t know that, eh?

I tend to buy a plant every year, mostly because I just feel like it’s something a grown-up should do at Christmas, and let’s be honest, they’re pretty cheap to snap up at Tesco compared to other flowers (normally about £3…).

This year, however, I got treated to something a little bit more elaborate that makes me feel like a Christmas princess. Bow down, bitches.

It has apparently been created by one of the world’s most famous florists, so that’s something for ya.

So now I just have to hope that the cats don’t shred it to pieces whilst I sit back and revel in the festive-ness that poinsettias add to the house.

(P.S. Rudey in this photo. My heart.)



One of my oldest and dearest and weirdest friends has started a blog.


It’s about food and travel and honestly, with only a handful of posts, it’s already one of my favourite to read. I’ve shared a few posts on Twitter so you might well have already seen it, but if not it’s well worth a peek.

It’s funny. It’s human. It’s normal.

It’s a very hard skill to write about something luxurious and make it appealing and relatable to a poor audience (me), but by golly, she’s done it.

All her posts so far are about her recent trip to New York (honestly, when she booked it I wanted to give her a firm punch in the face with Slytherin-jealousy), but I think you’re going to like it.

Read it HERE.

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Naturally, I don’t have a name for her, and even if I did I OBVIOUSLY couldn’t just go repeating it to the internet because of confidentiality and that, but omg I love her.

I’ve had a few wee issues with NHS staff recently (but that’ll come in another post), but when I headed down to my GP surgery earlier this week for some cute lil vaginal swabs, I just, well, had the nicest nurse and so I felt like she deserved a big ol’ shout out.

Having to basically get naked and have a stranger poking around in your cervix is never exactly the dreamiest of Monday morning situations but she completely and utterly put me at ease. She talked me through what she was doing, she put my mind at rest, she was upbeat and clued up and if I could bring her home with me to be my personal medical life coach, I would.


She also let me stay for a couple of minutes after my appointment to answer a few slightly non-related questions. Can I send her a parcel of hugs for Christmas, please?

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First off, let’s just take a moment to appreciate how beautiful this bottle is. It looks like a drink fit for a princess (albeit one that wants to get drunk and dance to Christmas songs whilst wearing a Santa hat with a fake eye lash dangling off…).

I haven’t yet sampled it yet, but TONIGHT ? (although a couple of you on Instagram have already assured me that boy is it mighty fine).

It comes from 31Dover – an online shop which sells all the alcohol of your dreams and does next day delivery (which is free when you spend over £100), which tbh if you’ve got any niggly last minute Christmas presents that you cba to leave the house and brave the crowds for, is pretty damn nifty.

Aside from rhubarb gin, there’s all your usual spirits and champagnes and beers, plus things like elderflower gin, passion fruit vodka and multi-packs like this that look banging for New Year’s Eve.

You can get 10% off with code 31DHAN, oh and everything comes in a mega chic black gift box to save on wrapping. Now, where my rhubarb gin cocktails at?

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Well, obviously.

There’s something about the tree and all its fantastic dancing lights and glittering decorations (along with the lights we have across the fireplace) that just make cosying up on the sofa with a mug of something hot and a duvet extra snug.

It somehow makes it feel magical and like you’re in an enchanted little den and I love that. It’s possibly my favourite feeling during winter.

We did a big bauble shop together last year as it was our first couple tree omg, and have decided that we’ll buy two new ones every year. This year we got a little clock and a big black bauble dipped in chunky gold glitter (both from John Lewis).

Chris always chooses the animal ones (he really wanted a teddy bear one this year – erm…) and I always choose the glitteriest ones.

This year we’ve tied our tree to the wall because last year Rudey decided to bring the whole thing crashing to the ground at 2am. What a cutie.



I’ve struggled a little with my favourites list this week because well, I haven’t got out that much. Bit awkward. And I’ve been feeling all flappy and mopey.

Anyway, this week I got to see some of you wearing the Hannah Gale sweatshirts and my heart burst into a million tiny little fizzy pieces swarming all around.

If you have one – please show me, please let me shout about it and burst with pride and love and omg you too cutes!

I have a Christmas giveaway launching next week (post to come), loaded with lots of little goodies that I think will probably make your soul feel all kinds of happy, but I’ll also be giving away a HG sweatshirt.

So here’s a little thank you for supporting me as I venture out in mad little spiralling directions, you’re the best <3

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