The 6 Key Pieces That Make Up my Every Day Winter Wardrobe



I admit it, once I’ve found a style formula that works, I kinda stick to it and ignore everything else in my wardrobe.

I mean, that’s *probably* the reason our weekly wash is mostly made up of roll neck jumpers in various colours and ripped jeans (and tea towels – like HOW do we go through like 15 a week? HOW?).

So yeah, I thought I’d share my fail-safe winter outfit combo for you because a) it’s really, really damn good at hiding any accidental mince pie bloat b) it keeps you pretty warm and snug even on days when it looks like the sky might just fall down and c) it’s basically as comfy as wearing pyjamas and slippers and a dressing gown out the house like oh, this isn’t ok?

And on that note, here’s the 6 key pieces that make up my every day winter outfit. Prepare to accidentally spend all that money you’d saved for stocking fillers on wardrobe ‘essentials’.



Like a good statement lippy, a good statement coat can distract from everything else going on with your general look. (uh huh, even if you’re wearing gym leggings and a uni slogan hoodie underneath…).

It says HI EVERYONE, I’M HERE AND I’M FULL OF SASS AND STYLE. It also keeps you pretty bloomin’ toasty and looks good on Instagram, so there’s that.

Opt for leopard print because it goes with err’thang (I NEED this one), or a funky print in neutral hues like this absolute banger from Principles by Ben de Lisi at Debenhams. It’s ridiculously comfy and looks way pricier than the humble £70 price tag.



Because your neck needs to be warm too.

No, but seriously, I was so scared of wearing roll necks for years because I’m quite chesty but now they make up a hideously large part of my AW wardrobe. Maybe it’s me getting a *bit* old, but they’re just so snug and y’know what? Not even slightly unflattering.

Invest in both chunky knit ones (which look bangin’ with jeans) and finer knit ones to tuck into cute suede mini skirts for day and feminine midi skirts and strappy heels for a party season look that won’t give you a chill. (Not even slightly soz about that old lady comment…).

You can shop my blue one here.







Alright, alright, most of my ‘girlfriend’ fit jeans actually say ‘boyfriend’ on the label, but my handsome thighs just fill them out a bit *too* well.

The pair I’m wearing here are hands down THE most comfy pair I own – they’re from Nine By Savannah Miller at Debenhams (which just FYI, is one of my new fave high street brands, AND it goes up to a size 20).

The reason they’re so great is because they don’t fall down and reveal, ahem, a little too much at the back the minute I bend to pick up my phone which has inevitably snaked its way out of my hands and landed across the floor. Which is a surprisingly hard trait to find in a pair of jeans.

I’m all over a vintage wash boyfriend/girlfriend cut over a skinny at the moment because I just ADORE the way they look rolled up. Yup, it’s as simple as that.



Stop and take whichever pair of black ankle boots you had in your virtual shopping basket, out. THESE are the ones you need in your life.

From Call It Spring, which is a Canadian shoe brand available in Debenhams, they not only look simple and effortless (YES to that heel height) but they feel like they have little cushions of happiness lining them which makes for some seriously happy feet.

Oh and they’re only £35 online so that’s happy feet AND a happy bank balance.

I have been wearing mine obsessively and so far, no blisters. Which is nothing short of a miracle with my odd shape tootsies.



No, you have a serious problem. I don’t. I need a collection of at least 12 cross body bags, I do, I do, I do.

The newest member to join the collection is this little minimalist hunny from Star by Julien Macdonald. I love that it goes with everything and yet ISN’T black or tan like every other bag on the market.

My cross body addiction probably stems from the fact I like to keep my hands free to vlog, stroke random cats in the street and eat cheeseburgers. What can I say…



The only saviour for my constant bad hair days – the humble fedora.

Like seriously, if you have any ways to style mid-length hair into cute waves without generating enough frizz for my barnet to home several insects, it’d be much appreciated.

There’s quite a few of these two and three tone styles on the high street at the moment (shop mine here) and oh boy, they’re a welcome break from all the classic black that’s been doing the Pinterest rounds for the past few years.

A fedora is my fave way to finish off an outfit because yeah it hides dodgy hair, but it also casts a sly shadow across the top part of your face, helping to disguise tired eyes and those cute panda eyes you get at the end of a long day when your make up is crumbling down your face.

They also make you a look a *bit* like you could be stopped for a street style snap at any given moment, and that’s always pretty fantastic.


What are you guys obsessed with wearing at the moment? And where can I buy it plz?


This is a sponsored post, but all roll neck addictions and ankle boot love very much my own.





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