Friday Favourites: 27th November


I’m writing this with the cutest of little baby hangovers.

After years of telling anyone who’d listen that THIS would be the year I’d finally celebrate Thanksgiving dinner so that I could bake that darn Hummingbird Bakery pumpkin pie, I finally did it.

I puréed an actual pumpkin from Lidl and I spent hours making the most heavenly of cinnamon-crammed pumpkin pies complete with buttermilk mashed potatoes, maple carrots, crunchy green beans, stuffing and well, chicken (cos ain’t nobody wanna spend hours basting a turkey).

And, aside from all the dee-licious American food, there was wine and Snowball cocktails and great chat aplenty and now I’m like ah, put me back in bed with a double cheeseburger and Grey’s Anatomy boxset so I have an excuse to weep into my cat-hair lined bed sheets.


Here’s what’s making me happy haps this week…


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You either bow down to the seventies trend or you do a little sick in your mouth and get back to looking at LBDs on ASOS.

I’m part of the former group, and I’m soz if that offends you and makes you do a little eye roll and fills your heart with dark clouds.

These are my kinda jam. The deep berry colour (that’s just whimpering for me to match it a cute berry lip shade), the snake patchwork effect, and that midi boot height. It’s not ankle, it’s not knee-high, it’s just this sassy in-between. Everything is just bang on my happy place.

These with a print midi dress, biker jacket and faux fur gilet is my kinda cold weather outfit idea of dreams. Just sayin’. Oh and they’re less than 25 squid. (Shop here)


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Admittedly I didn’t let myself buy this little handsome chappy because for some reason, aside from the copious blankets and quotes in white Wilko frames, we seem to be overrun with doorstops. My bad.

This super sweet festive one is from Sainsbury’s (and they had some INCREDZ door draught thingies that were just as fun and omg I need them in my house so it’s like I like one of those garden centres that must cost £7458657 a day in electricity bills over the Christmas period).

I can’t find it online but it IS still in some stores. This Christmas pudding one is babin’ too.

Has anyone else seen any FFS I’m going to have to buy this immediately perfect festive pieces? I wanna make the house an actual grotto this year, ideally with things that the cats won’t pull down at 2am and make me 102% believe we’re being burgled.



First up, I gotta hold my hands up and say I was sent this beautiful, beautiful little hunny to review and it IS slightly more than I’d usually spend on a bag.

But I adore it. Like, it’s perfect. It’s exactly the sort of well-made, handsome kinda bag I’ve been looking for for a long time. I love it so much in fact that I’ve just rounded up at least six cross body bags of the ahem, more cheap and plastic-y nature to take to the charity shop.

So, why is this one making my heart so happy?

Um, the leopard obvs.

And the fact it is SUCH a good size. I can fit in a notebook and my Olympus Pen and spare lense and camera charger and purse and perfume and various lipsticks (because girl always gotta have at LEAST four options). It’s so practical. And the quality is impeccable. It’s that sort of price that requires a couple of months of saving but isn’t unattainable. Like, you wouldn’t be like DAYUM, could of gone to New York for the same price as this bag, the same way you would with other bags of this kind of craftmanship.

Am I making sense?

I need a nap. (Shop here)



Guys, guys, I’m making my Snapchat comeback. Kind of.

I kind of fell off the wagon after getting a teeny tiny bit overwhelmed with like vlogging, trying to take Insta snaps, tweet regularly, upload to Facebook, upload blog posts and take blog photos on my camera.

Like, I don’t have 7 arms. Soz.

But I’m making more of an effort again because everyone I’ve spoken to in the last few weeks has said it’s going to be the ‘next big thing’, because there’s no editing and it’s so raw and real. Watch this space, galdems.

Oh, and go follow me at hannahfgale for cats, food and train selfies because I’m basic af.


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Soz not soz.

After celebrating Thanksgiving yesterday I am full on in Christmas mode. Like, I just wanna go to John Lewis tonight and buy some decs and maybe drink mulled cider and eat ALL of the cheeses.

We’re going Christmas shopping this weekend which is kind of a weird one because I’m normally finishing up by now and as it stands Chris has no presents (Hi boo, luv ya) and neither does anyone in my family. It’s taken me ages to allow myself to even think about it, like having Christmas songs whirring through your brain too early on in the year jinxes Christmas or summat.

But yeah, striding down Oxford Street, Regent Street and Carnaby Street and pausing to embrace the festivities and take photos of the glittering lights felt good for the soul.




Because you guys liked my first short, snappy fashion vid for Fashion Unexpected, I went and did another one. Woo to the hoo.

This one has three party outfit ideas all from George at Asda (my fave is the INCREDS sequin dress because it makes me feel like some sort of mermaid/fairy hybrid), so check it out.

Chris and I spent a very blustery Saturday morning filming this on Ipswich waterfront whilst my wisdom tooth was fighting for my attention, so please humour me and have a watch just to make me feel better about all the strange looks I got from locals because y’know, they thought I was doing the walk of shame.

Glam life this blogging/Youtube business, eh?

(Watch here)




This is a funny ol’ one. But basically, because I’m trying to weekly vlog, my camera is always just about. Chilling on the fireplace, hanging out by the sink, sitting on the cat blanket, y’know, it’s just always just there.

So Chris keeps picking it up and taking photos of the cats and then putting it back and then whenever I come to empty the memory card onto my computer and sort through files there’s always 7346537 surprise photos of Rudey and Granger and OMG IT MELTS MY HEART.

Those little fluffy cherub faces <3

So yeah, surprise photos of the cats popping up on my iMac screen has been an absolute delight (and a wonderful break from flat lays and Google Analytics, let’s be honest…).


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