12 Christmas Present Ideas For Your Boyfriend, Dad & Brother


I was going to do this like a cute little collage of babin’ man products online right now but then I was like y’know what’s WAY more helpful? Just listing some banging ideas that you can tailor to suit your own loved ones.

It’s kinda a combination of things I’ve bought my bros and boys and dads over the years, and things that Chris has been bought, and things that I *think* I’d like if I were a boy.

Which probably makes this a little bit less legit, because do me and your dad have the same taste? Probs not. Although we DO both love a good wedge of cheese and a history documentary, so me and your pa are kinda the same person deep, deep down.



I know, any chance for me to get a shout out for my favourite offline hobby. I’m such a broken record and not even slightly soz.

Aside from cutsie wildlife and flower colouring books, there are a few slightly more masculine ones – like cities and the ocean.

All I’m saying is, imagine whacking on a podcast and drinking a mug of something mulled and alcoholic whilst colouring in wit your boo. SWEET BOXING DAY HEAVEN.



My younger brothers and I are OBSESSED with buying each other things that hold nostalgic childhood gaming memories. Things like Pokemon keyrings and Super Mario toys and Zelda posters.

I always basically sob with joy and try to tie myself to the railings whenever I fall into Nintendo World at the Rockefeller Centre, like oh what am I doing here, what a mistake oh no, I should be in Victoria’s Secret *racks up $75674 bill*

Heck, I’ve even bought Chris multiple N64 games for V day and Christmas because THEY ARE THE BEST. There’s tonnes of old school stuff both on eBay and Etsy and prices start from like 99p – let’s be honest, everyone loves a nostalgic flashback to simpler times…



Like, don’t buy a 69p bottle of Tesco ketchup, but get the good sauces and oils and vinegars. The things that everytime you’re in Tesco you’re like MAN, I want the Jack Daniel’s barbecue sauce, but I also want to pay my water bill, so…

Frank’s Hot Sauce is a banging (and tastier) alternative to Nando’s sauce, and Tabasco launched a few mental flavours last year that’ll definitely add a sneaky lil kick to anyone’s plate of January gains. Lol soz I mean broccoli and chicken.




Girls like personalised things so maybe boys do too?

I bought Chris this cute af sweatshirt from Etsy last year and he wears it a LOT around the house. So there’s that for you to mull over.



NotOnTheHighStreet.co.uk sell quite a few different subscription kits, but this curry one is a fave and something we received last year.

As a grown-up it’s always a megz big treat to get something in the post that isn’t a new bill like HELLO I THOUGHT I PAID YOU LIKE 6 MONTHS AGO? WHY YOU BACK?

This comes with all the spices you need to make a curry at home that’s way healthier and happier than your local takeaway. Dreamy.



Out of the men’s clothes scattered across the entire high street, there’s nothing that makes my soul happier than an H&M tee.

Long sleeved or striped or sloganed, they fit like a dream, suit anyone (girls included – in case like, you were thinking of accidentally stealing any presents you buy…) and are seriously reasonably priced. (Big fan of these cuties)



Everyone knows that boys love to pinch a beauty product (usually your most treasured, priciest bit of kit) and slather it on when they think you’re not looking.

So erm yeah, buy him his own so you can do joint face masks whilst watching boxsets in that lull between Christmas Day and New Year.



I know socks are like a joke OMG NOT SOCKS AGAIN present, but I bloody love me a good, chunky pair. Ideally ones which are more brightly coloured than a Disney film and better at keeping my feet warm than an actual pair of boots.

These hunnies are the ultimate lazy winter day pair and they’re handmade in Nepal. AMAZING.



This one’s dependant on you knowing the recipient as well as you know your Instagram filters, but pull together a little hamper or parcel of food picks you KNOW they love.

I’d have hot sauce and camembert and fruit salad sweet and Malbec wine and grape soda. Omg, someone wanna hook a girl up?



Generally speaking, boy bedrooms and houses leave a erm, lot to be desired. HI ALL THE BOYS IN MY LIFE, LUV U.

Everyone loves a sassy print, framed in something cheap and cheerful from Wilkinson’s. Lol JK, it’s called Wilko now, guys.

Here’s a few of my fave Etsy shops for masculine prints… Bensmind / Snowdon prints / Wander Lust Posters



I’m all about experiences over possessions (something Chris repeats into my ear about twice a week in case I forget, thanks boo).

And, although you probs can’t afford to put a dent in someone’s travel and holiday plans, you CAN spice up their Monday night dinner.

Swapping another night of browning-kale and rice and chicken for a sneaky midweek dinner at Pizza Express is pretty much something we could all do with more often – especially if we’re not paying.



I mean, I guess there was probably a better description for what I’m talking about, but like, a present themed around a memorable place.

Like maybe a holiday that meant a lot or a place you grew up or a place of heritage.

I bought Chris a 19th century map of Suffolk once (we so glam) and often look for Polish-themed things to buy my Dad and brothers (because we have a house out there and a lot of memories).
Chris also got this New York recipe book for his birthday from a pal, and I love having cute things dotted around the house that instantly take you back to moments when you were seriously living peak life.




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