Friday Favourites: 6th November

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I’m in that weird place where I’m like omfg november and nearly christmas and all the happiness and then feeling not quite right about it at the same time.

Like, am I allowed to be excited yet? Should I be Christmas shopping yet? Listening to Michael Buble on repeat? Going on night-time outings to our local John Lewis just to stare at Christmas baubles we may or may not buy?

I just nada know.

I mean, sure, I spend a considerable amount of time during each weekly Tesco shop perving on the seasonal aisle (BECAUSE THERE ARE TWO DIFFERENT £10 LINDT ADVENT CALENDARS THAT LOOK SO SEXY I ALMOST CAN’T BREATHE THINKING ABOUT THEM), but like, I don’t feel like I’m allowed to feel festive for a good few weeks yet.

You get me, gals?

This week has been super damn sweet. It’s kinda been like a bit of annual leave for me because Chris has been using his up and so he’s been at home and we’ve been going on lots of dates and eating all the calories and draining our bank accounts, but more on that in another post.

It’s been nice to step back and only put in a couple of hours of work a day and just enjoy each other. So I’m hoping you’ll forgive me for y’know, slacking a little bit when it comes to getting next week’s posts together…




Some people went all out for Halloween with face painting that wouldn’t look out-of-place in a Hollywood film, I put on some black eyeshadow and black eye liner on my lips. Soz.

It’s not that I’m not ALL ABOUT the fancy dress, it’s just that we didn’t have massive Halloween plans and I’d been drinking for the two nights previous and there was a tiddly little pain at the back of my mouth (which then escalated overnight into a full-blown utterly un-sassy wisdom tooth infection for which I’ve been on codeine and antibiotics all week, HI), and just didn’t have the motivation to go all out.

Turns out my liquid eye liner as lipstick look was particularly eye-opening as to just how majestic a dark, dark, DARK lipstick can look. Even for a girl with teeny lips that would make Kylie Jenner do all the cries to sleep.

So yeah, I swanned off to my nearest MAC counter and purchased the very delicious and mischievous matte shade that is Instigator.

It’s on my lips as I type this and I kissed Chris on the back of his neck and he didn’t know I had it on, so LOL don’t tell him.

I think it’s going to become my new boyfriend repelling lip shade of the season.

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As I pointed about above somewhere in my muddle of words, I’m going to do a full post about all the exciting activities (lol, that sounds well naughty) we’ve got up to this week, but I couldn’t help but whack a few in my faves list.


Like, I mildly like macarons, I think they’re good as a cliché blogger photo prop and then a pretty alright sweet treat to wolf down with a cuppa after they’ve been shot, but oh sweet jesus, the ones from this little Norwich shop are beyond boom ting.

We paid £9 for six, which isn’t exactly Lidl cheap, but oh mumma, they were by far the best I’ve ever eaten.

Like, so good we accidentally ate all six within an hour, just after we’d finished a bulky lunch at Wagamama.

They were so cold and I wanna say fudgey? Does that make sense? Anyway, I’ve got to give a special shout out to the salted caramel flavour. If you’re ever in Norwich or happen to live there (HI, FELLOW EAST ANGLIANS), make Macarons and More the first thing you do with your life.

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2004 called and they want their downtime footwear staple back.


I never owned a real pair of UGGS when they were the only thing to be seen in (usually with a pair of semi see-through leggings and a Jack Wills hoodie because hey gurl, you ballin’), but I’ve just added a pair to my AW15 wardrobe and hello sweet heaven.

I’m also wearing these right now because I went to photograph them and then oh look they’re on my feet.

I just never knew footwear could feel like this. It’s like every hug and duvet and hot water bottle and happy thought wrapped around my toes. It’s revolutionary.

I tend to wear mine during the week when I’m working. I wear them around the house. I wear them out to get coffee. Out to do the food shop. For long drives. To watch fireworks. TO DO ANYTHING WHEN I AM EVEN SLIGHTLY HUNGOVER.

UGGs make the world a better place. They are better than all my trainers and ankle boots added together and I think we all need to join forces to make them as hip and happening as H&M’s Balmain collection. Just sayin’.

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This would be a bit of a weird list if I didn’t mention the thing that has revolutionised my blog and Instagram life. So much so, that I think Chris might actually not hate taking my photo with every fibre of his being, and that’s something.

I opted for the E-PL7 with a pancake lens (which basically just means a flat lens that’ll fit inside your handbag) in the white and beige shade. I also invested in the 45mm lens which is what creates all those hella dreamy outfit shots you’ve probably seen around in the bloggersphere.

The camera is a little pricey (read: it will make your bank balance look like it’s been savagely attacked), but oh boy, IT HAS WIFI. Which basically means you can shoot your snazzy photos and upload them to Instagram within minutes. It’s a social media addicts wet dream come true.

Anyway I love it and I vlogged with it the other day and oh whoops, totes forgot that happened and I haven’t edited it and LOL will defs do it tomorrow.

So yeah, watch this space, my outfit snaps are about to get 5773456 times sassier.

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Guys, guys, listen up, I found THE lip product to keep in your bag.

THE one.

I mean, the brand name ‘Bagsy’ says everything really about it needing to be in your bag.

The British brand is stocked on FeelUnique and now Debenhams and is basically a capsule collection of handbag essentials and I am OBSESSED with the chubby stick in Happy Days.

It combines everything you’d want from an emergency lip product – it tastes like sweets, it’s mega moisturising and it has that perfect natural pop of colour that suits any skin tone.

It basically makes me look more fresh and pulled together even after a 14-hour day in London when my eye balls are pink and I probs smell a bit.

New fave every day lip product for days when I just cba worrying about whether I have a smear of bright lipstick on my chin.

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Some of you might already have seen the 30 second fashion video that I’ve been promoting on Twitter this week, but I wanted to give it a special little mention here because it’s something I’m quite proud of.

Video has never been something that comes as easily as writing does, and when I watched this little guy back I was like YOU GO HG, you got this YouTube thing down.

I was asked to put together a 30 second video which showed me doing the £50 challenge for style site Fashion Unexpected. Which basically meant I had to pick £50 worth of clothes from George at Asda and style them into something cute for AW15.

(Watch it here).

And yes, I roped Chris into helping me film this. And yes, I rewarded him with coffee.

Please do give it a watch, because it’s given me all sorts of confidence to keep on moving with YouTube and video editing (and also to keep checking the George collection every time I pop into ASDA because obvs…)

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Last Sunday, whilst the roads and fields and world was overflowing with a mystical Halloween fog, Chris and I set off on a 45-minute drive into the depths of Suffolk.

What for? Only the greatest bakery known to man.

As you can probably tell by now, it was very much a food-themed week and for that I’m not sorry.

Anyway, this bakery is called Pump Street Bakery and it’s based in Orford which is like the tiniest of towns based on the coast between Felixstowe and Aldeburgh, and it’s so good that it’s been featured on Yeah huh.

Sadly, because we arrived at peak brunch time on a Sunday we couldn’t get a seat (but their breakfast look ah-mazing on Instagram) so we opted for takeout coffee and cinnamon buns.

Hands down best cinnamon bun I’ve ever painfully gobbled down (thanks wisdom tooth, you’re a real bae), it even beats all the dreamy ones I’ve sampled in NYC.

I’m currently trying to work out when we can get there next for a sit down brekkie to sample the french toast and pancakes.

Who said that you couldn’t get a decent Instagrammable meal outside of London, eh?

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