26 Moments That Instantly Make You Feel Good


Forget getting engaged or swanning off to the Maldives or winning the lottery – it’s the little things, those little sparkly moments buried deep within every day that bring the greatest joys and make you legit look like a beaming, smiley emoji.

So I thought I’d write a list of the damn dreamiest moments you can come across in every day life, in case y’know you need a giant mood boost because OMG WHY IS IT SO DARK WHEN I WAKE UP AND WHY RAIN, WHY.

So yeah, have a good day you little champs, and may it be littered with lots of happy, little things that’ll make you feel on top of the world.

(I think that was the sickliest opening to a blog post of all time. Soz. Might go and watch Crimewatch or something to bring me down a notch).

1. Being offered a cup of tea before you’ve even realised you wanted one. CHRIST, THE WORLD IS A GOOD PLACE.

2. The train/bus doors opening right in front of the place you were standing. And that, dear peasants, is how it’s done.

3. Fully lying back and putting your head underwater in the bath. It’s basically like being back in the womb. Or, so I’d imagine. Right, right?

4. A sunset that turns the sky into bright swirls of Caribbean ocean blue, candyfloss pink and sunflower yellow. Oh boy.

5. Lighting a fresh new candle whist you snuggle down under a blanket on the sofa.

6. Taking off your bra at the end of the day and pulling on pyjamas bottoms right up to your belly button. Hashtag that glam life.

7. Watching squirrels chase each other. Oh you lil guys.

8. Catching eye contact and smirks with a stranger. Feeling like you’ve made a friend for life and maybe they should come to your wedding.

9. Melted cheese.

10. Doing a really good doodle that should probably be framed and put on display in the Tate Modern. Like, can I put this on my wall at home? It’s reaaaaally good.

11. Someone else suggesting you get a takeaway. If it wasn’t your idea then calories don’t count. Known fact. Yup.

12. Shuffling into H&M to snap up the dress you’ve been perving on for weeks EVEN though nah, you can’t really afford it and you’ll probably half be sobbing as you hand over your credit card to find that OMG IT’S HALF PRICE WHICH MEANS IT’S BASICALLY FREE AND NO GUILT.

13. Ripe avocados without a shady decaying black part that needs cutting off. You winning, gal.

14. Doing an almost-clear wee and giving yourself a pat on the back because OMG YOU’RE ACTUALLY PROPERLY HYDRATED FOR ONCE. You got this.

15. Someone bringing cake into the office because they just ‘fancied’ baking. Like erm ok, make mine a supersize slice.

16. An episode of Don’t Tell The Bride that you haven’t seen. LIKE YES, WHAT A TIME TO BE ALIVE.

17. Waking up to pure, perfect sunshine streaming through your windows. Today gonna be a reaaaaaal good day.

18. Checking your bank balance on pay day. Like boom, ASOS and EasyJet I’m coming for ya.

19. Falling for somebody’s new bag on Instagram, clicking on the photo and finding out that ZOMG IT’S FROM PRIMARK.

20. Catching your reflection in a window when you’re wearing sunglasses and being like woah, I look like a right sassy boo.

21. Nutella on pancakes.

22. Walking past someone collecting money for charity, reaching into your pocket and feeling fountains of loose change. Bam, good deed did.

23. Waking up and having fear surge through your body, OMG IS MY ALARM ABOUT TO GO OFF IS THIS MY SLEEP DONE. Looking at your phone and it being like 2am. So long suckers, SO much sleep to be had.

24. Making friends with cats in the street. Hmmm, now what shall I name you?

25. Getting lost in your own head during a swim/run/exercise sesh and suddenly realising that haaaaaang on a minute, I’ve done like an five minutes more than I planned to. I should probably become a personal trainer or summin’ tbh.

26. Starfishing across cold bedsheets. Oh my.




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