Friday Favourites: 30th October

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This is officially the latest a Friday Favourites post has ever gone up. I mean, if you exclude all those times I was like nah, not doing it, I’m trekking up a peak in a Utah national park, soz. Bye.

I’ve had one of those weeks where I’ve literally had about 2 minutes to myself. And actually, I can’t lie, I adore being busy. I’d rather be run off my feet constantly looking for where I can squeeze in my next bath and Classic FM half an hour than moping about complaining that not much is happening. It means that I’m enjoying opportunities, I’m learning, I’m growing and most importantly  – I’m living. And well, I kinda like living.

I’ve pulled a muscle in my neck and the pain keeps coming and going. In fact the more that I type this sentence the more acutely aware I am of the fact it’s probably some ridiculous repetitive strain injury from my poor desk posture.

I had a full-body health assessment on Monday (big whopper of a post to come – I had those HEART STICKY CABLES STUCK TO MY CHEST AND EVERYTHANG), and well, I got code red for my curvy spine. Ain’t sitting at a desk all day the absolute shit?

So that’s probably the real reason for my freakishly stiff neck. Maybe I should go as Frankenstein for Halloween. Might bring out my green eyes and butch physique. Lols.

Anyway, right, OK,  you *probably* clicked on this because you wanted to fill about 4 minutes with something that wasn’t my mildly hungover and mildly exhausted weirdo chatter, let’s crack on.

(Spoiler: there’s a bit of an unintentional beauty theme this week. Soz not soz)



It’s really bloomin’ annoying when blogger cliché brands actually live up to the hype, innit?

I kinda wanted to hate Urban Decay just because the products are forever splashed across my Insta feed and well, what’s the fun in loving something everyone loves?

I’ve had the Smoky Palette for a month or so and have enjoyed using it – the pigment is incredible, the shades damn perfect and they’re tip-top for blending – but it wasn’t out of this world enough for me to start talking to strangers in Boots about it.

HOWEVER, I’ve just been lucky enough to be sent a box of goodies and fuck me, I’m done.

If you saw this selfie on Insta – those dayum girl cheekbones are entirely courtesy of Naked Flushed. Hands down the best bronzer/contouring/blush combo I’ve ever used in my life (there’s not a photo of it because I’ve already managed to crack the powders a bit…). Forget what I’ve said about anything before, this is the fella you need on your Christmas list.

I’ve also been converted to nude lipsticks (my inner Marilyn Monroe is sobbing furiously) by their matte lippy in Stark Naked. It’s been on my lips for 3 hours and still going strong.

BRB whilst I go and fan girl over something less cliche.

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The moment I realised this was a thing I became content with the world and realised I could die happy.

THIS is the thing my soul has been yearning for for all this time. This is the very thing that’s been missing from my life.

With age has come an obsession with coconut flavoured goods and all I can think about is waking up tomorrow and having warm, buttery, flaky croissants with this and a cup of coffee in bed. Oh mumma.



I mean, I’m sure this doesn’t need an explanation – I live for anything with my initial on because OMG IT’S SO ME, and well, I tend to stick to dainty gold jewellery, so obvs I was gonna lurve this little charmer.

I love that it’s shiny and doesn’t turn my neck green and I love that it has three different length options which means I can wear it quite snugly on my neck rather than have it hang awkwardly towards my cleavage – looking at you cheap high street pendant necklaces…

The initial disk is £20 and chains don’t cost much more. And basically, I’m wearing it every day because it GOES WITH EVERYTHING.

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Every time I tell people that ‘my skin is the worst it’s ever been’ it goes and gets just a teeny tiny bit worse to spite me. Like thanks face, I wanted to have to wear half a bottle of foundation on my face every time I leave the house. Cool.

This is my new boo. I love a mud mask and need everything I can get when it comes to detoxifying my skin at the moment (although tbh I’m thinking my skin MIGHT have something to do with hormones because my periods are currently enjoying a THIRTY NINE day cycle, and that ain’t normal).

The Merumaya Mud Marvels Mask has only recently launched and I love that it’s thicker than other mud masks I’ve tried and comes off SO easily. It makes my skin instantly look fresher and renewed – it’s the dream if like you go heavy because you’re a lad on a Thursday night but then have another event on the Friday night and want to look alive and sassy. Use this, make-up on and BOOM, you got this.



It feels weird that I’ve never mentioned this before on my weekly round-up, but whatcha know, here we are.

My gal pal Nat Wall, as well as other stuff, writes the horoscopes at and OMG YES.

I haven’t been this into my horoscopes since I read Mizz magazine religiously and owned a pencil that said ‘typical Virgo’ and now they’ve become my Monday ritual along with a strong cuppa and a protein ball (mentally punch me in the face as much as you want, it’s alright).

SHE IS SO SPOT ON. You can be boring and not believe them or you can jump aboard team cool and make them part of your weekly routine and feel like you have a life bible guiding you through life. Your choice.

(Photo is of me and Nat having mocktails because I couldn’t think of anything else? haaaaa)



Yeah, Yeah, alright, pipe down all of you who told me to listen to this podcast MONTHS ago. I know.

Basically, this is kind of like a follow-up to Serial which looked at the 1999 murder of Hae Min Lee and her ex-boyfriend’s consequential arrest for her murder, which looks at new evidence and things that have come to light since Serial aired.

It’s good. It’s really good.

I listened to the first episode earlier this year whilst on a busy train to Exeter with Chris and nah. I think because we were sharing a set of headphones and there was a lot of background noise we couldn’t really immerse ourselves into the words the way we should have, and we kinda left it there.

I decided to revisit it on the flight over to Switzerland and omg, sometimes I just lie in bed in fresh pyjamas at night and listen to it like an old man listening to a radio show because he doesn’t own a tv.

So, uhhh, YEP, that.



This was sold to me as a mix of hairspray and dry shampoo and it was like all my secret prayers had been answered.

According to hairdressers I have ‘lots of fine hair’, which rather cutely falls flat and looks dull unless I whack in some products. I find a lot of volume root powders too grubby and mattifying and make me feel like I legit have one big dreadlock, but this doesn’t do that.

It’s subtle and perfect for slightly messy hair without even a slither of crispyness.

I’ve already added it to my hair three times in the last 24 hours. It’s the perfect I CBA TO STYLE MY HAIR product to give it a bit of poof. I’ve also been using it once I’ve curled my hair so that they drop into loose natural waves and stay that way. Whoop. (Shop here)

Processed with VSCOcam with a5 preset

Processed with VSCOcam with a5 preset

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