9 Things You Need In Your Autumn Make Up Collection


Now that it’s getting colder (as in like, where the electric blanket at cold), I’ve been switching up my make-up look a little.

Out are the coral nail polishes and eye-wateringly bright lipsticks, and in are the sassier, classier, vampier pieces.

So I thought I’d whack them all together in a little post for you.

And here’s the juicy bit, most of them are high street. As in like, under £10 high street cheap.WOO TO THE FLIPPIN’ HOO. What a joy for you all.

I actually just spent a good half an hour rummaging through the local Boots counter trying to find a few extra bits to add into my autumn collection and now my hand is as gold and shimmery as a St Tropez model on a shoot, so that’s nice.

(But for real, I was being really picky about which eye shadows to include because ain’t nobody got time for one that is basically see-through after a whole minute of shovelling it onto your lid, nope).

Granger and Rudey are asleep behind me as I type this and Granger is really farty, so that’s cute for you. He absolutely stinks. That’s right, he. Turns out baby girl kitten Granger is in fact a little boy.

Anyway, shall we get on with the beauty chit-chat?



You’d assume that a nice deep bronze would look smouldering with a tan, but I just adore it with a pale skin, low-key lashes and a dark plum lip. I know right, a statement lip and eye, I am fo realz living on the edge over here.

I’ve been using one from a Bobbi Brown palette, but the one I’ve featured here is a new one from my Boots mini-haul and omg, so perfect. I found all four of the shades in this Rimmel quad eye palette were really pigmented and shimmery, and by far some of the best at a lower price point (although Bourjois’s eye shadows and pencils were also on point for metallics, they just didn’t have this warm, sexy copper shade I was after, sob).



For days when you cba to choose a colour. I love this Irish Coffee shade from Seventeen because it’s got something soft and caramel-y about it, plus it’s part of their Gel colour range which makes it extra glossy without y’know, spending a small fortune actually getting them done professionaly and then whatcha know, it’s three days later and you’ve picked them all off whilst watching Grey’s Anatomy. FFS.



Look at me just going through and listing every different shade of metallic shadow. Lol. Like the copper, I find the gold works subtly with a dark lip or a red lip.

I hate bare eyes, and there’s something about a warm-toned shimmer eye shadow in autumn that’s just so perfect, it’s like you’re reflecting the changing leaf colours on your face. Yup. Getting all poetic over Rimmel eye shadow, look at me go.

But for real, I find a simple coat of gold eye shadow over the lid is just the ticket for that I MADE AN EFFORT TODAY, I DID I DID look for daytime. Oh and it’s failsafe because it can’t make you look like you’ve been punched in the face like a bad smokey eye can, and it takes approx 14 seconds. The unriskiest eye look ever.IMGP7740




Despite all the higher-end shades I’ve tried, it’s Rimmel’s Kate Moss 107 that always steals the show. It looks more like a dark red but gives your lips a sassy wine-stained look.

It’s matte, and doesn’t feel too scary to wear. It’s the first dark shade I ever sampled way back when in 2012. I’d just become single and was trying to spruce up my look and be all chic and mysterious and trendy and boy, did this guy do that. Just a shame drunk Hannah would then come out and be all ‘messy’ as the kids used to say. Lol.



I’ve mentioned my new love affair with Eyeko’s Fat Eye Liner a few times now but i’m just going to leave it here and walk away. You can do what you want with it…

Now that the temperature’s dropped you can get away with going heavier on the eye make-up for day without the fear that OH LOOK I SWEATED A BIT AND NOW IT’S ALL DOWN MY FACE.

But seriously, I’m preparing to start going heavier on the liner over the next month or so and really mixing it up with some BLACK eye shadow. Woah. Mental.



Yeah, you could go classic with a plum or dark, dark red, but y’know what looks seriously bloody chic right now? A navy nail. It’s my new fave (aside from Topshop’s Shrimpy, because obvs).

This one is from Palette London and is sold online as well as in Boots, but it’s the perfect deep, dark and effortlessly chic shade if you don’t want to match 72% of the current female population. Just sayin’.



Everyone everywhere has ditched the statement lippy for a low-key nude lip and I seem to be the last person left just holding onto her MAC Lady Danger and weeping, but whatcha gonna do.

This is one of those new things I bought today after staring at about 57843753 different nudes that all looked kinda the same, but kinda like really brown. Do I want brown lips? Am I from the nineties? I’M SO CONFUSED.

Anyway, I like it. And it seems like a make-up bag necessity for when you want to offset autumn drama eyes. I like this Maybelline baby in Nude Embrace with a little bit of pale pink gloss over the top to keep the hue still natural.

I might be a nude lip convert. Maybe. Dunno. K



Snoring boring.

But basically now that you’re not sweating profusely out of every pore everytime you leave the house, you can ditch the BB creams and CC creams and tinted moisturisers for something that feels a little bit thicker and gives you the world of coverage.

I’m not one for anything drying and cake-y which is why Dior’s Star is still my boo of choice. I can’t get enough of the pretty full-on coverage and yet dewy finish that makes my skin just look so damn fresh.

For some reason it feels more acceptable to spend more on a good foundation over anything else in your make-up bag, know what I mean?



I have no reason why this is here other than when I see a girl with perfectly manicured hands and a glossy taupe nail varnish I fall in love with her a little bit.

It’s effortless, it’s classy and it goes with everything, and yet it’s just a little bit different. It’s got a cool girl edge to it. Know what I’m saying? So yeah. You need one. I said so and I love this £1.99 one from Collection. K bye.


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