8 Things To Do At Home On Cold, Rainy Days


I have this problem.

My problem is that I get stuck in life ruts all. the. damn. time.

If it’s rainy and miserable and FFS SUMMER COME BACK, WE WERE SUPPOSED TO BE TOGETHER FOREVER outside then I’ll end up feeling all mopey and bored and I’ll end up doing nothing. Maybe I’ll make a cup of tea, maybe I’ll sit under a blanket, but chances are I’ll be refreshing Twitter every 14 seconds and watching Friends and Big Bang Theory re-runs for hours on end. Then I’ll feel shit, like oh, shoulda left the house or put on make-up or summin.


And I hate that feeling. Everyone hates that feeling. That feeling that we’re wasting life and not grabbing it by the shoulders and giving it a firm shake and just making moments and memories that feel like they count.

So here’s some things. Some things to save for days when it’s hideous outside and you have no plans and you feel like a 9-year-old getting angsty four weeks into the summer holidays.

(Uh huh, you’re still that person inside and you knows it).



Like I said, you’re still that nine-year-old deep down. Forget about the mess, forget about the reason for doing it – y’know you can have fun without it having a purpose – and build a den.

Bring down your duvets and blankets and sheets and make a kick-ass fort. Maybe you have a sofa you can rope in on the action, or maybe some dining room chairs. Either way, be creative and just be a child, it’s so flippin’ ace.

And then when you’re done? Make a cup of tea, find some naughty sweet treats and have a little Netflix or reading session deep inside your own Primark bed sheet palace.

And on the flip side, it’ll make for a damn dreamy Instagram upload if you’re looking for some sort of solid reasoning.



Still on that being-a-child-theme is this activity. I’ve seen those adult de-stress colouring books in Tesco for like a fiver. Those, combined with a good, solid pack of Crayola pencils (you and I both know the cheap pencils are always disappointing – HANG ON A MINUTE, why is these fluro pink coming out as basically see-through – some painful childhood memories never go away) is a couple of hours of tranquility your brain needs.

Turn off the screens – both the TV for background noise and your phone and like listen to some music and just get lost in your own thoughts and colouring-in skills.



I mean, you don’t have to go like, crazy, but just do something that makes you feel like the refreshed, sassier version of yourself.

Home hair dyes go hideously for me, because I have warm-toned hair so everything has a yellow/orange sheen which isn’t the desired outcome.

I love these from Superdrug which cost the same as a bottle of Diet Coke. I used to use the cool blonde one all the time at uni – I’d leave it in my hair for an hour (even though it says 5 mins… my bad) and then wash it out and HELLO new sassy white blonde hair.

My friend used to use the red one to make her already slightly red hair totally pop for night’s out. THEY ARE DA BEST.



Without sounding like a mum of three who lives in one of those middle states in the States that no-one ever remembers and spends four hours a day on Pinterest – you should scrapbook.

I have a tonne of old invites and birthday cards and tickets and things that I’ve whacked in a Paperchase binder with blue tac because it’s nice to be nostalgic without being cluttered.

Order some photos online (or just, y’know, go to Tesco and print some off and buy ALL the tissue paper and glitter card and glue to really sass it up), so that you’ve got evidence in your hands, rather than on a computer, that you’ve really lived.



Honest guys, Monopoly, Scrabble and Cluedo are all WAY more fun as adults, especially if you invite pals over and all sit round a dining room table (surely one of you has a dining room table, right?).

Or, if you’re really blessed with old gaming equipment, play something vintage like N64 or a Gameboy.

Or, just squeal YOLO and download The Sims to your computer. What’s the worst that happens, your social life slides away for a week or two? Is that really the worst thing? Nope.



I could do this monthly, new clutter and unworn things seem to just appear daily and it’s a never-ending chore.

Make a charity shop pile, or a car boot pile (I made £150 at my last one and then went for a seriously naughty three-course Sunday lunch with the money), and an eBay pile.

Unopened make-up and clothes from places like Zara, Topshop and ASOS do particularly well.

You’ll feel pleased with yourself for the rest of the day, and you might make a few pennies you can put towards your next accidentally online splurge.



For some reason my brain tells me that if my hard work and graft has gone into baking something then the calories don’t count. That’s how it works, right, RIGHT?

Anyway, sometimes it’s nice to feel like a domestic goddess and create something yourself. It’s kinda empowering and makes you feel a *bit* like you might have this whole life and being a grown-up thing sussed.

Cook something healthy like sweet potato brownies (there’s ALL the recipes on Pinterest and Bloglovin) or just y’know, throw yourself in the sexy end with a Hummingbird Bakery summin’ summin’.



Everyone has a book inside them. Some people are really good at writing about themselves and their life, lol, and others have a sassy fiction number just rustling away inside their brains.

I used to love writing without purpose. I used to, and I have no idea why, write about Victorian children and their pony traps and petticoats, and I’d while away whole days exploring my own creativity and imagination. But it’s something that’s lost on us as adults.

So have a bath, put on clean pyjamas and clean bedsheets, make a coffee and light a candle and take your laptop to bed.

Don’t open the internet, just enjoy the words.

Maybe you can use them in a blog post, maybe you’ll never look at them again, and maybe, just maybe, you’ll see them lingering in a Waterstones next year. Here’s to hoping!

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