Friday Favourites: 9th October


BRB just found a massive like dreadlock or summin’ in my hair. FFS, who does this happen EVERY SINGLE DAMN DAY?

Anyway, HI!

Blogging and editing and filming videos and editing those and uploading them and making thumbnails this week has been a right ‘ol tough one because new baby kitten really likes climbing up my legs and onto my desk and doing dances on my keyboard and ahahaha so funny, thanks Granger.

I’m terrified she’ll comment a string of punctuation on Facebook statuses from people I haven’t seen in a decade and should probably delete. The fear is real.

This week has mostly been about getting her settled in and making Rudey not feel left out, which sounds nice and easy and dandy, but it’s left me in tears a few times. It has however, made my working from home time-management reach new levels.

My life is a constant stream of forward planning. Put wash on, stroke Rudey, make tea, write post, hang up washing, stroke Rudey, shower, feed cats, take photos, put on-make up, film video, edit video, reply to emails, make coffee, stroke Rudey blah blah blah.

So yeah I am tired, but I am efficient and omg all I’m thinking about is whether I’ll be able to find 45 minutes before bed time to slink under a duvet and watch something on my iPad for just a tiny slice of Hannah time. Plz, plz, plz world, do this for ya fave list-writing gal.

I want to extend high fives to everyone who has full-time jobs and kids. You are not human, just some kind of sun beam of amazingness sent to make the rest of us look bad.

ANYWAY, enough of me talking like a 35-year-old, here’s dem faves.



One new fur baby and my transformation into sleep-deprived housewife is complete. No fashion injection into this week’s Friday Favourites aside from a pair of slippers, lol. Good one.

I actually got these from a pal for my birthday and then lost them (under Chris’s side of the bed – whaaaaaat?) and now we’ve been reunited and I have all the happy feels. I haven’t owned slippers and years and this feels like a whole new revelation.

They’re from River Island and are so snuggly and cute but also have cat faces on them and rabbit pom-pom tails, WHAT IS GOING ON?

But yeah, they are 574356756 per cent my most worn footwear this week. Babes.



Now that peonie season is just a distant pretty Pinterest memory, I’ve moved onto these lovelies.

Now, call me uneducated in the gardening department but I legit always thought as spray carnations as the only carnations and never even realised these cutie patooties existed, but they’ve become my go-to cheap Tesco flower of choice these past few weeks.

They so pretty.

Oh and they come in every colour under the sun. Baby pink – check, middle pink- check, red – check, orange – check, maroon – check. It’s such a happy time to be alive when you’re planning your flower shade around your blog photos and Instagram grid.

Crikey, I need to get a life. But anyway, £3.50 a bunch and they last at least a week, if not two. What better broke girl pick-me-up could you want?



Here’s summin’ exciting for ya – you can choose between TWO different boxes this month with Birchbox. Woo to the hoo.

There’s the Back To Basics one (my fave because HELLO full-size bottle of Seche Vite top coat and a felt-tip eyeliner that looks like it *could* be a new gal pal for my make-up bag) or the Stylist one, containing a beauty edit from Joanna McGarry.

So yeah, if you fancy subscribing and getting a little summin’ summin’ in the post every month full of cute new samples to give a whirl, I can hook you up with a £5 off discount code.

Just enter HGOCTOBER at the checkout. No wozzles, girls.



Guess I couldn’t really write this post without including my new tinker of a baby cat, Granger.

You’ll have probably read the full post earlier this week about her entering our lives (here), but I’ll try to give you a little Friday Favourite update.

She erm, poos a lot. She cries a lot. She eats her wet food portion in about 7 seconds flat and then goes off to find her big sister’s bowl. She likes climbing up my leg when I’m working and being a general nuisance – albeit the cutest nuisance of all time.

She sleeps with a hot water bottle. She plays with all of Rudey’s hand me down toys. She’s forever trying to work out how to suckle on me. And she’s eating my slippers as I type this. What a gal.



The first designer sunglasses of my life, I feel like I’ve hit some special life milestone usually reserved for 18-year-old girls opening about £3k worth of birthday presents from their parents.

Or people who stay living at home rent-free until they reach about 30 so that they basically have the same amount of disposable income as someone from Geordie Shore (mildly jealous if that’s you – won’t lie).

These Ray-Ban beauties are the blogger eyewear choice of 2015, and although I was hideously tempted to go for the pretty girl baby pink lenses, I opted for the classic black because they’ll continue to look chic and on-point all through autumn.

Chris thinks it’s mega lolz that I wear sunglasses all year round, but like just because it’s two degrees out doesn’t mean that it’s not so sunny I could go blind. Plus, they hide my tired cat mumma eyes and that is a GIANT WIN.

Good work, Sunglasses Shop.



Oh mumma. This little skincare genius came in my winner’s goody bag at last weekend’s Bloggers Blog Awards and it’s basically the equivalent of your skin drinking a green Pret juice to kick-start the day.

Skin oils always freak me out a little because well, have you seen my skin? Even iPhoto can’t edit that fry-an-egg-on-it glow off my face. But this, well this is just damn dreamy.

It doesn’t make my skin feel oily or even look it, it makes it feel ridiculously soft and plump and happy and well, I guess, healthy.

It’s rare that I’ll notice one skin moisturiser or oil is better than another or even doing something (uneducated beauty guru, me) but this makes me skin feel INSANE. And oh my, that smell, it’s loaded with ginger and just has this incredible fresh, zingy, incredz scent that you just kinda need to get you going in the morning. (Shop it here)

Look at me with a real skincare routine going on. What next, toner?



When I think of me time I think of an hour or two in the evening whilst maybe Chris is at the gym or a work event, and I’m wrapped in a sofa blanket, drinking a cup of tea and maybe eating something that tastes like I live in Patisserie Valerie. I’ve maybe got a few Essie nail polishes knocking about and I’m checking my Instagram every 27 seconds and watching something on Netflix that is mildly captivating me. But last week, well last week I had a different kind of me-time.

And I’ve been thinking about it ever since.

I left the house early and drove over to the quiet Starbucks, the one in the local cinema. I ordered a pumpkin spice latte and just set about writing book stuff. Set about writing from the heart and from the deepest corners of my brain.


And then when my parking ticket ran out I jollyed on to our local park up here in ipperz and took myself off for a beautiful lazy walk in the sunshine with the dregs of my coffee. I watched the ducks in the lake, I watched the beautiful leaves turning crisp and orange, and I watched the blazing blue sky contrasting against them.

I haven’t felt that inspired by work or life in a long time, and I’m hoping that I’ll be able to snatch a couple of hours of Hannah time on a sunny day at least once a fortnight. My writer’s block just crumbled into nothing and it made me feel like the glitteriest version of myself for the rest of the day. Whoopa.




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