4 Outfit Ideas Involving Black Tights That Aren’t Entirely Hideous


My title echoes the fact that try as I might, I can’t pretend that I don’t love bare leg season.

Despite being a self-confessed leg-hater, mine are the bringer of much sadness – IS THIS A NEW STRETCH MARK OR HAVE I SLEPT FUNNY? WHY THESE JEANS NO FIT? WHY MY THIGH WIDER THAN MY WAIST? everything just looks so much chicer without a pair of M&S opaques getting in the way.

Clothes like bare legs, and actually, even after scanning Pinterest for quite some time, it occurred to me that 97% of outfits look better with either a trouser and bare ankle or an entire bare leg. Which, does not a happy British autumn wardrobe make, sob.

So I threw these together. I say threw, I thought they’d take like 7 minutes to shoot and then I could watch American Horror Story in bed but nada. They took so long that I skipped breakfast and second breakfast and second breakfast dessert and went straight onto lunch, what a snore.

The one thing I have learnt is that you’ll basically require black boots, a black biker jacket and more black black black fashion to see you through the season whilst still remaining chic enough to look like a Pinterest style icon if someone just kinda squints at you with one eye closed.

K, bye.


I did something mental here – I doubled up on prints, call the fashion cops and stat.

It was a spur of the moment decision and I have to say, I’m kinda diggin’ it. In fact this is on my radar as my next ‘I’m going into London’ outfit. Take a striped tee and layer it over a pinafore or plain-ish dress and them team with a sleeveless jacket, boots and a fedora because always the fedora.

Perfect for the temperature now when there’s a little chill in the air, not so perfect when it feels like it could snow at any minute and then doesn’t for four years.


Hat – Primark (similar in store this season) / Striped top – Forever 21 (old, similar here) / Pinafore – New Look (old, similar here) / Sleeveless jacket – eBay (old, similar here) / Boots – Kurt Geiger (old, similar here) / Bag – New Look


Still can’t wrap my head around an a-line skirt, mostly because they sorta lose their a-line-ish-ness on a girl with hips that are so wide they could birth quadruplets naturally (probs no). But I’m all up for wearing grey and red together, I forgot they were a colour combo that worked pretty happily together.

But seriously, you should have a go-with-everything black skirt in your wardrobe this season and then you can wear it with everything from check shirts to jersey tees to oversized knits. They are so flippin’ practical.


Jacket – IL2L.co.uk (old, similar here)/ T-shirt – New York gift shop (but I’m desp for this grey slogan tee) / Skirt – New Look / Bag – Primark (old, similar here) / Shoes – ASOS (old, similar here)


I thought I’d be like guuuuurl, you got game over this outfit because it’s basically identical to all my street style pins but alas, naaaawt. I guess this is one of those things where I’m hungrier for a blogger’s thighs than I am for her effortless off-duty style. Sad times.

I think I’m more likely to swap the skirts and tights for girlfriend jeans and the boots for Converse for a slightly slick Saturday outfit for brunch and B&Q and a Tesco shop. Because my life is actually really bladdy glam.


Fedora – Primark (similar in store this season) / Jacket – Miss Selfridge (old, similar here) / Jumper – New Look (old, similar here) / Skirt – New Look / Scarf – ASOS / Shoes – Kurt Geiger (old, similar here)


I wish I’d had a black dress for this outfit, but whaddya know – I don’t actually wear all that much black. Meh. I do however love the idea of black on black on black during the autumn/winter months, the same way I’m coming round to the idea of white furniture on white walls on white ornaments. There’s something so crisp and clean and cool about totally ignoring colour.

I think you could totally rock this outfit with any favourite summer dresses – especially long sleeved ones or ones with ditsy prints. It’s one way to get more use out if them without spending a gazillion quid on a winter sunshine break, right right?


Jacket – Miss Selfridge (old, similar here) / Dress – Oh My Love (old, similar here) / Boots – Ted & Muffy (cheaper alternative here) / Bag – H&M (old, similar here)

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