21 September Stationery Staples You Need In Your Life


Just because you technically haven’t got a new term and all that doesn’t mean you can’t refresh your stationery collection. RIGHT, RIGHT?

Ain’t no better feeling that doing a bit of handwriting with a really damn good pen in a fresh notebook. Mmmm, come to mumma.

You know what would be really, REALLY incredible? One of those Berol handwriting pens you used to get at school, back in the days where you still got part of your English grade determined by how your handwriting looked, LOLZ.

I thought I’d throw together this edit because well, we’re all a little bit obsessed with Pinterest-inspired stationery if we’re being honest with ourselves.

Like, I would legit rather have one of those ginormous, sexy packs of coloured pens than a new pair of ASOS shoes. Probs. I reckon.

And y’know what’s nice? Being able to treat yourself to things that’ll make your Instagram look a bit cuter that don’t make your bank account do little sobs of despair.

I’m getting those marble notebooks for ONE POUND from Tiger this week because one just opened in Ipswich and SO LONG, SUCKERS.

Also, really want that sassy, tangerine Kate Spade notebook because I just feel like it gets me and I feel like It’d make me look the perfect balance of professional and I’M REALLY COOL AND AMAZING if it were to fall out of my bag during coffee meetings.

Ya get me?

september stationery1. Kate Spade caption notebook, £22

2. Ohh Deer glitter tape, £3.50

3. Tiger stack of post-it notes, £3 (in-store only)

4. Kate Spade set of two notebooks, £12

5. John Lewis sticky notes, £2.95

6. H&M pencil set, £2.99

7. Oliver Bonas initial pencil case, £8.50

8. Marks & Spencer mini notebook, £3.50

9. Pack of 20 fineliners, £13.99

10. Ohh Deer paper weight, £15

11. Ohh Deer glitter tape, £3.50

12. Paperchase glittery diary, £8

13. John Lewis file, £14.99

14. La La Land Mean Girls pencils, £4

15. Kate Spade telegram notes, £10

16. Topshop notebook, £10

17. Set of 24 Sharpies, £8.99

18. New Look set of 3 unicorn notebooks, £3.99

19. Paperchase fries rubber, £1

20. Urban Outfitters notebook, £6

21. Oliver Bonas washi tape set, £6.50

22. Tiger marble notebooks, £1 each (in-store only)

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