Friday Favourites: 28th August 2015


Hi world.

I just ate baked eggs with chorizo, mushroom, tomatoes and toast. I mean yeah sure, I’m available for hire. It’s well hard being this domesticated.

And when I say domesticated I mean hungry, because the rest of the house is ahem, in a right ol’ pickle. The bed covers need washing because shock horror, they’ve got a sweet little coating of fake tan (and half a tub of moisturiser rubbed into them because sunburn), there’s a nice layer of cat fur and crumbs across the kitchen floor, and I keep leaving piles of receipts everywhere because at some point within the next financial year I defs plan on adding them to my business expenses spreadsheet. Uh huh, yep.

So that’s exciting for you all.


And secondly I’m sorry this is so late up, I’ve had quite a lot of freelance/sponsored stuff that needs doing this week and I haven’t given myself a proper lunch break and I’ve been working in the evenings and I’m a bit tired and bleary-eyed and coffee isn’t really taking the edge off, so aha yeah. Busy, busy.

I’m hoping that if I crack on with a few already half-written weekend posts this afternoon I can take off the full Bank Holiday weekend to make Chris play Scrabble with me and maybe drink cider and watch Netflix. So here’s hoping.

Anyway, right, this post wasn’t supposed to be a short biography of Hannah Frances Gale, so let’s get a-cracking on those little gremlin favourites.



Right, there’s no way in any universe ever that I should be able to be like YEY, BACK ON DEM AW PURPLE LIPS in August. Nope. In fact not even in September. They’re strictly an October through to like March kinda thing.

I love a dark lip, they look so majestic and mystical and like you’re so confident you don’t give a fuck about anyone. And all of those things are actually the opposite of me, so it’s nice to wear a disguise and trick people.

Yesterday I trialled out an old lippy from last autumn which I *think* I thought was a bit too dark and bold last year, but now I’m kinda diggin’ it.

It’s Twilight by GOSH just an FYI. It’s a little bit glossier than i’d like, so hit me up with your matte dark lip suggestions below. TA GALDEMS.

Processed with VSCOcam with a5 preset


How this hasn’t been launched as an obvious piece of stationery before I do not know. Like duhhh world, blogging is the new acting, obviously we all need cute lil books to jot down plans and posts and ideas towards world domination.

This cute princess is actually from Etsy and was a sweet gift as part of the sleepover. I keep putting off using it because it has such fresh, lovely pages that I don’t want to soil them with my shit, rushed handwriting.

Looks mega cute as a photo prop though…

Shop it here and get 10% off with discount code TBP10. You’re welcs.



This wouldn’t have made the cut, but you guys were really OMG LOVE THIS on Instagram and it gave me a real self-confidence boost and made me feel all fly and stylish and cool, so thx baes.

I’ve decided that maybe you all need a long floaty trench coat like this one. Mine’s rom Primark this time last year and I’m not sure if they’re going to have anything similar this autumn (I missed the press day and only got to see half the new stock when I visited the showroom like a boss), but if not, then I’ve hunted out this kinda lookey likey one.

And on a side nite, those Mondrian Hotel toilets are a right touch. So dark and swank and a bit like being in the 1940s or summin.

Processed with VSCOcam with a5 preset

Processed with VSCOcam with a5 preset


Whilst darting about london humming the Inspector Gadget theme tune to myself (like seriously, I need a full length mirror to avoid these sort of incidents happening), I popped into see the New Look gals for a cup of tea and a mosey around their new homeware collection.

I’ve got a full post going up about it this weekend because obvs it’s vital you know about new copper and baby pink interior pieces coming onto the high street, but I thought I’d give it a sly little mention here too.

Oh, and I got to make a photo frame too, so there’s that.IMG_0852



You’ve undoubtedly all heard about the tragic plane crash during Shoreham Airshow last weekend, and I’ve felt like I couldn’t let it go pass without mention.

My Facebook feed has been plagued with countless RIPs and missing relatives this past week, and it’s felt like there’s been this overwhelming dark cloud hovering over home.

Everyone knows someone who knows someone who lost someone, and you can’t help but reflect on how short life is and how little control we have over when we go and leave this life.

So here’s me sending a whole lotta love back to Sussex. I’m not really sure what to say here, I’m at a bit of a loss for words as to what I can say to make any difference to the people hurting, but the sense of community and support and love that seems to be encircling Shoreham and Worthing and Littlehampton is breath-taking. You all got this, like really got this.



You might remember that I snapped up a few of these nail varnishes in pastel shades earlier in the year, not long after the whole blogging world went a bit gooey-eyed for them. At first I was unimpressed with their durability – it felt like despite having a hefty top coat on they were chipping after about 24 hours.

Well anyway, I got bored of rotating my Essie shades and felt like I’d give them another go, and whaddya know? THEY’RE ACTUAL MAGIC.

I’m obsessed with Eat My Dust and Pole Position, and with two coats (because it’s quick-drying you can get away with two hefty coats rather than three thin ones) and a good layer of seche Vite top coat they’re last between 3 and 5 days. Not too shabby, eh?



The deeper I get into this whole blogging business, the more important I realise it is to surround yourself with blogger friends. Not just because there’s someone to moan with about things other people don’t get, but also to bounce ideas and compare notes with.

It’s having these sort of people who make sure you’re charging the right amount for things and being treated fairly that help you grow both your business and your confidence.

I’ve been lucky enough recently to have been pretty much engulfed by some of the loveliest and most helpful blogger gals out there. It’s nice to have people to Whatsapp and email all day when you’re working from home alone so that it *almost* feels like you’re all working in an office together.

So here’s a shout out to a few of my faves right now – Kate, Corrie, Josie and Lily. You girls is aces. LOL.



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