A Weekend At V Festival


I’ll be honest with you all – I’ve never stayed at a festival the entire weekend before. For real.

I’m a cocktail and infinity pool kinda gal, rather than a wellies and baby wipe shower kinda gal, so when Sure offered to whisk Chris and I off to the fields of Hylands Park I was a teeny tiny bit anxious.

I mean, I can’t lie to you, Trek America was incredibly hard in places and that was WITH experienced tent setter uppers and personal WIFI boxes and y’know, the thrill of being surrounded by Utah landscape. So yeah, you see my nerves.

On Friday night we packed up the car complete with pop up tent (this little hunk here), a neat crate of fruity cider, my gold sequin kimono (legit any chance to whip it out of my wardrobe and feel like a cute magical pixie) and my FitBit so I could track just how active I was over the weekend. Then we trundled down the A12 and headed over to Chelmsford.

We spent that first evening eating burgers and exploring the entire site before settling down on sleeping bags sprawled out next to our tent – it was the perfect spot for people watching and relaxing and hoping and praying that no-one would set up their tent next to ours because hello, back the flip off, this is our little area.

And, according to my babe of a FitBit I walked 10,000 steps within three hours of arriving at the campsite and burned off nearly 2,000 calories. So that made me feel 738564 times better about accidentally forgetting to go the gym because oh look a new episode of Teen Mom 2, OK bye world.

Who knew a festival was such a grand workout on the body, eh?

After a pretty good sleep (Chris insisted we bought a duvet as well as sleeping bags so it basically felt like sleeping in a bed), and a bacon bap from the Green Campsite food wagon, we were all set up to party the weekend away.



Sure were also kind enough to supply us with some of their mega whizz new deodorant with Motionsense freshness technology – which basically means the more you move and get active, the more the deodorant will protect you. Which, when you’re striding across fields in 30 degree heat all weekend and getting a bit dance-y and shout-y everytime a song you know comes on, is pretty damn helpful.

The Motionsense technology basically has unique microcapsules that break with friction to release freshness that lasts all day, which is nifty for all those summer activities like barbecues and weddings and festivals and frisebee-fuelled picnics.

We met up with Josie (admittedly a few of these photos are hers – thanks boo) and her bf Charlie before heading over to the VIP area and cracking straight into the Pimms and blogger gossip (and taking turns to find Instagrammable outfit backdrops because duh, we’re such a clich√©).

Seriously though, I think Chris came away feeling pretty relieved that he wasn’t the only male in the UK getting forced into taking photos of his girlfriend in the middle of the street and filming her walking about places when all he really wants to do is sit on the sofa and watch Sky Sports News and play weird battle games on his phone. Bless.

We bumped into some other blogger pals (and all got hideously sunburnt, soz skin, really, really soz), sampled some of the gourmet fast food, ate ice lollies and then went on some fairground ride that threw us into the air and gave us a really good view of the entire festival site whilst we hurtled about in our seats – so that was nice.

And, despite feeling like I’d lazily spent most of the day slumped in the VIP area or lying with my head on Chris’s lap because of an over-excitement headache (honestly, you can’t take me anywhere), I somehow managed to rack up another 12,000 steps and 9km of walking. Oh, AND remain completely body odour free, which is always a sweet, sweet delight for everyone around me.

Sure actually had a little pop-up tent next to the VIP area and near their arena (which Paloma Faith and Jessie Ware both performed on) so tjhat festival-goers could freshed up during the day and also use dry shampoo and hair appliances, so that was a cute little touch.

We retired back to the campsite a little earlier than I’d like to publicly admit and downed bottles of water whilst eating melted Phizzy Pig Tails, because that’s just what kinda happens when you get, ahem, a bit old.

We spent the rest of our weekend enjoying the freak weather (sunshine in August in the UK, like what even?), eating even more chips because chip chip chip, and raking in the social interaction. Honestly, for a girl who never gets out the house or gets to talk to actual humans, it was SO overwhelmingly good to be able to discuss boring work things like Instagram and affiliate networks and blog design.

Thanks to Sure for a seriously fresh weekend – wahey, see what I did there? So down with the kids. And for opening my eyes to how many calories I’m secretly burning when I’m walking about thanks to that snazzy FitBit band- and just an FYI for all you city gals reading this, I apparently walked 25,000 steps during a day of meetings in London. So yeah, stop feeling guilty for not going to the gym, you’re clocking up all the miles just by changing tube lines.

Right, I’m off to maybe make a den in the lounge with my tent (Gameboy colour and Pokemon Red optional). See ya.

This is a sponsored post but all views are obvs my own.

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