Friday Favourites: 7th August 2015


Oh hi everyone. How are you? Pretty babin’ I hope.

I also hope no-one has huge issues with my overuse of the word ‘babin. Or babein’. I’m still not over it and I’m a tiny bit soz, but not really because it’s a great word.

Anyway, y’know how for the last few weeks I’ve been all ‘ain’t done much this week’? Well this week I really haven’t.

I’ve been patiently waiting and praying for the post man to bring me anything, ANYTHING, I can Instagram. I’ve run out of New York and Trek America photos to whack through VSCO cam and surprise you all with. So, things are getting a bit dry.

Thankfully, my quiet week has allowed for lots of swimming time, and, I mean, don’t get too excited – an entire day dedicated to book writing. I just had this wave of creativity out of nowhere and thrashed out 4,500 words and when I read it back I was like THIS IS MAGIC, THIS IS GOOD, I LIKE THIS, MAYBE I CAN GET A BOOK DEAL. Then my over-excitement continued and I smashed one of my favourite Princess Zelda glasses whilst doing the washing up.

So, erm, that’s my week.


1. Great British Bake Off

Because I’m a cliche of a middle class white lady in her twenties.

I mean, the first episode of GBBO was alright, mostly because of ol’ Mazza, but the contestants themselves seemed a teeny tiny bit dry. We’ll see.

The main joy of this Wednesday night occasion was the fact at 7pm, an hour before the episode started, I decided I definitely needed to whip up a cake to enjoy with my TV action, because obvs.

I didn’t want to leave the house, because, well, pyjamas were definitely already on, so I had to work with what was already loitering about in the depths of my cupboards.

I don’t want to boast (I do), but we enjoyed a vanilla sponge with homemade berry jam and coconut with a cup of tea whilst watching Bake Off, and you?

Points to me for being an absolute queen.


2. Navy pinafore

I’ve been calling this little sex pot a pinafore, but apparently it’s a dress. And like, you’re supposed to wear it without stuff underneath, but whatever, that seems lame.

It’s from New Look and I bought it last week (it’s online here) and I’m already obsessed. Despite the weather still looking a bit vom-tastic, it’s still too hot for this little number (I only know this because omg all the back sweat), but it’s got September splattered all over it.

So far it goes with white shirts, white t-shirts, striped tops and roll necks. Pretty good, right?

It’s from the petite section, but I reckon the length’s fine for anyone of a normal kinda height? If you’re like supermodel height, then soz, you might be pushing it.


3. Car boot

First off, we made about £150 just by selling old clothes, bags, shoes, some books and loads of old ‘bits’ like unopened fake nails, nail glitter and sample size beauty products I’ve had lying about since about 2009.

The weather was perfect and it was the summer holidays so people were probably happy to trot down and have a browse on a Saturday morning to kick-start their weekend.

We headed to Needham Market in Suffolk (and treated ourselves to cheap coffee and bacon baguettes because duh) around 6am and set up everything. It was actually a really enjoyable morning, despite me needing a major nap when we got home at lunch time.

But the best bit? Deciding at about 11am that we didn’t want to take anything home and putting up ‘everything is free’ signs. People seemed so genuinely smiley and happy and you just knew they’d go home and be all ‘you’ll never guess how much this new dress cost me? NOTHING’ to their pals. It was nice to start people’s day with a bit of positivity.


4. Peanut butter noodles

I know harp on and on about this on social media and I’ve definitely mentioned the recipe before like twice on this blog, but basically I found a new way of making it.

A really lazy, fuck we have nothing in the house, way of making it.

I boiled some noodles. I drained said noodles, but held back a little bit of water. I put noodles back on very low heat. I added a tablespoon of crunchy peanut butter. I squeezed in half a lime. I splashed in a bit of soy sauce. I mixed it together lots in the pan so that the peanut butter melted down into a sticky coating. I put in bowl. I ate.

Now, I didn’t take a photo of it because it wasn’t exactly mesmerizing on the eyes, but it was DAMN delicious. And easy. So yeah, just thought I’d throw that in there. The photo included is with optional cashews, chicken and sesame seeds.

Screen Shot 2015-08-06 at 11.46.46

5. Freya lingerie

Let’s just take a moment to appreciate leopard print lingerie.

Keep going on that appreciation moment.

I’ve recently been doing this new thing where I’ve been trying to upgrade my underwear drawer with bras which aren’t physically revolting on the eyes, and bras that also, y’know, actually fit my ample bosom.

Bras from wonderous places like Freya and Bravissimo and Mark’s & Spencer and, when in the States, Victoria’s Secret (because omg so much cheaper out there).

I love the Freya designs (like the leopard print wonder below) because they look like the sort of thing you could just pick up in Topshop, except they actually fit, which is a nice turn of events. (This one’s online here)

I’ve also got a new sassy little black bikini that makes me feel megz sophisticated, but that’s under wraps until Mykonos. Soz.


6. Pretty Little Liars


I’m in London the morning it comes onto Netflix and now, because I accidentally got Chris hooked on it (wtf, thoough, really? REALLY?) I’ll have to wait until we both get home in the evening to watch it and it pains me because what if I accidentally check Twitter by accident and one of you spills it. I’m so scared.

I want a twist that makes so much sense but we never saw coming. Someone who’s been in it for a long time, someone who’s relevant.

I’d hate for it to be Lucas (he’s been in like 2 episodes since 2011), I’d hate for it to be Wren because ditto, and I’d be pretty bored if it was Melissa. I’d be even more angsty if it was Sara because she’s just popped out of nowhere with her pixie crop and weirdness.

So yeah, throw your theories at me. I love accidentally losing an hour to PLL theories.

I realise this is not a photo of Pretty Little Liars, but hey, it’s what I was up to whilst watching it. Same difference.


7. MAC’s Morange

The good thing about just randomly tweeting your current shopping list to anyone who’ll listen, is that sometimes your followers will hook you up with people selling the things you want/need. Handry, right?

I’ve been coveting MAC’s Morange (a red-orange shade with a sort of satin-y finish) from the moment I realised Lady Danger wasn’t actually as orange hued as I’d hoped. On me, at least, it looks like your classic red, which I love, but I really wanted something from the MAC family that matched up to Illamasqua’s Soaked.

And here’s my ticket. It’s much more glossy on my lips than I imagined – although not at all actually shiny or y’know, glossy looking. It also feels like it won’t smudge aggressively if I so much as look at a piece of food.

It’s going straight in my handbag as my every day I’M COOL BECAUSE I’M WEARING LIPSTICK shade. See ya.


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