Outfit Of The Week: The New Fashion Brand With ALL The Tassels


After a morning of gymming, swimming, banana and blueberry pancakes, clothes washing and y’know, doing that thing where you casually spray anti-bac spray into every crease of the kitchen and hope for the best, me and my beloved boy treated ourselves to a little afternoon out.

Fuck, I hate myself.

I mean, only a little bit. I used to spend Saturdays eating McDonalds and cradling my dignity in swathes of trackie bottoms and blankets, and now I’m a civilised adult who frequents cathedrals and takes photos of parks with flowers in and I’m just so confused as to how it all happened so quickly.

I mean, it feels like I was hugging toilet bowls and taking little lie downs on bathroom floors in between waves of hangover vom only the other day, and now this.


We headed to Bury St Edmonds, also, according to a road sign we saw on the way, known as ‘the jewel of Suffolk’s crown.’ I mean, bit big headed and all.

It’s about a 30 min drive from Ipswich and I’d never been before, but it was nice and it had a BYRON AND CARLUCCIOS AND WAGAMAMAS which instantly makes it a little sassier than ‘ol Ipperz.

We had a mosey round the cathedral gardens, got iced lattes and split a strawberry mille fiulle in the car which went all over our faces.

Oh, and I wore a new dress for the occasion and promised Chris wine and a home cooked dinner in exchange for just a handful of nice outfit photos, so that’s gone well for me.

There’s a bottle of Malbec just waiting in the kitchen for me to pour her out and drink her alongside some tacos with all the trimmings (re-fried beans, sour cream, jalapenos – y’know, the main food groups).


The dress is from a brand, that, if you’ve been extra beady-eyed on Instagram you might have made note of – there’s a few bloggers and fashion faces currently wearing their boho, peasant-themed designs.

That brand is PAMPELONE – go give ’em a little browse. They’re all coloured embroidery and dresses, blouses and playsuits that basically insist you book a holiday to Mykonos as if your life depends on it.

I’ve got the Romana tunic but I’m currently debating whether I can get away with the Bardot dress and its off-the-shoulder-ness with my boobs?

Will I look like my belly button is trying to be a third nipple? Will everything drop really low and saggy? THAT, my gals, is the question.

Anyway, TTFN (ta ta for now, if your MSN chat has fallen behind), I’m off to crack open that wine.

Sunglasses – ASOS, £10

Dress – Pampelone, £85

Shoes – New Look (old – but similar here)

Bag – Marrakech (similar here)





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