Friday Favourites: 17th July 2015


First off, I just want you all to know that it’s exactly two months until my birthday today. I mean, no biggie, but maybe start thinking about how you can hack into my saved items on ASOS and surprise me.

I’m gonna be 26 after all, and that scares me a little bit, so y’know, help ease my pain.

I joke.

Sort of.

This week’s favourites are less about buying new clothes and reviewing new products and more about experiences.

I’ve driven about 700 miles this week and filled up the car with petrol THREE FLIPPIN’ TIMES and my bank account is having a little sob in the corner as I type this. So it’s a good job I’m not in the mood for an accidental Friday online shopping spree for the first time in forever.

It’s probably because, despite already shotting two mugs of coffee this morning, I feel like if I were to sit down on the sofa for just 11 seconds I would accidentally just stay there all day because frickin’ heck I want a nap and a hug and a duvet and some ice cream. I’m tired, alright. And excited for a weekend with no plans other than to whack some bleach down the toilet and do a food shop. Hurrah for sleep.




I thought maybe I’d work in chronological order and go back to last weekend’s festivities first.

I think I mentioned this on my blog a few days back, but basically Claygate is a village in Surrey where my dad and his bros grew up and I *think* several generations of Gales have lived, and so, it’s family tradition to visit the flower show every year.

There’s a tent full of flowers and vegetables because hey, it’s a flower show, there’s rides, tombola stands, a beer tent, a dog show and lots of cake, burgers and small children running amok. It’s a grand ol’ day out.

It was Chris’s first year this year (we had to miss the 2014 one, nearly got kicked out of the family and that) and it basically involved me letting my 16-month-old nephew play with a Diet Coke can (not safe apparently…), and discussing Pokemon with other small nephews, getting dribble down my dress and eating maple and pecan ice cream. YES TO THE CLAYGATE FLOWER SHOW AND FAMILY TIME.




I FINALLY got round to doing something I’ve wanted to try for ages – wearing an ear cuff.

Just like having my nose pierced and having a very subtle ombre put through my hair, it’s all about making myself look way hipper and cooler than I actually am. It’s all an illusion.

This mega bling babe is from Adorning Ava, and I won’t lie, it is a tiny bit uncomfortable if you’re planning on wearing it all day without wine to numb your body (but maybe that’s because I have flappy curves to my upper ear or summin).

BUT IT DOES MAKE YOU FEEL WAY SASSY, LIKE MAYBE PERRIE FROM LITTLE MIX SASSY. (You can buy him here for less than a tenner). I say him, I picture him to be a drag queen if he were a person.



Chris is hitting this weird place in his life where he doesn’t want to own possessions (there’s no effing way he’s touching any of my candles or framed prints or books about murders, nuh uh), so for his birthday I planned some events to go alongside the usual birthday stuff (t-shirts, things from LUSH and Rudey coasters), one of those things being a trip to Thorpe Park.

We drove down this week with a couple of friends and not only did it take three and a half hours to get there (erm, cheers A12, you good pal, you) but it was absolutely rammed with under-16s – as in, all the queue times were about 90 minutes ON A WEDNESDAY.

Like, I’ve never seen so many white trainers, bum cheeks hanging out of denim shorts and cropped tops all in one place before.

We admittedly did have to snap up a few Fastrack tickets and just pretend we were bazillionaires, but nothing, NOTHING, in this world beats that fealing of going on Logger’s Leap. Seriously, after all these years I think it’s still my fave ride.

Although Stealth is a firm fave too.



You’ll probs remember the tan coloured gladiator sandals from Primark that I’ve pretty much been wearing all summer. Well, they broke. They just kinda fell into pieces after about 200,000 steps walked across New York, Utah and Turkey, so I’ll sort of let them off, they did a grand job.

Naturally I had to replace them with new every-day-in-summer shoes, so I went for something a bit bulkier and more OTT from Public Desire which seems to be the blogger strappy shoe website of choice if Insta is anything to go by.

I think these cost £24.99 (shop ’em here) and I managed to last the full day at Thorpe Park without needing plasters (although there is a teeny tiny blister forming on one side tbh).

I like the fact they go with culottes, jeans and girly dresses, so there’s that for ya.



I drove up to Northampton University yesterday for the third time in my life.

The first being for my brother’s open day (we stayed in a motel and watched TV in our twin beds for most of it), the 2nd being to visit my brother the week after Fresher’s Week when I lied and told everyone I was 21 (I was 23) and was comforted with lines like ‘you’re not THAT old’. Thanks guys, thanks.

And the third was for ol’ Sam Gale’s graduation – he got a 2:1 in History if you’re interested in family grades or what not.

It was a nice day, especially because I got to take cider into the ceremony and he looked like he was at Hogwarts and that made me heart happy. Although he appeared to have forgotton his wand which was awkward.

Note: I definitely did actually take a wand to my graduation and pose for photos with it whilst wearing my robes. Gurl gotta do what gurl gotta do.



Err, so like obviously I write every day. About four days a week I write blog posts, and the rest of the time I’m writing tweets and Insta captions and life plans on bits of paper, but for the last few weeks I’ve been writing summin else.

I’ve started taking my old, teeny tiny laptop with me on trains and planes and just writing. Writing whatever’s in my head. Writing about mental illness and my need for life planning and control, writing about babies and eating disorders and social media.

I think I’ve done about 10,000 words in the past few weeks and it feels good. I’m hoping that I’ll keep it up and then in a few months be able to comb through it all and see what makes sense and what doesn’t and maybe put it together and structure it for a book.

Who knows.

But what I DO KNOW, is that I definitely prefer the tone and things I’ve been writing about this time round rather than with my sample chapters in my sad little book proposal, so there’s that for you to digest.

Screen Shot 2015-07-17 at 10.54.53


Don’t mind me, I’m just being hideously late to the party.

Which, just an FYI, is so unlike me – I’m always the girl first to the party with copious bottles and party games dangling off me, normally because, well, I’m the girl hosting the party.

Basically, this is the photo app most of the Instagram big wigs use to polish up their pics before they upload them, and it took for me to holiday with two professional Instagrammers to finally get on board with the game.

I don’t know why it’s better than just using Instagram filters and editing, but it somehow is. My photos are brighter and lighter and prettier since using VSCO Cam (and it’s free just FYI), and they make me feel a bit happier with my Instagram grid.

I kind of hoped I’d hit the big 10k before my 26th birthday, but with about 2,008 followers to go before I hit the milestone I think I might have been a *tad* ambitious. Bless past Hannah.

Come follow me RIGHT HERE if you don’t already, I post photos of shoes, food and flowers. Cliche and all that.


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