27 Reasons Why It’s Bloody Amazing To Be A Woman In Her Twenties Right Now


No, but seriously, we’re living the actual dream.

Aside from y’know, all the pressures from society to have it all and what not. Life’s pretty dandy when you step back to think about it. Here’s why…

1. It’s actively encouraged that you go out and do your thang before you settle down. Whether that be travelling, setting up a business or snapping up promotion after promotion in the office – the world has never been our oyster in quite the way it is now.

2. Mint green Fiat 500s are an actual thing. Thank you, lord.

3. It’s considered *on point* to let your hair be a bit shit. Bit greasy? You can whack that up in a top knot. Bit frizzy? You can hide that under a fedora. Oh, and then there’s dry shampoo. Never has dealing with your mane been as easy and low mantinence as it is right now. Thanks 2015, you can stay.

4. You’re on the cusp of still being able to admit that you find members of One Direction attractive, yet you’re not young enough to have accidentally dedicated three years of your life to their fandom. Yey.

5. Prosecco and Cava exist and make you (and your social media followers) believe that you’re mega fly and swish and drinking champagne. Just y’know, without the price tag.

6. You’ve had enough time in your life to already re-read the Harry Potter franchise a few times over, AND been alive to get so excited it feels like there’s actual Merpeople swimming in your belly every time a new book comes out.

7. Maternity rights and equal pay are only going to be getting better and better. The future looks darn sparkling bright.

8. ASOS exists. Tiger exists. Etsy exists. Primark exists. Paperchase exists.

9. We’re the most darn internet and computer literate people in the world. Pretty much. Thank you very much MSN Messenger, you’re a stand up guy.

10. Avocados are in fashion. And they taste good. And they’re good for you. (And to think the generation before us had Slimfast as a fad health food *cries self to sleep with eveil laughter*)

11. Going on holiday is pretty damn cheap, and it’s considered important in this dan and age to take time out to just relax. So that week in Turkey? Basically a neccessity.

12. You cannot get lost. Thanks Google Maps. Thanks iPhone. Love you.

13. These little pots of magic exist where you can put your fingers in, swivel them around and voila, nail varnish is totally removed. Clever Bourjois, ensuring we never have crumbling tissue roll soaked in nail varnish remover problems again.

14. Fruit flavoured ciders are a thing that have replaced WKDs. All applaud and be forever grateful.

15. We can all be whoever we want to be without society shunning us – whether that’s gay, trans, bi or whatever. We’re the generation that’s redefining the new ‘normal’. Hurrah to that.

16. Pretty Little Liars. Grey’s Anatomy. One Tree Hill. Orange Is The New Black. The list is endless.

17. You’ve still got youth on your side so your face and body are looking *pretty* much at their peak, but guess what? You’ve finally learnt how to dress to suit your body rather than looking like a sack of mouldy potatoes, and you’ve self-taught (cheers YouTube) yourself to apply your make-up so you *almost* look like a member of the Kardashian/Jenner clan.

18. We get to actually use our own happiness to make decisions. Never has the phrase ‘do what makes you happy’ been uttered from parent down to offspring as much as it has with our generation.

19. We’ve already survived a recession and serious bout of national unemployment. We can handle anything the economy throws at us and it feels good. *inserts nail painting emoji*

20. There are so many damn inspirational, sassy slogan prints available to buy online, it’s impossible to not be permanently motivated.

21. Decent fake tan exists in the world which means you can actually look like a bronzed goddess without risking skin cancer or applying a year’s supply of Johnson’s Holiday Skin and smelling like biscuits.

22. The stigma around mental illness has never been lower. It’s OK to not be OK, and more than anything, there’s a lot of support to help you not be OK. Whether that’s from friends, family or the health system.

23. We can have any nail varnish colour in the whole bloomin’ colour spectrum. What’s more exciting than that, eh?

24. There’s an infinite number of cute kitten and puppy photos at our disposal for when we feel sad. Bloody damn great that internet is.

25. As a generation, we’re not scared of talking about uncomfortable subjects – Cystitis? No problem. Post natal depression? We got this. Infertility?  Let’s get a brew.

26. There is a suspiciously good amount of brilliant stationery around. And that’s something worth celebrating, always.

27. There’s this feeling in the air, this feeling that we can do ANYTHING. Anything. That we got this. And that? That’s something seriously effing exciting.

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