5 Comfy Yet Stylish Airport Outfit Ideas

airport outfits

I’ve always liked holidays. I’ve always been happiest when I’m chugging a pre-flight drink at the airport whilst wearing my finest make-up and an outfit that was picked out at least a fortnight ago. Because gurl gotta look glam at the airport ALWAYS – or so my 13 year old self was convinced. Bless her. She once wore kitten heels on a flight to Portugal, so there’s that for you to mull over.

There’s such a feeling of promise and excitement and unknown before you board a flight away. Before you jet off on a holiday you’ve likely been counting down the months for. Holidays are our chance to relax, to take a step back from the normality and chaos of every day life and let our brains breathe. Our bellies not so much, our bellies get jammed with pasta, cocktails and steak, but y’know – you can’t please every part of you.

This year has seen me leave the UK more than ever before and I’m pretty bloody lucky to see my hard work pay off the way it has – it’s only June and already I can tick Budapest, Tuscany, Egypt, Vegas and (nearly) New York off the 2015 destination list. It’s been ace.

But, aside from getting to explore some seriously cool places, I’ve also had my fair share of airports and airport outfits. So I thought I’d share my pearls of wisdom with ya – I’ve picked outfits depending on how long your flight is. Uh huh, I’m organised and practical like that.

A few tips you should definitely remember though…

– No chunky metal jewellery as you’ll only have to take it all off and put it all on again to go through security. Not babin’. Not babin’ at all.

– For long flights always pack snug socks so that you can whip off your shoes and stick ’em on as soon as you take off.

– Layers are key to any successful and comfortable flight. Bring a scarf that can double up as a blanket or pillow for super snugness (especially if it’s long haul).

– Your belly will bloat out because of the change in air pressure (you’ve seen what happens to a bag of unopened crisps when you hit peak altitude, right?), so make sure you’re not wearing anything too tight that’ll irritate you.

– It sounds silly to have two bags, but have a small chain cross-body bag for your important stuff (phone, passport, boarding pass, purse) and then a normal size handbag for things like a jumper, book, iPad and liquids. It makes life SO much easier. I’m fuming I only worked this out on the way back from Vegas. It’s key to not getting flustered and losing things, especially if you have a stopover.



If you’ve got a short flight you can get away with remaining chic and polished when you get to the other end. Hey, you can even wear make-up for thr flight without your skin getting dry and snakey and gross and eww, which is nice for you.

I lived in these culottes when I was on Trek America, they’re so light and floaty, plus the tropical print gives them a real summer feel. They’re easy to dress up and down, and you know you’ll wear them again during your holiday – plus they work for tempremental UK weather as well as beach sunshine which is a sneaky little bonus.

Sleeveless jacket – Warehouse, £45 // Cami top – old Topshop (similar here) // Culottes – Warehouse, £36 // Shoes – old Office (similar here) // Bag – from Morocco (similar here)



I love a loose midi dress for flying in because not only does it hide bloat – hello, not feeling like you’re growing a human made of avocados and Kettle Chips, but it looks kinda glam too.

I always opt for midi because it offers a bit more protection against the air con, but also it means you’re not constantly pulling down your hem to protect your modesty and hide your cellulite from other passengers. Cute.

Dress – H&M, £39.99 // Bag – Aldo, £40 (only left in blue and black) // Shoes – Primark, £4 (current stock)



The only jeans I’d ever wear on a flight are those of the boyfriend variety and those that are, ahem, a size up. There’s nothing worse than feeling like you’ve literally been stuffed into your clothes. A bit like you’re the sleeping bag going back in it’s case. Nuh uh.

This is probably what I’ll wear for my New York flight because it’s super comfy and I’ve added a heel to make myself feel a little less like a squat mushroom (socks in bag, obvs). I love an oversized grey jumper in a really thin knit. I picked up this one from H&M for £7 the other week – and yeah, it makes me look a little, errr lardy, but it’s so snug.

I’d wear a slouchy shirt or striped tee underneath and add a leather jacket to pull in the jumper a bit whilst you’re actually walking around the airport accidentally spending money you don’t have on Mac lipstick.

Jumper – H&M, £7 // Shirt – Budapest thrift shop  // Jeans – GAP, £44.95// Bag – Zara old (similar here) // Shoes – New Look, £29.99 // Hat – Primark (similar here)



This is almost exactly what I wore on the flight to Vegas – just add in my biker jacket and swap my Nikes for Converse and voila.

My jumpsuit worked well for me because it was so silky and comfy and yet slouchy and cool. I needed the loo like twice and wasn’t bothered by the fact I had to get out of it to wee, it wasn’t a biggie. A couple of people had actually pointed me towards jumpsuits for the flight whilst I was deciding what to wear. OH, and Lily wore one too. So we must be on to something.

Go by a black jumpsuit basically.

Jumpsuit – H&M old (similar here) // Scarf – ASOS, £15 // Shoes – Nike at Office (now £60) // Bag – H&M old (similar here) // Bag charm – River Island, £6 (in-store only)



Here’s where it’s trying to basically make your pyjamas appropriate because you’re in this for the reaaaaal long haul. Just think how many films you’ll get through, eh?

It’s all about these loose printed trackie bottom style trousers that are EVERYWHERE at the moment and casual tops. Naturally you’ll have socks, and a light jumper or sweatshirt in your hand luggage – along with all the boring stuff like moisturiser, hand cream and a toothbrush. It’s nice living on a plane isn’t it?

Jacket – Miss Selfridge old (similar here)// T-shirt – H&M old (similar here) // Trousers – Boohoo old (similar here)// Shoes – New Look old (similar here) // Bag – Zara old


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