12 Things You Absolutely Have To Do On A Sunday


Because let’s face it, it’s a day for the finer things in life.

Whereas Saturday is spent racing to the post office before it closes, attempting to fit in a gym session and panic buying possible night out outfits from H&M (here’s my post on making yours productive), Sunday is it’s sexier, lazier sister.

It’s the spa weekend to an Ibiza weekend, the herbal tea to a can of Relentless, the homemade leek and potato soup to a Big Mac meal. It’s not always as fun, upbeat and memorable, but it’s just as enjoyable and way better on the soul.

Oh Sunday, you snug little champ.



Get up earlyish and embrace the fresh air. If it’s sunny, head into the countryside kitted out with fresh coffee, mucky trainers and sunglasses (to give you a chic edge for Insta snaps, duh) and start exploring. It’s exercise without feeling like exercise, and isn’t that the best kind?

If it’s raining, you’re off the hook, take a hint from the grey skies and treat yo self to a lie in. Or a swim at the gym if you want to be active and that.



Before you head out on said walk, visit your local car boot – but make sure you’re there before 9am otherwise it’s kind of a waste because all the good stuff’s already been snapped up. Truth hurts.

It’s where I find most of my homeware steals and they’re SO much cheaper than eBay – we got our big lounge mirror for a fiver and then painted it, and our orange velvet stool for the same price. Also a great way to hunt out things like Levi shorts and vintage style dresses.

Also makes you feel way cooler than you actually are.



You know how during the week you basically have to peel yourself off the Starbucks glass door to stop yourself splurging half your monthly wage on skinny lattes to go? On Sunday you have to DO IT.

Get the biggest, foamiest dreamboat you can find, with added syrup because come onnnnn it’s Sunday and you deserve this.

Drink it in and feel like a swish lady about town or take out and get exploring (or get a cappuccino from McDonald’s drive through and enjoy in bed – surprisingly good AND megz cheap).



Have ’em poached with avocado and sourdough bread or scrambled with smoked salmon and a bagel or fried with bacon and ketchup in a sandwich. If ever there was a day that cereal and milk don’t quite cut it, it’s Sunday.



This reminds me of being little, back in the days where Sundays were still regarded as a roast and see your cousins kinda day. Now, it’s harder to find time for two-course get togethers with games, but it’s still nice to invite people over for a cuppa (and half a pack of Digestives), even if it’s just for half an hour.

Or swing by your parent’s house on the way back from scooping your coffee and second hand homeware haul. Social interaction makes the world go round.



I recently got treated to a set of semi-expensive good-quality cotton bed sheets by BHS and they’ve literally blown my mind. OK, not literally, like my head is still all in one piece, panic over.

I think they cost about £40 and have a high thread count, but they just feel SO much softer on my skin than my cheap Tesco ones.

Whilst you’re on a caffeine and fresh air high whip your old bed sheets into the washing machine and stick on some new ones. You know how good that’s going to feel when you climb in-between the sheets ready for an early night later on. So damn good. Best part of the weekend good.



You don’t realise quite how much you bloody love Monopoly and Cluedo until you’re 15 minutes in and then OMG WHY DON’T WE PLAY THIS ALL THE TIME?

If you can’t quite muster up enough people for a full on gameathon, then bully your boyfriend or gal pal into Scrabble at least. It’s basically good for you because y’know, it involves using your brain and learning new words.



There’s no day that screams YOU NEED TO GO AND HAVE PUDDING NOW, than Sunday. It’s such a pudding kinda day. A hot pudding with custard kinda day.

It’s also the most forget-about-juices-and-salad kinda day. It was made for indulging in beige coloured foods – most notably potatoes. Either crispy and roasted or creamy and mashed. Followed by pudding, because obvs.

(Effing heck I’m hungry writing this)



You know the drill. Bring out the bath bombs, bubble bath and oils and have one of those long soaks that feels like it’s washing all the regret and stress right off your soul. Do a face mask, paint your nails and feel completely and utterly prepped for the week ahead.

There’s nothing better than feeling like you look your best and feeling confident in yourself, is there?



I don’t think even needs an explanation. Just… Sunday.



There’s pretty much no feeling that quite matches that of sinking back onto the sofa with tea, your duvet and a good boxset.

Sunday evening films used to be the prime of feeling like part of a community on Facebook and Twitter – like you were all at the cinema together, but there’s hardly been anything good on recently has there? No, but srsly, what even is this?

I love chain-watching something where you’ve got an endless amount of episodes still to get through. Something like Grey’s Anatomy or Luther or Pretty Little Liars. Binge TV at its finest.



There’s two reasons this is bloody fantastic – firstly it gives you things to look forward to which makes the idea of Monday morning coming around just a teeny, tiny bit easier to digest, and secondly? It makes you feel organised and in control.

Which, let’s face it, will make attempting that early night’s sleep so much easier when you’ve not got worry and panic aggressively trying to give you a large helping of insomnia. Thanks brain.


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