What’s In My Hand Luggage?


First off, I wish I had a really big hand luggage bag.

I wish I could take way more with me than I actually do – maybe a nice heavy book, my big snuggly maxi cardigan, maybe some slipper socks, a small array of beauty products like cleansing wipes and face wash and serums and blah blah blah blah. The sort of products I’d probably never actually use on any flight because CBA.

So here’s what I DID pack for Vegas.

I’ve been flying quite a lot recently and have kinda got it nailed down to the basics. Although I always get wound up by my DSLR hogging most of my handbag and making it jut out in weird angles. I’d never look as sleek and polished as people who get papped at LAX, not ever. Mostly because of said DSLR making my handbag look like a weird shaped boulder. Like a Pokemon that can camouflage itself. The sort of Pokemon that would DEFINITELY be on Team Rocket’s side like Meowth.

Oh my god I’m rambling and I can’t even see the screen properly because of pre-flight nerves and I’m so sorry. Mostly for rambling on about my camera and my ridiculous first world problems. I’mma shut up now.

Here’s what’s in my bag…



On short haul I CBA with the whole ‘airplanes are so flipping freezing, you need ALL the layers’, because you know what? They’re not THAT cold, just turn off the damn air con shooting at you from above your head. On a long haul however, it’s riskier to not be prepared for every situation the temperature can throw at you.

This grey scarf is an old ASOS number (but if I was going to buy a new one, it’d defs be this one) and when it’s unfolded it’s basically the size of a single bed, which will be mega handy come nap time. It also looks kind of chic in a Perrie from Little Mix kinda way when wrapped around my neck loosely and paired with my biker jacket. *Almost* like I could kinda pull of airport street style. I also imagine it to offer some comfy neck and head support whilst I’m trying to nap, a bit like a snuggle blanket and I’m a toddler. I can scrunch it up and use it as a pillow.

It’s so damn multi-functional. Oh, and just FYI, that is supposed to say Mr Scarf not My Scarf. I’m in a weird old mood.



I like to keep all my important things together in my bag because they tend to get lost in the sea of lip balms and headphones and reciepts that swim in the depth of said hand luggage bag. I like this cute canvas one from Alphabet Bags, and look, it’s personalised. How unlike me…



Usually this is rammed with email print outs folded up into tiny squares and wedged in, but this time I did something a little different. I copied out all my important info (flight numbers, hotel addresses, my travel insurance reference and company, transfer details) onto different coloured post it notes and tucked them into the slots. Much neater, much easier to find everything, and much less bulky for my already oversized bag.

This travel wallet’s from Oliver Bonas, and sadly it’s long gone. But here’s a similar one/one that looks EXACTLY the same.




I keep all my foreign currency in a totally different purse to all my UK stuff. This is just a little monochrome number from H&M that cost a couple of quid (I left my last monochrome striped one from Primark in the Corinthia Hotel in Budapest…my bad). It makes my life so much easier to not be having to pick coins out of my purse when I’m at the till and cause a ruckus trying to work out whether it’s sterling, euro or dollar…



Obvs. Mine’s currently in a leather holder from Etsy. And oh look, is that my initials again? (Sadly the Etsy shop seems to no longer exist…)



I take out all the crap I don’t need (Nando’s, discount cards and the gym) and keep it to the bare minimum – 16-25 rail card, debit card, credit card and Driver’s Licence. It’s much more compact than taking an entire wallet and means you don’t risk the chance of losing anything you don’t absolutely need with you abroad. Mine’s from Oliver Bonas and costs less than a tenner. Babe’in.



I’m currently crushing over Si by Giorgio Armani, it smells so divine and soft and feminine and a bit sweet and fruity, but then really sassy and sexy too. I need this on a long haul flight, if only to calm my fear of being that person who has a whiff of BO following them around. The dread.




The tangy tangerine EOS balm is my current lip poison, I love the taste, but also there’s just something so dang fun about applying it. Everyone knows flying dries out your skin and lips so this is an obvious no brainer, plus it’s tiny and hardly takes up any room, so win, win.



I’m all about versatile products for flying, considering you have to carry your bag through security/coffee time/boarding/checkin in/bag drop and everything, and the last thing you want on a long flight is achy shoulders from over packing.

I’ve just been sent this Remedy Balm from Pommade Divine which has a waxy tecture and can be used as a hand cream, cuticle cream, lip balm, dry skin cream and face cream. Recks it’ll be mega handy and it’s tiny at just 50ml which is always a bonus.



This isn’t something I’d always carry but as I’m feeling a little more self-concious than usual I thought it’d be a good in-between of not wearing make-up and well, wearing enough make-up for a prom. I’ve stuck to BB cream, mascara, lip balm and brow pencil for my Vegas flight so that I feel confident and myself without giving my skin a breakdown and running the risk of it all melting down my face an hour into my flight.

I’ve packed it with me just so I can reapply (with clean hands, obvs) just before landing so that I feel fresh and ready to face fellow travellers upon exiting the plane. I’m also helping it’ll help hide those pesky white heads that crop up whenever I travel for longer than an hour by plane or car. Morons.



Sunglasses so that I can hide my face and bags and smeary mascara crumbs from the rest of the world and feel hotter than I am, glasses so that I can y’know, see the in-flight entertainment.

All Primark sunglasses now come with handy little cases to stop them scratching which is fan-fucking-tastic considering all sunglasses this season with the cool blue or iridescent shine seem to scratch within seconds of purchase.



A convoy of inhalers for me, ibuprofen for you. And that for me, because y’know, wisdom teeth and that. I’m also planning to pick up a lifetime supply of Immodium from the airport because there’s nothing worse than a bad belly on the plane, or when camping, or when being out of their comfrt zone, is there?



I like to think that I might get ALL the idea for a post or for a tweek to my blog’s design or for my book when I’m in the air. I never do, because I like to just stare out of the window and nap, but y’know, it’s nice to have the option.

Plus it’s tiny and makes me feel organised, and MAYBE one day I’ll need it.



I always pick up a gigantasaurus (and oversized) bottle of water after I’ve been through security at the airport. People say it’s good to stay hydrated on flights because it helps your skin and body and I’m just going along with this advice because why not? And also, water gets EVEN more expensive once you’re on the plane, so there’s that.



Because sometimes I just want to listen to Taylor Swift and daydream about life and break up the back to back films on long haul flights. And sometimes (most of the time) I just want to get stuck into a juicy episode of This American Life. Which, if you don’t tuck into my blog that often, is a weekly podcast that’s been going for over a decade and it’s incredible. I know, an actual podcast. Who even listens to podcasts? No, but seriously, you won’t ever look back once you’ve subscribed on your iPhone.



Admittedly I only seem to take travel guides with me when I go to U.S. cities (why is this?) Although I recks if I went somewhere like Bangkok or Beijing or summin, I’d get one too.

I like to have one on the plane because it helps me get EVEN more excited to reach the destination and helps me plan what I’m going to get up to. Like eat burgers and visit water parks because duh. But also because it’s megz handy to have a map on you when you land and have to y’know, actually leave the airport.


And that is it. Although sometimes I like to carry snacks. Maybe a bag of popcorn from Pret just in case. A bag of popcorn that’ll inflate by the time I hit 30,000ft and make me terrified about what the air pressure is doing to my insides and my stomach. Oh, and maybe a back up charger pack for my phone in case I run out of battery and can’t Instagram the minute I find free WIFI to humbly brag about the fact I’m no longer at home doing the ironing in my pyjamas.



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