The Perfect Lipsticks For Green Eyed Gals


Everyone with other coloured-eyes, I’m mega soz. I have no idea what suits you. But in my (green) eyes, everyone suits the colour I’m about to suggest, it’s just us green-eyes babes really suit it.

This isn’t just me harping on about something I love and therefore believing I must suit it because I love it – it’s about that time a make-up artist I’d never met before looked at me and told me I suited it.

The colour in question? That red-orange shade.

It’s been my favourite lip colour since uni. I can actually remember the day I decided I needed an orange-hued lipstick in my life. I was in my flatmates bedroom staring at a postbox opposite our flat on Kingston Road, and the postbox just spoke to me. It told me I needed a lipstick in that sorta shade – that it would make me, me. That it would be the lip colour to end all other lip colours.


A few months later I was queueing for a fashion show at Somerset House (it was my birthday, I was on the brink of tears, it was raining, I wanted to go home – oh and I was an unpaid intern, because obviously) and the girl in the queue next to me was wearing the the most delicious orange-red shade I’d ever seen. The exact shade I’d been picturing for months.

I’d already spent a good half an hour in my local village Superdrug branch back at home trying out swatches on the back of my hand – but not one of the budget brands stocked anything at all like what I was looking for. It was either peach shimmer (since when has shimmer lipstick been cool, unless you’re my Polish nan or a 7-year-old?) or a bright red – so I settled with the latter.

I did pluck up the courage and ask that pretty orange-lipped stranger where her lippy came from and she said Illamasqua. Obvs as a student who was cashing birthday cheques to pay her car insurance and phone bill, I had no bloody idea who or what Illamasqua was, let alone where it was stocked. So I trotted off to Oxford Street Topshop instead.

And that was where I met my first lipstick love – Infrared. My first (and very loved – escuse the rank battered case) bright lipstick that made me feel like me.


I later found out that buying that lipstick actually took me over my overdraft limit and I got fined and well, the £8 lipstick actually cost more like £20. But y’know, life and that.

Later on, when I was working at LOOK, I came back round to Illamasqua and fell head over heels for Soaked. Which, let’s just be honest here, is pretty much everything that’s right with red lipstick, especially in summer. It just pairs so dreamily with a tan and summer dressses and lazy, warm nights on the beach with cocktails and seafood.

Next up on my list is MAC’s Lady Danger. I won’t lie, this is totally going on my ‘to buy in New York’ list – along with a new EOS lipbalm (or 7), a shit load of Jolly Ranchers and everything from C.Wonder (or not – I just found it is no more, well that’s sad). It was the cutest homeware and fashion shop run by Tory Burch’s ex-husband – it had the same fun, yet incredibly chic and Pinterest-like feel about it, except it had a high street price tag. Fuming.

Anyway, the point of this post wasn’t about the sound of my heart shattering over C. Wonder’s closure, it was about how that one MAC make-up artist said that green eyed gals suit red-orange lipsticks and how much it warmed my heart.

So if you’ve been putting off moving up in the lippy world from Vaseline and nude-coloured lipsticks, but you’ve been terrified because ‘red lipsticks don’t suit you’. They do. They always do. I’ve never seen a girl who didn’t look instantly hotter and sassier and happier and more confident because she was wearing her red lipstick.

Treat yo self.

Have you got any lipstick recommendations for me? I need more. Always. Gurl can never have too many confidence-making lipsticks. Nope.

Orange/red lippies to try: Illamasqua Soaked, £18.50, Topshop Infrared, £8, MAC Lady Danger, £15.50


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