Friday Favourites: 15th May 2015


I’ve got to be honest, I struggled a little bit this week.

With Friday Favourites, not with life because life ia A-OK. Life is great. Life is happy.

I struggled with my favourites because well, the last week has involved a long weekend in Preston (or thereabouts) for my brother’s wedding, and then a lot of time sat at my computer eagerly getting posts written and scheduled for when I’m away.

I’ve been trying to be good with money because of all the travelling I’ve got coming up, so there’s been hardly any beauty or fashion splurges, and I haven’t even so much as blinked towards homeware. It’s been a sad state of affairs. So you’ll have to bear with me.

Alright, the curtains I mentioned below are a couple of weeks old, but I haven’t mentioned them because they’re not the sexiest thing to photograph, but I thought they were pretty jazzy and deserved a bit of attention.

I’m writing this and it’s breakfast time so BRB, I’m off for some toast and butter, of the white variety. Because it’s Friday and YOLO.


1. The Gale Wedding

OK, so obviously I HAD to start here.

Me and Chris drove up last Friday (after a 45 minute wait for Rudey to come home because she was being a diva, duh – she had to stay in all weekend and was FUMING) to Ribby Hall, which is a holiday village between Preston and Blackpool.

Basically, the point of me including it in this list is because you (and me) should all have weddings on holiday villages, or at least somewhere where all the guests stay together. Despite a rather tedious journey on the M6 (I’m mega soz about all the Twitter bombardment, it was rainy and the tailbacks were huge and it was a bit crippling on the soul), we had the best weekend. THE BEST.

It was so nice to see my entire family (OK, about 90 per cent of it) and just drink cider and be happy and merry. The food was dreamy, the flowers were dreamy, and the performance from Rae Morris was dreamy. My heart feels so much happier this week because of it.


2. New Look AW15 Press Day

During my 24-hour stint in London earlier this week (alright, so I did get out of the house and cram it with activities, I lied a bit) I swung into the New Look press day.

Basically, prepare for ALL the suede, ALL the chunky knit and ALL the sassy denim skirts. My fave pick was this cream jumper. I have something really similar that I picked up in the New Look sale last year, but THOSE fringed elbows. Can we just. The jumper looks like something from Net-A-Porter that I’d have just whacked in a Marie Claire shopping gallery back in the day, not something that’ll probably cost around the £20 mark. Haps.

That jumper + ripped black jeans + flat pointed shoes = everything.


3. Dunelm Curtains

Firstly, let me just go and punch myself in the face a few times for mentioning Dunelm curtains. Like, what am I? A 50-year-old housewife with a penchant for cheese scones and garden centres? FML.

Chris made me go curtain shopping the other week before we had guests to stay in the spare room/my office because he thought it was a bit mean to force them into waking up at 5am with the sunrise, and sure, I GUESS he’s right. Bore.

I found no nice curtains anywhere – this room is painted pale blue and the furniture is white, but then the accessories are EVERY colour, so it’s not like there was an obvious scheme I had to keep to. But anyway, I picked these. Yep, they’re a bit loud, and I’ll probably be well over tropical and palm prints in a few months, but for now, they’re the best thing to ever happen to the curtain world.

They cost about £30, and are just so much more fun and cool than anything I’ve seen anywhere. Aside from Urban Outfitters, but, err, they’re all sheer, so sorta defeat the point in keeping the sun out. Duhhh, guys. Snap em up here.


4. Trek America

First off, I’m assuming you’ve read this post. I leave tomorrow. OK, well no – I leave on Sunday morning. But because the flight’s kinda early I’m staying at a pal’s in London tomorrow night.

How am I feeling? FUCKING TERRIFIED. I have quite a lot to get done before I go (packing, scheduling, writing, photographing, buying a suitcase and sleeping bag liner and head torch – HEAD TORCH) but I’ve suddenly come over magnificently body shy. I think it’s the idea of camera crews capturing me in my bikini or in shorts and it’s making me feel a little bit sick. I’m trying to rise above it, be myself, not give a shit, but wah.

It’s such an exciting opportunity and I’ve no idea what to expect. How often will I get to shower? What will we be eating? How hot will it be trying to sleep in tents? WAIT, are we even sleeping in tents?

I’ll report back.


5. Snapchat

I did it, I joined the circus of Snapchat.

I’ve not uploaded anything yet because I uploaded it as I was writing this post and I’m currently wearing a semi see-through white top from Pink, so yeah, I’m not sure it’s the sort of day where you should see my nipples TBH.

Follow me at HannahFGale (caps not necessary, that’s just me being a weasel). I promise to share every LOL and WTF moment from Trek, and think it might help me get EVEN more camera confident for my YouTube channel (which, just FYI is over here). I’ll also be sharing outfit stuff and favourites from press days and blogger events and that sorta thang.

Oh, and little snaps and vids of me lurching on my sofa in a pit of blankets and snacks every Sunday evening, so there’s that to look forward to.

I hope I’m fun on Snapchat, I really bloody hope I am.


6. Warehouse Culottes

I went to a blogger breakfast during that London stint (more on that in a post next week…) and snapped up these culottes.

I’ve worn culottes once before. Oh wait no, I OWN one pair of culottes and have worn them a few times, but they were much more structured and professional, the sort of things you’d wear to the office.

These palm print dreamboats are SO light and airy and comfy. I’ve bought them thinking they’ll probably be quite good for day time in America (I mean no, not like when I’m hiking, but just travelling and walking about and exploring towns and Walmart and what not…).

I’ve been wearing them about the house with these Primark sandals as a test drive and I love them. So comfy. So loose. And sort of flattering. They can stay. (Ignore my chipped toe nails, they’ll get sorted soon, promise).


7. Well this is awkward…

I have no number 7. I’m soz. Maybe the dentist can be number 7? I booked an emergency appointment through the NHS on Tuesday morning because I’d woken up at 5am with harrowing ache on one side of my mouth. Naturally I panicked that i’d need a root canal or something as equally monstorous – turns out my wisdom tooth is just making a mad bid to be a part of my mouth. It’s putting pressure on my other lower teeth, hence the pain, but isn’t causing any real damage. So I’ve got a ‘just in case’ antibiotics prescription to take away with me, but otherwise I’m just stocking up on ALL the painkillers.


You don’t know how much I fear the dentist. And I went on my own and everything. I’ve basically hit adulthood peak, what with the curtains. Someone come and give me an Apple Sourz shot and save me.


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