38 Things All Girls Totally Forgot They Did in The Early Noughties


1. Spent ALL your holiday money on getting the top half of your hair put in corn rows with bright pink rubber bands because duh guys, duh.

2. Sat on your kitchen counter swinging your legs just waiting for your post-school snack of chips/pizza to finish doing its thing in the microwave. YUM.

3. Had an entire make-up collection on hand for school discos made up of freebies from Mizz and Sabrina’s Secrets (it was mostly flavoured lipgloss tbh).

4. Begged your dad to buy you a Puppy In My Pocket from the till when he popped to the newsagents for milk and bread.

5. Cried because the boy you fancied called you classy pet names like ‘minger’ and ‘sket’.

6. Treated yourself to a seriously on-point new Jacqueline Wilson diary from the school book fair, you deserved it babes.

7. Put your hair up in a pony tail and then reveled in the joy of twisting stands and securing them with a glittery butterfly clips.

8. Made up dance routines in your lunchbreaks because you’d seen Honey and Save The Last Dance and you were going to look that sassy in trackie bottoms and a crop top even if it killed you.

9. Washed down a bag of sweets with a Panda Pop because obviously.

10. Read a Goosebumps book before bed and being seriously OMFUCKINGGODTHISISAMAZING when you had options about where the story went next. What even is the future?

11. Went shopping and legit looked at things in shops like ‘but would Mary Kate and Ashley wear this?’

12. Bit the gem off an Iced Gem and then being slightly disappointed in the pit of your belly at the dry biscuit bit underneath.

13. Became genuinly concerened about whether you’d turn yellow if you had a glass of Sunny Delight. I mean, like, you don’t want to be yellow?

14. Wondererd about whether you had a secret twin living in LA. Hey, if it happened to Lindsay Lohan, it could happen to you.

15. Circled a make-up set in the Argos catalogue that included 36 eye shadows, 8 blushers and 16 lipsticks. Every year. For a decade.

16. Popped into Claire’s Accessories just so you could get a free spritz of hair glitter because girl gotta look glam at all times.

17. Being genuinely confused as to why your mum didn’t just use clear mascara instead of black. Like err, you can even sleep with it on, it’s amazing?

18. Had a small breakdown when you realised you had a Dairylea Lunchables in your lunchbox rather than a soggy ham and tomato sandwich. ALL THE YES.

19. Did the rosebud!!!!! cheat a bazillion times so that your Sim’s house was swathed in fireplaces and statues and had a butler because everyone needs a butler, right?

20. Went into WHSmith on a Saturday to see if they had any new smelly gel pens in that you didn’t already own. Unlikely tbh.

21. Owned three different tankinis because tankinis = looking as sassy as a Mizz model.

22. Signed off texts on your Nokia with ‘tb xxx’. Just in case your friends couldn’t work it out for themselves.

23. Spent approximately 82 per cent of your pocket money on protective tags for their Beanie Baby collection. They’ll make you rich in a few years, yeah they will.

24. Lingered about outside Boots just waiting for the hour to be up so you could go and collect your photos from your sleepover the other week.

25. Dreamed of the day you got a boyfriend that loved you enough to buy you a Me To You bear. Srsly, they were everything.

26. Had candles made of glitter jelly in your bedroom. Obvs you never lit them but they looked megz cute.

27. Used a pink electronic Dear Diary to keep all secret thoughts, and then felt sad when you’d forgotten the password a week later. Sob.

28. Had a sip of your cousin’s Pineapple Bacardi Breezer and wondered whether that was what it felt like to be drunk. Are you drunk? Who knows? Does ALL alcohol taste this delicious? You love it. It’s everything.

29. Painted your nails using only in metallic shades. Ideally blue metallic like the ocean.

30. Tried to convince your mum you were definitely old enough for the thongs in Tammy Girl emblazoned with slogans like ‘sporty chick’ and ‘cool girl’.

31. Basically wet yourself when there was a ‘choose what’s on next’ thing on Nickelodeon during half term and it being a constant stream of Sabrina The Teenage Witch and Saved By The Bell ALL DAY. DREAMS DO COME TRUE.

32. Felt pain tore through your soul when you went to rip a poster out of a magazine to hang up on your bedroom wall and accidentally tore straight through the centre. Noooooo, you silly sausage.

33. Thought about whether you would get a pet bunny rabbit for your birthday about, ooo, twice a day.

34. Wore a denim jacket with 97 per cent of all outfits. Especially with jeans that were almost the same colour so that you were basically wearing a denim suit, you just didn’t realise.

35. Bought all your friend’s birthday cards with Bubble gum characters on like ‘Blonde Bombshell’ and ‘Loopy Lass’.

36. Always dressed the Sim that was based on you in that leopard print get-up because everything else was seriously hideous.

37. Had dreams about wearing your pyjamas to school at LEAST once a week. Traumatising.

38. Wore pastel coloured cropped cargo pants and felt ALL the sass.


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