A Night Of Mexican Feasting In Selfridges


You know what makes for a truly dreamy Wednesday night? Five courses of Mexican cuisine with a sexy modern twist, margaritas, fine wines and catch ups with a best friend you haven’t seen in actual months.

It doesn’t, however, make for such a good Thursday morning. My face hurts a bit and I can’t really see, and every time I flick back to the photos from the night before I feel a little tingle of sadness in my belly that I haven’t still got the mounds of sensational food in front of me. Sad face. I *might* have fallen asleep on the train home and then had really deep chats with my cab driver about the decline in Ipswich’s night life. Like I said, might.

So, last Wednesday I found myself skipping through the second floor of Selfridge’s – past THAT Chloe dress that ensured Rosie Huntington-Whitely won Coachella, past Prada, past Miu Miu, and into The Corner Restuarant, which was hosting a seriously special one off evening with a chef who’d been flown in especially for the event – from Mexico. Uh huh.

In case you missed the memo, 2015 marks the beginning of a year long collaboration between Mexico and the UK, and there’ll be exciting events happening throughout the year to commemorate it – like the seriously cool pop up I went to on the South Bank last month and a gastronomical partnership with Selfridges.


Aside from seriously mouth-watering demonstrations in the Food Hall, and an increase in the amount of Mexican products being stocked (because we all need more dreaminess from the other side of the Atlantic, right?), there’s also this series of one-off dinners with Mexican chefs taking place inside the store.

Myself and my uni home girl Hannah Rance (uh huh, both Hannahs, it’s a fun life we lead) were invited to dine with a group of fellow travel media people with chef Javier Plascencia who runs five restaurants in Baja California – his style is to take Mexican food and give it a Mediterranean twist using fresh ingredients. Think oysters with chilli and crispy noodles, avocado with lemon and sour cream, and the real star of the show – short rib with cacao nib. No, but seriously, it was like chocolate-y pork, sounds so wrong on paper, tasted so DAMN right in my mouth. Honestly, I need, need, NEED to learn how to cook it myself, immediately.

Here’s what Javier had to say…

Which part of Mexico has the best restaurants? 

Definetly Distrito Federal in Mexico City has the best restaurants in mexico, from different regions, but specially modern Mexican cuisine.     

If I came to Mexico, what would be the one dish I should definitely eat?

I would suggest you try the different moles – they vary from region to region

What is the Chefs favourite course from the 5 courses cooked at the Selfridges dinner?

My favorite course is the tuna parfait.  I love good textures and one of favorite ingredients has to be avocado.

There’s more of these dinner nights taking place throughout April and May with chefs including Daniel Ovadia and Benito Molina, with some spaces open to the public for £80 a head, included specially paired wines (which were, just BTW, all sorts of incredible – I had no idea Mexican wine was so damn good).

I love Mexican food, but my experiences of it have always been so same-y – nachos, fajitas, you get the gist – and so it was a real delight to get to enjoy it with a contemporary twist. I think there’s going to be a lot more of this sort of thing popping up over London over the next few years and I’m so damn excited. I love that there was all the incredibly YUM flavours and ingredients I’d expect from Mexican food – like chilli and avocado and red meat, but with a seriously sassy twist that made for some dreamy and chic food photos.

So yeah, if you spy a blonde in a red suede jacket and leopard print shoes lingering outside the Selfridges Food Hall, it’s definitely not me. Nope. Nuh uh.


This is a sponsored post but all views are my own, obvs

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