Friday Favourites: 24th April


I’m writing this post with the sort of hangover that makes me need to squint at the screen through my glasses just so that I can see what I’m typing. It’s megz fun. You should try it.

I spent too long catching up with one of my favourite people last night at a heavenly dinner in Selfridges hosted by the Mexican tourist board last night and there was a lot of super COME TO MUMMA Mexican wines to go with the five courses (but more on that in a post next week).

I’ve had a shower, am drinking peppermint tea by the gallon (because it’s a dream for morning sickness or so the internet tells me – not pregnant, obvs, just y’know, same kinda symptoms, except mine are being caused be a demon wine baby and not a real one). I’ve also made myself a killer fried egg and bacon bagel because, well, anything to make me feel more like a human today.

As you read this I’ll be trotting about Gatwick North Terminal with a coffee in hand as I pour over which foundation to buy from Duty Free. Then I’ll do that thing I always do with beauty products and get mega I CAN’T AFFORD THIS, WHAT AM I THINKING guilt and I’ll put it back. So that’ll be nice.

I’ve got a 4am alarm set for my two hour taxi to Gatwick ahead of a sneaky 5-hour flight to Egypt with Red Sea Holidays, I’ma download SO many 16 and Pregnant episodes on my iPad to get me through that one.

Anyway, faves and that.

1. Zara dress

Me and Chris went to Exeter last weekend, which you might have spied if you follow me on social media. And, aside from cramming our bellies with all things pancakes, cocktails and Byron burgers, we found time to have a quick saunter round the shops. Mostly Zara, because we don’t get Zara in Ipswich and it’s ALL THE EXCITING.

Nestled on two rails set back from the store front was a hidden little 50 per cent mid season sale. Uh huh, hidden exactly where you’d never see it. Good one. I not only scopped this dreamboat of a pale yellow summer dress, but a little white leather chain bag for summer too. I then proceeded to wear them both out for dinner and drinks, because there’s nothing that makes you feel sassier and more street style snap worthy than trotting out head to toe in new clothes, like, LOOK HOW FLY I AM OVER HERE.

So thanks to everyone who came to my changing room needs when I was desperately uploading snaps of my possible sales purchases and unsure whether they suited me. Asking you guys is my new favourite thing, WAY more helpful than like, just asking Chris. So yeah, thanks, I’m obsessed with this dress and have had 3 compliments on it so far, good work.


2. Urban Outfitters wire rack

This is hardly the most exciting of sassy favourites, but it’s my ridiculously grown-up addition to this list, so yup. We have white shelves in pretty much EVERY DAMN ROOM in this house because they’re the obvious choice and they look nice and clean and Pinterest-y and go with everything, but I wanted something different for the bedroom, which is why we ended up with this.

I’ve no idea what I’m going to store on it to make it all cool and hip – probably some plants and some books and ‘things’. Like the random things you can buy from H&M that don’t have an obvious purpose or home. Yep, those are the bad boys that are going to have pride of place on my rack shelving thingy majig.


3. New Look sunglasses

I’ve treated myself to two new pairs of sunnies from the big NL in the past few weeks and am obsessed with both of them equally. Like the way I love chips from McDonald’s and double cheeseburgers from McDonald’s equally. Oh gawd I’m hungry again.

I love the heart shaped pair because, well, they’re just kinda fun and add an extra pop of coolness to even a dull head-to-toe blah outfit. I love the tortoiseshell ones because the blue shine to the lenses is just so damn sassy and in right now. I’m packing them both for Egypt and will be wearing them both in equal measures, so yup.


4. Etsy print

I had a little splurge on Etsy this week and bought THREE prints. I’ve had them in my mental shopping basket for weeks, and we’ve had empty frames above our bed since January, so I thought it was about time I took the plunge.

I’ll show you the other two in due course, but I thought I’d start with the star of the show – the phone quote one, lolz. I actually had to get this one custom designed because there was only one for sale and it was in dark green and pink which doesn’t *quite* go with our grey, white and blue bedroom, so there’s that.

Me and Chris are the WORST for just lying in bed/sitting on the sofa/sitting at the table next to each other without actually communicating with anyone but social media, so this suits us just perfectly. I mean, it’s a habit I’d very much like to calm the fuck down because it’s rude and silly, but for the time being let’s just appreciate the print and be done with it.


5. Maria Nila purple hair mask

OK, so I haven’t *actually* tried this yet, but it looks amazing. It’s from a Swedish brand who have just launched over in the UK, and basically, aside from dreamy packaging and an array of seriously sassy looking shampoos and conditioners they have these – temporary hair dyes which come in the form of a hydrating hair mask. From pink and purple to red and blonde, they last 3-10 washes and basically are just a bit of fun. I’ve got the purple dye which I’m going to dull down with the white mix to make a pretty spring lilac. I’m planning on just giving myself a sneaky little dip dye for a week or two because I feel like I’m getting to the last bit of my life where this is truely acceptable.



6. Costa’s Caramel Latte Cooler

I’ve traded in my usual skinny lattes for these bad boys these week and HELLO. I can’t drink hot drinks in warm weather, I’ve never been able to understand how my dad and step mum can chain drink tea when it’s like 25 degrees outside, like what? So this is currently how I’m getting my caffeine fix, without y’know, turning into a puddle of sweat, fake tan and dainty gold jewellery.

My advice? Buy a small. I bought a medium one yesterday and it basically ruined me. It was so big and made me feel a bit like I might vom all down my nice spring dress. So erm yeah, it’s a bit sickly despite being delicious and cool and naughty. Plus, a cooler sounds a *bit* like something hip teenage kids drink in LA, according to TV programmes, so there’s that.


7. Egypt

I’m off for five days to explore Egypt – hurrah! I’ve never been before and am deathly scared I’ll come back with red skin that’s just constantly setting ablaze because the temperature is looking between the 30 and 40 bracket, yikes. I’m starting my trip at the Makadi Spa Hotel in Makadi Bay where we’ll be quad biking (terr-i-fied), sunbathing, snorkelling and exploring the local shops and bars in Hurghada, and then we’ll be moving on to Luxor to stay on a boat (the MS Grand Rose) and visit temples. So erm yeah, sounds horrible for me I know, I’ll try not to weep with sadness every day.

I’ll of course be filming the whole shabang and y’know, making you all deeply jealous over on Instagram. Soz about that one. Should probs pack, but y’know, hangover.


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