Friday Favourites: 17th April 2015


In an odd way, and I mean seriously odd way, all the negativity from last week has turned this week into a mega positive one. It’s taught me to take in all the criticism, absorb the words and the comments and turn them into magic. To turn them into productive days, to show the world that I can’t be beaten by the bullies and the non-bullies who just feel like they have the right to an opinion on my life because it’s online and aired for everyone to see.

I haven’t struggled with motivation to do my work, or spent too long dwelling on how emotionally exhausting being a blogger can be this week – instead I’ve been starting my days with healthy bouts of exercise – pilates and swimming, and I’ve been bashing out the words to try and get ahead with posts. I’m off to Exeter tomorrow (or tonight, because this post is obvs for Friday and it’s currently Thursday) for the weekend with Chris, and then off again to Egypt next Friday, so I’ve really got to knuckle down and make sure all my posts are prepped for the time I’m away from my computer otherwise I’ll end up swimming in guilt and OH MY GOD I’M SUCH A FAILURE OF A BLOGGER woes.

I’ve also decided to make a pact with myself to stop Twitter searching myself. I always find that when a post goes viral (this one got majorly picked up again on Facebook this week) there are more people slating me and slating what I do, and it can be difficult to digest. So from now on, none of that. I feel like Kim Kardashian making a concious effort not to read the comments at the bottom of her DM articles, so LOL to that.

So this week’s happiness finds…

1. Primark pink sweatshirt

I’ve wanted a pink sweatshirt since day. That’s the saying people use, right? I saw one, perhaps a slightly purplier shade than this in River Island about a year ago and not a week goes by when I don’t dwell on it with regret. Never has the motto ‘nothing haunts us more than the regret of the things we didn’t buy’ been so apt. So yes, I snapped this up AND it’s from Primark. It was in the Tottenham Court Road store and the label said £6 which was an ABSOLUTE steal anyway, but the till said £4.90, so everyone’s a winner here. It also comes in a plethora of other colours including lemon, green, grey and turquoise – sadly no violet or mint or I would have swooped in on those bad boys too.

I plan to use this as my plane jumper because it has chic air travel written all over it, right?


2. Label M hair oil

I have no idea how long this has been dwelling in my bathroom cupboard along with a rotting fake tan mitt and some peel off face mask sachets, but it’s my new pal. I’ve been pretty good with my hair for the past year – I rarely blow dry, curl or starighten it and hardly get it coloured, so it’s growing quite quickly and seems pretty happy go Larry. But this little charmer just gives in a nice little edge – it makes it softer and glossier without being heavy or greasy on my mega-fine hair. I’ve just been running a few pumps through the ends once my hair’s starting to dry, it also smells AMAZING. Sort of like bubblegum but not in a gross way, more of a maybe-my-hair-smell-will-disguise-my-heatwave-BO way. Dreamy. Buy it here…


3. Ohh Deer cat pieces

Ohh Deer is quickly becoming one of my favourite online destinations for cheap prints, stationery and general coolness. Point one, these adorbs trinket trays which I NEED in my bedroom, point two, this simple but majestic travel bag which is basically whispering to you to Instagram it. I was lucky enough to be sent a couple of cat-themed pieces this week just because it’s nice to be nice.

First up the cat notebook which is part of their latest drop of pastel-themed notebooks. Let’s face it, life needs more pastel notebooks, the same way it does more froyo and Diet Coke.

Second was this cute cat enamel mug (with a sneaky peppermint Tea Pig bag inside) which Chris has already snatched from me, and it’s *probably* on his bedside table right now with two day old hot chocolate just congealing in it. Which is nice. There’s no probably about that by the way, I think he’s just waiting for me to clean it up for him. Boys, eh?


4. New Look culotte jumpsuit

OK, I admit it, I splashed out on this literally a day after compiling my fashion wish list. IT’S SO HELLA DREAMY. Like, the print is ingeniously perfect for summer, the shape is *almost* flattering on my curvy figure and it looks mega stylish – like street style Pinterest stylish. It’s an easy summer winner and the first thing I’ll be packing in my Egypt case. Wait, should I be doing an Egypt packing video or nah? I also tried on the black bandeau culotte jumpsuit from my fashion wish list, because y’know, it’s black so I thought it would be slimming, but it clung to my gunt in an aggressive manner and that was without all the holiday carbs that will most definitely be consumed. So yup.

I’m picturing this tropical dreamboat with a bright orange-red lip and heeled sandals and a glowing tan (no burn, please Egyptian sun, help a gurl out).


5. Froyo and ice cream

You know how pregnant people get cravings? Well how about non-pregnant people getting sudden and out of control food cravings? Like, what is that? I’ve never been much of an ice cream girl, I’ve always been the one ordering ginormous pies and cakes and deliciousness rather than a few scoops of ice cream, but recently it’s been all I’ve been wanting. Even as a kid I’d turn my nose up at cheap Neapolitan ice cream – I’d only eat the good gelato stuff when we were on holiday in Eurpoe. And sure, at uni I’d have the odd binge with a tub of half price Ben & Jerry’s, but I never spent as much of my waking life thinking about it the way I do now, like srsly, make it stop.

Froyo is my one true love in life, I love it with ALL the fruit and caramel sauce and white chocolate, I’m gutted we have nowhere that sells it in Ipswich (Nando’s totally does not count) and even more gutted that Pinkberry pulled out of the UK last year because I thought it was *slightly* better than SNOG. I’ve been making do with an ice cream place in Ippers called IScream (although my back fat is probs not so happy about that) and currently am planning when I can make a mad dash to Camden to try out Samba Swirl which is supposed to be all kinds of froyo heaven.


6. Sunglasses stand

This feels like such a stupid luxury in life, like what, who needs an actual sunglasses stand? But I saw it on Sarah Ashcroft’s Instagram and immediately decided I needed it more than any of the clothes currently abiding in my online mental wish list. I break sunglasses and lose sunglasses like ALL. THE. DAMN. TIME. so this is everything. It’s also subconciously made me buy more sunglasses just so I can fill it up, but what’s life without a variety of cool girl shades to wear when you’re driving with KISS on megz loud and the windows down? Am I right, am I right?

This guy’s from Amazon and cost just under £7, although it’s a bit wobbly and did take a while to arrive. Still love it though, makes me feel more fashion than ever.


7. GOSH Prime ‘n’ Set Powder

I haven’t worn face powder since I was 15 and a magazine told me that it would make my oily skin all clogged up and crammed full of spots. Before then I’d been an avid PUT ON ALL THE POWDER sort of gal, with cheap high street powder that I’d snap up for a fraction of the price every summer when we headed to Poland. But this has changed my anti-powder ways, because well, it’s not your average powder.

Firstly, it’s a transluscent powder rather than a skin-coloured one which means it instantly doesn’t do any of that rank cakey business that a lot of powders do. It’s white, which to begin with made me a bit terrified that I’d end up with like, a talcum powder face, but alas no. Instead this super, super, light powder just dusts on top of make up and acts like an extra primer, setting your make-up in place and getting rid of excess shine. WIN.

I haven’t tried re-applying again in the afternoon, when the UK sun (I know LOL, who knew this would be a real thing we’d have to worry about right now) has given my skin a shiny finish, but I reckon it would instantly make you feel more human and less like a puddle of irridescent petrol on the floor. Buy it here…


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