An Update On My Skincare Routine


Remember last autumn, when my skin was in a dire place? I was breaking out EVERYWHERE and made a pact to wean myself off the all-dreaded make-up wipes? Well I did it, and guess what? My skin’s still a mess.

I’ve been playing up to the big skincare craze at the moment – the micellar water, the double cleansing, the oils, the serums, the moisturisers and the bazillion face masks, and aside from being time consuming and hella expensive, it’s also making my skin feel confused and all over the place, like a poor, lost teenage girl who just wants to be normal, bless it.

So what have I done? I’ve massively pulled back. Like, I’m basically treating my skin the way I did a decade ago (although with more avocado and oily fish and less Pot Noodles and WKDS).

Last week started the thing that every skincare specilaist is telling me not to do – I’m going for less is more.

I’m washing my face with a warm flannel, mostly because it’s good for my skin and doesn’t involve a truck load of chemicals I can’t pronounce, but also because it just feels so damn heavenly, doesn’t it? Like being in a spa and having a little facial. Then I’m using prescribed medication, because you know what? These damn spots aren’t because I’ve got a poor skincare routine and sleep in my make-up and then maybe squeeze a few spots and then rub my hands all over my face (although TBH this sounds exactly like something I’d have done back in the day, oh Hannah), they’re all down to my ruddy messed-up hormones, caused from coming off the pill in 2014 (more on that here).

So yeah, I’m washing my face and then plying it with Duac. But anyone who’s ever used a prescribed spot cream from the doctors will know that aside from being incredible at busting acne, they’re also incredibly drying. My face looks a *bit* like one giant crispy scab, and that’s where the last part of my skincare routine comes in – the mega moisturiser.

Dermatique’s Recuperting Cream is created for people with skin conditions like Eczema and Dermatitis, it’s ultra-nourishing, like giving your skin a green juice, a yoga session and a nice pot of peppermint tea. It sorta kinda brings it back to life.


I’m using it to balance out the side-effects from my meds and I like it over other multi-purpose creams because it feels luxe. It’s got a slightly-oily, rich feel to it that makes it feel like it’s filling your every pore with luxury goodness. Probs something to do with the fact it’s loaded with goodies like beeswax and blackcurrant oil. Dreamy.

The other benefit of this skincare hero? It’s a superb all-rounder. I slathered it on my shoulders and chest after going a bit, err, red in the sun during my recent trip to Tuscany and it took the colour right down and repaired my skin within 24 hours. I’ve been applying it daily, combined with twice-weekly exfoliating glove action, to make sure there’s no sign of any hideous peeling. And so far? So bloomin’ good.

Before bed I’ve been loading it up on not only my face, but around my cuticles and on the soles of my feet (because sandal season is here, and my tootsies look a *bit* hideous and dragon-like), like I said, it’s a superb all-rounder.

I know what you’re all thinking – is your chilled-out skincare routine ACTUALLY working? I mean it’s pretty early, I’m about 5 days in – but so far, no new spots. No painful under-the-skin monsters that hurt every time I move my mouth, no aggresive white heads – and skin that feels good. Skin that feels hydrated and happy, skin that allows make-up to be applied easily on top without catching on dire scaley patches.

I might even post you a no make-up selfie soon. Maybe.

Fancy giving Dermatique’s magical Recuperating Cream a go? You can get 15% off using the code hannah15 online. Have fun making yourself silky and pretty in time for summer.

There’s also a 30-day guarantee so if you hate it (you won’t because there’s nothing to hate – it actually smells like heaven, and you can’t hate heaven) you can get your money back. Win, win.

This is a sponsored post but all views are my own




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