7 Friday Favourites: 20th March 2015


It’s been a busy week for me. Guys, guys, I’ve been into London THREE times.

I’m doing some freelance copywriting stuff for Warehouse, and although it’s nice to break up all the working from home on my own and keep up my media contacts, it’s also pretty tiring and has made me a bit stressed out about keeping on top of posts and vlogging and this damn NYC comp (which obvs you can vote for AGAIN here).

I’m going to Tuscany next week to review a spa and have yet to even think about tanning or shaving my legs or booking a cab or travel insurance or anything at all important – but I have been checking the weather forecast about 7 times a day, so there’s that. It’s looking sort of mid to high teens, which means SUNSHINE ON MY FACE. I’m hoping a nice, sassy burst of vitamin D is going to sort me out a treat. Plus, Italy. Just, Italy. There’s wine tasting and cookery classes on the agenda, my Instagram account is going to be horrible for all of you, and I’m only slightly sorry.

Oh wait, I’m sounding really boast-y. Soz. My bad. I’m a bit excited. So yeaaaaah.

Anyway, this week’s sugary highlights…


1. Boyfriend jeans

After the success of my culottes, I decided to tick another fashion fear off my list. So I bought these. From GAP. Online. Without trying them on. And they were like £45. Which is kind of a lot for me. Anyway I’ll stop with these two word sentences now.

OK, so I don’t think that they’re *the* most flattering jeans on me, but you know what? They’re seriously fucking comfy and I adore that they come in petitie. I’ve hardly taken them off since they arrived (less than 48 hours after ordering) last week. Chris thinks they look silly with my strappy New Look flats, but I like mixing up the rough and ready boyfriend style with girly, sophisticated shoes.

I haven’t snapped them in an OOTW yet, but I’m planning on teaming them with these really sexy new pointed court shoes I’ve just got. My new spring wardrobe is pretty much just going to involve these jeans, culottes, striped tees and white shirts, red lips, sunnies and fedoras. Uh huh.

Shop here.


2. YouTube

I’ve mentioned my love/hate relationship with YouTube so many times on this blog that I’ve become a hideous broken record, soz baby gurls. But I like where I’m at right now. Instead of deciding to invest in anything fancier like a GoPro, I’m just sticking with my iPhone and recording weekly vlogs – so you’ve got a guaranteed video a week. And I prefer doing these random life mash-ups compared to just sitting down and talking. They feel more ME.

I’ll also do hauls, holiday packing and travel videos as and when I can afford to buy things/go on seriously cool trips abroad.

So yeah, here’s to hitting that first 1000 subscribers on my channel this month! Whoopa.

3. #ImpulsePing

I went to another pretty damn groovy blogger event this week – following on the roll of last weeks’ Birchbox X Habitat one. This one was held by Impulse PR who look after all the Arcadia jewellery brands like Freedom at Topshop and Diva at Miss Selfridge and was at Ping, a table tennis bar in Earl’s Court. Any event that involves Strawberry & Lime Kopparberg and unlimited pizza is always an instant winner in my books. Oh, and there was a pick n mix station with SO MANY PINK AND BLUE BOTTLES, omg yes. Although ping pong makes you surprisingly sweaty. So yeah, that. You should definitely go if you’re ever looking for something a bit different to do on a Sunday afternoon.

Also, we were discussing, WHY DOESN’T LONDON HAVE A MINI GOLF PLACE? Eh? Eh? Eh?


4. Illamasqua Lipstick in Soaked

This is ANOTHER old fave – and my favourite red lippy to date. Unsurprisingly it’s another product that I thought I’d lost and then found swimming at the bottom of a pot of beauty products. But seriously, I have lip products – pencils, balms and lipsticks – hidden in every coat pocket and bag and it’s such a nightmare trying to ever find the one I want.

This beaut is a wonderful orange-red shade and it’s just perfect. I remember deciding I really wanted this kind of shade back in 2012 and no-where on the high street was selling it. I ended up snapping up Infrared by Topshop and there’s only a little stump left in my original lipstick – but in comparisson to this it’s far too glossy and the pigment isn’t anywhere near as bright or bold.

At £18.50 it’s pricer than a MAC, and yeah, probably won’t look as on point in your Instagram upload post-purchase, but it’s much less drying. It’s not quite matte, but the satin finish doesn’t feel overly glossy the way a lot of other lip products do.


5. N64

This game console brings back ALL the memories. I remember going to Blockbuster with my brothers every weekend to pick out another game to rent out, I remember going to GAME to pick out a new controller and arguing over which colour to get when one of ours inevitably broke from too much button bashing, and I remember entire summer holidays lost to Zelda: Ocarina Of Time.

I actually snapped up a second hand console off Ebay during my second year of uni for about £20 and it pretty much became the only thing we’d ever do when people came round our flat. Chris had never played before when we met and he became instantly enchanted by it because OBVIOUSLY, and we hadn’t been together long – so he went and bought his own. This now means we have five controllers and two consoles and 17 games between us. Poor us, right?

Zelda will forever have my heart (although not Majora’s Mask, that’s hella scary) but we play a lot of Mario Party 2 & 3 these days. We spent approximately 10 hours playing when my brothers came up last weekend and it was absolutely bloody perfect.


6. Chicken pesto salad

I made this bad boy yesterday and all I can say is COME TO MUMMA.

It was a spur of the moment dish, not inspired by any recipes I’d seen online, just inspired by the contents of our weekly shop. I basically sliced up a chicken breast and put it in an oven dish smothered in low-fat pesto, olive oil, chopped cherry tomatoes and chilli. Then, after 20 mins on a medium heat I topped it with a couple of mozzarella slices and left until it started to bubble and turn golden. Then I placed all said yummy, delicious, cheesy chicken goodness on a bed of rocket and avocado. It was heaven. It was everything. You must go away and do it immediately.


7. Elizabeth Scarlett cushion

I keep looking back at my own Instagram upload of my current desk chair situation because I can’t believe I own things that look actually Pinterest-worthy. Like, not only have I made it to adulthood and started supporting myself and buying actual furniture, but I actually own NICE things. This is like the second level of adulthood, it’s exciting!

This cushion features the Hamsa Hand symbol which is meant to ward off evil and protect you, and I like that. I like that whilst I am working I am protected, I am safe, I am happy, I am looked after.

On a side note – it’s also filled with duck feathers and it hella comfy on my lower back. So yeah, there’s that too. (Oh and my chair is an eBay buy and the blanket a 50p charity shop steal from Leyton).

Shop here.


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