7 Friday Favourites: 6th March 2015


I’ve spent most of this week at home working away, doing pilates on my lounge floor and weighing myself with the hope of getting back to my January weight.

I’m as shocked as anyone that after a month of diet sabbotage – a 7 course Valentine’s Day dinner, about 5 McDonald’s takeouts and four days of food and alcohol oblivion in Budapest, I’m actually not that off track with my weight loss challenge. I started Monday having gained five pounds of my initial 10 pound weight loss back, but as of Thursday morning I was only one pound off. I’ve been sort of good this week. I’ve eaten three avocados and three sweet potatoes. I’ve made a fresh smoothie a day (and ignored the concequent hypoglycaemic episodes that followed) and I’ve been drinking a shit ton of water. Although I did eat a slab of carrot cake for lunch on Wednesday and five tacos for dinner on Tuesday, so you get the idea, it’s hardly been a OMG I’VE BEEN DOING ALL THE DIETING AND I’M SO HUNGRY AND MIGHT DIE scenario.

I’ve just written that big chunk of diet/food nonsense and I’m sorry. It’s not related to anything I just really needed to talk about it to somebody because i’m feeling mighty fine and fresh and unbloated this week and it’s so damn nice.

OK, so onto my favourites.

1. Astrid & Miyu Secret Box

This sounds exactly like the sort of thing I’d have got free with my blog and then wanted to share with you all, but NO, I found this through my own online shopping accord and spent my own money on it and OMG SO HAPS. Basically Astrid & Miyu are a jewellery brand who specialise in gold (and rose gold and silver) plated jewellery of the mega cute and dainty and affordable kind. I was ummin and ahhing about whether to treat myself to a little summin summin on blog pay day (I get paid quarterly so it makes me feel a bit like I have ALL the money for a few days) and then stubmled across the secret box option.

It’s basically like Glossybox or Birchbox but with jewellery. I pay £39 every three months and get a couple of cute little bits sent to me that are worth more than the original £39.

This month I got this dreamy little ‘H’ bangle and a little diamante studed band that is *probaby* a midi ring, but I’m wearing it on my little finger.

You fill in a survey after the initial payment to make choose your favourite metal and note if there’s anything you don’t wear (I REALLY, REALLY panicked I’d been sent hoops when I felt the bangle in the bag and my heart sunk in sadness).

So yeah, it’s a little bit of a splurge, but such a sweet and fun way to grow your jewellery collection with things that won’t turn your finger green after two wears.


2. Smoothies

I already mentioned this in my intro, but yeah, I’ve gone BIG on the smoothie game. I need someone to explain to me why juices are better than smoothies. Smoothies make more sense to me because a) they require less ingredients b) less washing up (juicing machines are a fucking nightmare) and c) means you eat the pulp which surely has loads of health benefits?

I found a £20 smoothie maker that I’ve had since I started uni in a box of things I’ve yet to sort out, so started Monday morning with a trip to Sainsbury’s. I’ve been mixing frozen mango, frozen berries, spinach, yogurt, lime, peaches, bananas and ginger (not all at the same time) this week, and they make me feel so ON IT. Maybe it’s because there’s something so feel good about starting the day with something you’ve made yourself, or maybe it’s because my body’s getting some fucking nutrients which, I’m going to guess, it doesn’t get when I’m cramming it with lamb madras and Diet Coke. Sob.


3. Seche Vite top coat

This is like the one thing you actually need in your nail varnish collection, it’s EVERYTHING.

I forgot it existed TBH until I treated myself to that sly little Friday afternoon mani last week at the Cheeky Parlour and they used it. I think it costs about £12 from chemists, but I paid £5.50 for it on eBay. Basically it gives the glossiest top coat known to man, makes your mani last forever and is super fast drying. As in you could probably go for a wee within three minutes of painting your nails. I’m serious. It’s manicure gold.


4. Ohh Deer

You guys remember that mega cute card with a photo of a bottle of vodka on that said ‘The Holy Spirit’? That bad boy’s from Ohh Deer which is a bit of a blogger fave at the moment. They kindly treated me to a couple of bits and I chose a cat notebook that says ‘Cats Don’t Give A Fuck’ because OBVIOUSLY and a print that’s of like foxes and rodents and maybe cats and it reminds me of Rudey.

They have some pretty perfect cards, notebooks and stationery and it’s like cheaper than Paperchase. Or maybe about the same. So yeah, BRB going to bulk order some birthday cards. BYE.


5. Grilled sweet potatoes

This has become my go-to lunch at the moment. Like, I am obsessed. It’s mildly healthy too because sweet potato is a good carb and apparently helps balance your sugar levels (which, if you’re me and they crash every few hours, is an absolute dream). I basically stick a pricked sweet potato in the mircrowave for 5 minutes, then cut it in half. I top each half with low fat pesto, a bit of grated cheese and *maybe* some chorzio or bacon if I’ve got it lurking in the fridge. I put it under a hot grill until the cheese is bubbling then serve with some balsamic and pepper drenched rocket. DREAMY.

I just ate it before writing this and now I kinda wanna go again. Come to mumma you sweet little orange babies.


6. Monday’s post

I woke up in a really shitty mood on Monday. The sun was shining, the week ahead had nothing grim about it and yet I felt so unready to be productive or happy. Fucking hormones. Anyway, I wrote a post with 16 Ways To Spring Detox and it perked me up instantly. I took some of my own advice, but just writing it, reading it over, suddenly gave me this burst of positivity.

And you guys loved it too, Bloglovin loved it – it’s been lingering about on the popular pages – and I got some seriously lovely feedback via my comments and Twitter. I was blown away, I thought it was a bit average at best. So yeah, that was a real high this week, to feel like I was helping people and making peope feel more in control of their happiness and positivity.


7. Family

I’ve never been a huge family person. I love those huge big events where you see your extended family but I think for me, I’ve always been more of a friends over family sort of girl. I guess that’s true of any teenager, but it lingered with me longer than just teenagehood (that’s not a word is it? My bad). But I feel like that’s changing recently and I’m really feeling lucky to have such a good gang of Gales in my life, really fucking lucky.

My little brothers and their gfs are coming up next weekend for cider, shots and so much N64 that I get really sore thumbs and eyes. I cannot bloody wait, it’s like my dream weekend and the first time either of them have been to visit since I moved to Ipswich last summer.

I’m also getting closer to Chris’s family which I love – I’m hanging out with them without him, which is so nice and so easy and it makes Ipswich feel even more like home. So yeah, bit soppy and lame, but life is coming together just pretty damn perfectly.


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