7 City Break Outfits I’m Wearing In Budapest


This was the post that made me feel like I was part style blogger. The post which took about two hours of frantically opening and closing the bedroom curtains whilst I changed, and of carefully balancing my camera on top of two boxes on top of a chest of drawers (because you can’t get portrait shots with a tripod, sob).

I meant to shoot them outside because HELLO there’s glorious sunshine and OMG is that spring I hear in the distance? (Please be spring because I’m fed up of black tights and ALL the jumpers), but then I realised it was half term and their were children playing in gardens and no, I don’t want them to see me through the fence prancing around to a camera on self-timer.

I’ve tried to be good with these 7 outfits, I’ve tried to stick to a capsule wardrobe – I have a habit of either packing everything I own (I once turned up to Heathrow with a 30kg suitcase – not a joke) or of being ‘really good’ and then realising I have nothing to wear and feeling sad. So yeah, I hope this has been an inbetween.

The weather in Budapest (which is where we’re heading tomorrow, and no I haven’t packed or bought travel insurance or feel remotely ready for) is pretty much the same as England, and it’s looking like it’ll be sunny too. Perfect city break weather. OK, so I know I could be layering up more in these outfits, but I plan to be doing a lot of walking, drinking a lot of coffee and drinking a lot of wine, so hopefully the combined effort of all three of those things will stop me crying in the street because I need a second pair of tights on and one of those hats that cover your ears.

So yeah, do what you will with these outfit pictures. Even if it’s just to look at the weird cactuses WITH STUCK ON FLOWERS ON (wtf?) on the wall behind me.

P.S. Soz the focus is AWFUL. Like really awful. Forgive me. Go on, I know they look a bit like the camera on your first Nokia. My bad – they looked fine on my camera screen, but sadly not so fine once they were uploaded. One day I’ll stop being so amatuer, promise.

1. The flight outfit


2. The it’s spring, right? RIGHT? And this is Paris, uh huh? outfit


3. The tourist who just wants coffee outfit



IMGP1023 2

5. The shopping to ‘Yes, I’ll take all the afternoon Prosecco’ outfit


6. The mega wrapped up outfit


7. The jumper that’s *almost* a dress outfit



Oh and here’s some links to things that are still available to buy…


eBay navy sleeveless jacket, £18

Nike Air Max Thea trainers, £84.99

Adorning Ava pastel necklace, £20

ASOS denim skirt, £28

Topshop Leigh jeans, £38

ASOS grey scarf, £15

& in Primark stores

Camouflage shirt, £7

Beige trench coat, £25

Brown hat, £7

Oh, and here’s a video of everything I’m packing in my suitcase. And yes, it’s currently still lying on the floor whilst I type this post, whatevs.

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