7 Friday Favourites: 30th Jan 2015


I planned to write this post last night after I got home from a busy day in London (shopping, Etsy press day, a MASSSSSSIVE Boots haul, shooting style snaps with Hayley from Frock Me I’m Famous and afternoon tea with Echo Falls) but what happened was, my train got stuck. It did that really cute thing where it sat outside a station for an hour and didn’t move because there was a broken down train on the other line – ain’t public transport a charmer? So yeah, I got home late.

Anyway, this week hasn’t been so much about trying out new beauty products and wearing in new fashion buys – my favourites are more every day life things. Every day life things that make me feel a bit too grown-up and boring and domesticated, things like cooking dinner and painting furniture.

Maybe I need to go out and get hella drunk and tweet some things that don’t make sense and wear a skirt that my gusset hangs out of and get those greasy front bits of hair from a sweaty nightclub. Yup, that’s what I’ll do, all of that.

Except no. Because that gun emoji says it all.


1. Pilates

Fuck my life, even I don’t want to read the rest of my list. I feel like such a cliche of a self-employed woman in the country. I feel a bit like Amy from Gone Girl, cept maybe without all the murder and that.

But yeah, pilates has been fun. Went once. Made the rest of my day like really productive. Made me feel like I had a six-pack the next day. I used to go a lot more often when I lived in London but when I join a new gym I always freak out about looking like a new person and really put off trying new equipment or classes – which is why it’s taken me three sweet months to book into a class.

I like pilates because it just feels like doing some stretches on the floor and you don’t get sweaty and wheezy and feel like you *might* die and never do exercise again but it DOES make you hurt the next day which proves that you did more than just lie in child’s pose thinking about lunch.

P.s. excuse my grotty trainers, I sort of ruined them by walking in puddles. A lot.


2. Mixing foundation and primer BEFORE use

So I got this little beauty hack from a post by London Beauty Queen and it has changed my life. Literally.

Everyone else seems to swear by MAC’s Studio Fix Fluid but I’ve always found it too cakey and drying for my skin, despite the fact it gives incredible coverage. Now I squirt some out on my hand and squirt a bit of GOSH primer next to it and blend it with a brush on the back of my hand before applying it to my face. It makes my foundation and skin feel like silk and makes my application much less streaky around the edges and around my eye/forehead/nose crease on my face – do you even have any idea about the part of the face which I’m referring to? I ALWAYS get cakey make-up crumbs here.

Anyway, doing this nifty little make-up trick means that my coverage is still pretty heavy (and not like a BB cream or tinted moisturiser), but it doesn’t look or feel like I’m trying to blend cement into my skin. WIN.


3. My bedside table

It feels like almost everything in our house is either from eBay, IKEA or Tesco – we’ve been pretty cheap and thrifty throughout the whole decorating process (in fact I’m off to spend my hard earned cash in IKEA tonight and I’m so excited because OHMYGOD IT’S LIKE BEING IN 500 DAYS OF SUMMER) and I promise I’ll do a home tour and show more bits of the house soon. It feels like everything’s a bit unfinished so I haven’t been as Instagram-heavy as I’d have liked to have been. Although in saying that, most of my friends have been like ‘haven’t been to your house but it feels like I have just from your social media’, so there’s that.

This was a plain £10 bedside table we picked up back in December – Chris sanded most of it by machine and I attempted the edges by hand and then we painted in with yellow chalk paint. I’m quite happy with how it turned out. Our bedroom is pretty white and grey and we wanted to inject some colour into it but what’s happened is that we now just have this sunshine bedside table and nothing else and it looks a bit weird – hope IKEA have lots of yellow happiness on the shelves tonight because our bedroom needs pulling together interior-wise (who the fuck says that, I used to be cool :(:(:(…)


4. Sunday lunch

Despite the fact I’ve been living in Ipswich for nearly 6 months, I haven’t actually had any friends or family come to stay. It’s almost a three hour drive from Sussex, or a good 90 minute journey from London and so it felt like a long way to ask anyone to come without having a guest bed available.

All that changed last weekend though as we had my dad, step mum, brother, nephew and soon to be sister-in-law came for lunch and it was DIVINE.

I cooked a beef, tomato and dumpling stew and served it with garlic mash, runner beans and ciabatta and we finished off with Chris’s carrot cake and my blueberry and apple crumble (I can’t tell why I’ve stopped gaining weight, can you?).

So yeah it was super lovely to see everyone and I’ve started to feel so much more myself these past few weeks after a shuddery, lonely start to 2015. I’ve been trying to cram in lots of social events and it’s making my soul happier and making me realise that I WOULD be happy to stay in Suffolk forevermore – I just need to continue making an effort with people.

The downside of my Dad coming to visit is that I now have about 8 boxes worth of stuff from our garage in Sussex sitting in our kitchen and I’m yet to work up the motivation to sort them out. Woe is me and my busy life watching Teen Mom and eating apricot wheats.

Screen Shot 2015-01-30 at 15.38.10

5. Cactuses

OK, so I had to Google whether this was meant to be cactuses or cacti, turns out I can use whatever the hell I want apparently, YEY.

So I did it, I jumped on the blogger bandwagon, mostly because I’ve stared at Kate from Gh0stparties’s interior shots on Instagram so long now that I basically just became brainwashed into driving to Homebase to buy a set of baby cactuses.

But seriously, they’re pretty cute, and pretty bloody popular and ‘in vogue’ right now. I say this because B&Q were completely sold out, even though I’d seen them in there just before Christmas, so yeah. CACTUSES ARE NOW AS COOL AS GREEN JUICES AND COPPER HOMEWARE.

I haven’t found any pots small enough for these cuties, so they’re still in the original brown plastic pots, but fingers crossed IKEA come up trumps tonight. (Just FYI it was about £3 for three – steal).


6. Primark trench

Like I can’t even explain how nice this coat is through words and a photo. I feel like I need to invite you all round to stroke it for a bit.

It’s dreamy. Really dreamy and tremendously chic and timeless and it just makes me so happy. I bought it last week and wore it with my faux fur gilet yesterday (snaps to come) and it’s so comfy and soft and it looks so much more expensive than £25. I went on about it in a bit of a mental way in my YouTube haul video (which isn’t up yet – gimme a couple of days to sort my life out), but I plan on wearing it pretty much all the time as soon as it stops snowing and gets just a tiny bit less frostbite-y outside.

Oh, comes in dark forest green and dark blue just FYI in case you fancied mixing it up.

Here’s a suspiciously grainy photo of me wearing it whilst looking like 18-year-old try hard crossed with a spy.


7. Flowers

I appear to have 4 lots of flowers in my house right now, which makes me feel like I must be engaged or pregnant or something (I’m not).

Next to my desk I have a really cute small bunch of daffodils which I picked up for a pound from Sainsbury’s and they took a few days to bloom, but they’re the perfect injection of sunshine for the same amount as a plastic bottle of Coke (although if you’re doing things like buying a bottle of Coke you really don’t deserve nice things like flowers).

But the spotlight stealers in my house right now are the pretty Valentine’s flowers I was sweetly sent from Debenham’s earlier this week. The bouquet is made up of lilac tulips and has a singular pink rose in the centre (they also sent me a vase and box of Guylian seashells which are helping out my diet situation…) and we’ve got them on the bedside table at the moment which makes the room look less blah.

I didn’t even realise Debenhams did flower delivery but they’ve got quite the extensive selection of pretty blooms, so if you fancy saying I LOVE YOU to yourself next month (the best way to celebrate the 14th Feb, right?) you can get 25% off with DFBLOG25, because everyone needs more flowers in their life all the time, uh huh.


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