Outfit of the week: Winter neon


Just for one moment ignore the frizz of my hair that the low winter sunlight caught and made a photo feature point of.

Can you see past it? Because I’m struggling.

I’m getting pretty haps with the way my Pentax K-S1 is shooting these style photos and I’ve just gone all out and ordered a tripod. I find fashion blogging the weirdest thing. I’ve always loved fashion, had a background in it, and yet when it comes to doing it on my blog, I hate it. I hate the way I look, the way the clothes fall on me, the way things don’t look the way I’d planned in my head, when I’d planned them on someone else’s body, and I hate that my photos don’t look as glossy and polished as I’d like.

I keep going because it’s something I’m so desperate to get right, because it’s something I’m passionate about, and at the end of the day, depite now being my main source of income, this blog is supposed to be somewhere I put my interests and thoughts down in words and photos.

So yes, wish me some luck in nailing this bloody annoying fashion photography will ya?

I promise to lay off the takeaways and coffee shop cake (sob, major sob) if you bare with me and don’t laugh at my feeble attempts to look cool and that.






Sunglasses – Claire’s Accessories (these £6 ones are close)

Dress – Primark (current – woo!)

Belt – Vintage

Jumper – Primark (or there’s this £7 one from Tesco…)

Bag – Boohoo (this naughty fake from eBay is a good match)

Boots – DUO Boots




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