6 key tips to perfect party season hair


You may or may not have tuned in to Wednesday’s Twitter party with Herbal Essences and celebrity hair stylist Ben Cooke (he’s behind Cheryl’s ridiculously glossy mane, just FYI, but I picked up some mega handy hair hints. So you totally missed out if you were busy doing something like eating lunch or baking mince pies or whatevs.

Tonight’s the first day of a week long Christmas party for me. I’m going from a Christmas family soiree at ours tonight to drinks with uni friends, family lunches, nights in the pub and so on. I’m a right busy bee and i’m going to be drinking lots and eating a tonne of unhealthy food and yes, being incredibly cruel to my hair whilst I bung it with 7824657 different products, curlers, straigteners and a hair dryer.

So here’s six of my favourite tips from Ben. Tips that will ensure my hair doesn’t look matted together rats tails come the start of 2015.

1. Use a 50p sized dollop¬†(uh huh, that’s seriously all you need) of conditioner in the ends of your hair. Leave it in for as long as possible whilt you’re in the shower for smooth, soft hair.

2. Let your hair dry naturally as often as possible. Try wrapping it up into a messy bun or plait as it dries so that you’re left with party-perfect waves without having to use heated appliances. (It’s how I got my waves in the photo at the top…)

3. To inject some extra moisture into your hair and stop it looking so dry, try using Herbal Essences new Moisture Clearly Naked shampoo and conditoner. It hasn’t got any hair nasties in so won’t damage your hair further.

4. The best way to get volume? Use Herbal Essence’s Clearly Naked Volume shampoo and conditioner and blow dry hair upside down. It’s obvious, right?

5. Use a natural-bristle brush to get added shine in your hair. Time to put down the Tangle Teezer. Sob.

6. And finally, use an intensive hair mask every single bloomin’ week. If it’s good enough for the A-list…


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