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I’ve had another one of those weeks. Those weeks where i’ve been cooped up in the house surrounded by pyjamas, candles, tea and sweet treats. Sweet treats namely being Quality Street (my bad, had to invest in a festive tub) and some ginger nut biscuits, so yup.

I’ve missed having an excuse to put lipstick and good clothes on, a reason to set the alarm, and it’s been making me feel all groggy and anxious, this whole not having contact with the outside world.

It’s been the first fortnight that I haven’t ventured into London for coffees and press days and it’s made me realise just how vital those big trips out of the house were for my well being, so after Christmas i’ll stop worrying about whether or not a £30 return into London is a waste of money and start saying YES to more of those events.


Anyway. This’s week’s scrummy favourites. I hate that word. Fuck the word scrummy.

1. Knee high boots

I sent my best friend a photo of these babies and she sent back the sick emoji, so there’s that. Knee highs and over the knee high boots have been all over my Instagram account recently and this is the first year since 2002 when I bought faux white leather lace up boots from New Look, that I’ve really wanted a pair.

This pair are actually from DUO, and were a little bit pricier than my usual high street splurge, but the best thing about DUO is that they cater for big calves. For big meaty curvacious calves like mine. So yeah, they do up, they don’t cut of circulation and they’re mega comfy.

I’m planning on wearing them tonight with this dress for a family festive soiree we’re holding. Fuck, I’m such an adult. Maybe I should drink Bacardi Breezers and embarass myself or summin.


2. Christmas pyjamas

These babies are from Primark, obviously. They’re classic, they’re amazing and I haven’t worn anything else to bed since I bought them last week from the Ipswich branch for £7.

OK, so they didn’t have my size. It aggrivates me that they come up in size 10-12 and 14-16, because 14-16 makes me feel bigger than I am, and yet that’s the size I need to feel really comfy and snug. But alas, they were sold out.

These fit on my waist but i’m scared if I do any drastic movements i’ll have a huge rip on my bum, which isn’t ideal on Christmas morning when i’m galavanting around the house in them in front of my Dad and brothers. Good.


3. The Girl On The Train

This book may actually be the cause of all my anxiety today. Mostly because I was so depserate to finish it that I decided I couldn’t possibly get on with any of my to-do list until I had. Next thing I know it’s 11am and I’m still in bed and the day’s dissapearing. So yeah, pretty damn addictive.

The book’s released early next year and anyone that loves a romantic thriller like Gone Girl and Before I Go To Sleep, will adore this. It sucks you in from page one. Although the lead character makes me terrified of how my life will turn out should everything go wrong from this point onwards. So now i’m flustered and distressed about life.


4. Chunky jumper

Like my Christmas pyjamas, i’ve struggled to get this off me this week. Probably because it’s so damn snuggly. As most of you know by now i’m IN LOVE WITH ROLL NECK JUMPERS. It’s a new thing this year but my collection is rapidly growing and this cream New Look one has got Gale family Christmas written all over it.

I snapped it up for only £11 in the sale last weekend and plan to wear it with ripped jeans, my leopard monk shoes, a messy top knot and a red lip this Sunday. The extended family are getting together in Sussex (there’ll be about 35 of us) and we’ll be eating a lot, but i’ll also be a smidge hungover and i’m hoping this will help disguise it whilst also keeping me pretty darn cosy.


5. Daniel Wellington watch

Every single fashion blogger seems to have this watch and now I have one. Go me. I chose the Sheffield design with rose gold accents because it felt like the most classic and also it’ll go with every outfit.

I’ve just taken it off to make some pastry for some mince pies because that’s just how I roll these days, but other than that it hasn’t really left my wrist this week. Love.

Oh, and if you treat yourself to one before the end of the year, use the code holidayhannahgale for a sneaky 15% off. Dreamy.


6. Rolo and Milkybar yogurts

There was a time in my life when I only ate low-fat yogurts. A timw when I was obsessed with being a size 8, with getting down to my 15-year-old self’s eight stone. Now I just eat yum yogurts.

Me and Chris have been buying these as part of our weekly shop for the past few weeks and they’re my absolute fave. Sometimes we’d get them as a treat when we were at sixth form and i’d sort of forgotten how absolutely perfect and dreamy they are. So yeah, best yogurts, and sometimes these gems hit the spot better than actual chocolate. True story.


7. Friends

I’m not thankful enough for my friends. I don’t think many bloggers are. We’re more thankful for freebies, for objects, for material possesions. But I feel like this week some people need special mentions.

I’ve been a bit of a handful, i’ve let my anxiety overwhlem me, suffocate me, turn me into someone else and i’m lucky i’ve had some good support, if not physically with me, then at the end of the phone. Ready to send wise old owl replies to help coax me out of my poor mental state.

So thank you Claire and thank you Susie you sweet, sweet little gremlins. And thank you Chris for not throwing my whiney, trembly self out of the house, because I would have.





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