Get 15% off Daniel Wellington watches, because well, they’re better than Michael Kors

Winter DW 2014

One of my favourite thing on the internet of late (and when I say late, I mean today) is this.

It’s not that I don’t appreciate a good watch (although my collection consists of a build-your-own watch from the Times Square Toys-R-Us and an ASOS one I picked up in the sale when I was having a bad day at work and it says something lame about happy every afters and vom blah blah), it’s that Michael Kors accessories have come to represent being an absolute basic bae.

I like being basic, but there’s a new wave of watches that are set to take over the chunky, diamante studded realm of time that MK have been holding for the past few years.


You probably recognise the design because every fashion blogger from Emma Hill to Leanne Walker has flashed one of these babies on their Instagram in recent weeks. They’re simplistic, they’re chic and thankfully, they’re a whole lot cheaper than a Michael Kors design.


I’ve gone for a simple black and rose gold Sheffield style (I’m hoping it’ll be here before the end of the week – there’s something so classic about getting a watch for Christmas, isn’t there?), but I love the strap on the York design. The striped ones look amazing in blogger pics but they’ve got too much of a Jack Wills vibe for me (and I was never much of a Jack Wills gal, aside from the one deep green hoodie I bought to look cool and hip and more well-off than I was. Well spent student loan right?) but i’d definitely buy them as a present.

So yeah, cute watches, gonna be big next year and oh, you can get 15% off with holidayhannahgale. Oh, and just a head’s up, tomorrow’s the last day to ensure your pretty little swish piece of clockwork comes before Christmas.

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