Looking back on my blog’s first ever post


I’m writing this post after about five glasses of Cava so bare with me. (£4.50 Cava from Lidl that tastes as smooth as water, I may add. Yum)

I always tell people I started this blog in March this year, which is a bit of a lie.

In March this year I wrote my first blog post for nearly a year. I’d handed in my notice at IPC Media without a job lined up. I’d started to fear waking up every morning and I knew it was time for a fresh start, but I still had five months rent to pay on my London flat, so me attempting to write on my blog was a last ditch attempt to get noticed in the writing world and get another job.

The post ended up having 350,000 views in two days, got re-published on Telegraph.co.uk and got me picked up by Metro.co.uk which ending with me having a job there. So yes, this post did wonders for me and I like to think of it as the beginning of what my blog is now.

I actually bought my domain name back in 2012 and wrote a handful of posts about the stresses and sadnesses of being an unemployed graduate. I posted about 10 times over two years and never gave my blog the attention it deserved, so I sort of don’t count it in the history of my blog at all anymore. In my head i’ve only really been doing this for eight months.

So, to my first ever HannahGale.co.uk post.

It was posted on January 8th 2012 and was a list of 5 New Year’s resolutions.

1. Become a journalist

I had finished my journalism degree and wanted to feel like a journalist. I wanted to be a young professional in the industry, I wanted business cards, to be paid to attend LFW and ‘from the outsider’s view will look completed coated in glitter and glamour’. It’s like I actually predicted my own life.

Everyone always thought my time at LOOK, and even my life now, is far more glamorous than it really is. Sure, I get to do a lot of incredible things, I get free things and I go to some pretty damn cool places, but it’s also incredibly hard work, sometimes makes me want to cry and doesn’t make anywhere as much money as I wish it would.

That resolution was written by a naive girl desperate for a taste of the fashion journalist life, and yes, she got everything she wanted, but she also learnt that nothing is really as dreamy as it looks on paper or social media.


2. Learnt to knit

No comment. (I still can’t knit and have since learned that it’s OK to not be able to do everything. Sob. Plus, I don’t actually have any friends with newborns to knit for as I’d assumed in this post, so whatevs).


3. Read The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo trilogy

I read all three books later that year. I don’t have much to report, I enjoyed them, I liked them and that was that.


4. Have a wonderful holiday

OK, so the 5* i’d booked myself onto didn’t quite turn out to be all that luxurious and perfect. In fact it smelt like mould and we spent the entire holiday getting free drinks at another hotel down the road which had a much nicer atmosphere, pool and pool beds, so there’s that. But since then i’ve become quite the holiday queen. Just this year alone i’ve been to the States twice, Greece, Ireland and Sweden and i’m pretty bloody chuffed with that.

More than anything it’s nice to look back on this resolution as a poor 22-year-old desperate for her dreams to come true and to have enough money to afford all the things in life everyone else seemed to have. It’s nice because it’s proof that if you’re patient enough and keep positive and working your little heart out, good things happen. I’m excited to see where i’ll be in three years. Aside from y’know, creeping on to 30.


5. Love myself more

I’m sure you look back at your younger self and wish you could tell her how beautiful and amazing she is, and I feel the same about past Hannah. At 23 I was starting to get thee, but what i’d do to go back to 15-year-old Hannah. 15-year-old Hannah that was obsessed with how fat she was (at eight stone, naturally) and how ugly she was. Mostly i’ll tell her she was great, although tbh i’d also tell her to get as far away from her greasy sweeping fringe as possible.

I still have some days where I struggle to love myself. I feel plagued with guilt because I can’t muster up the energy for the gym or because i’ve been planning a lean chicken salad for lunch all day and when it comes to the crunch all I want is smiley faces and chicken dippers. But mostly, i’m getting there. I feel incredibly proud of how far i’ve come and i’m sure my younger self would be over the moon about where future Hannah’s life ended up.

The one thing about growing older that excites me is how much more at peace with yourself you become. I’m excited to keep growing happier and more content, eeven if it is laced with a few pesky wrinkles and bits of saggy skin.


So yeah, life has changed a lot since I first started writing my blog, more than I could ever imagine and i’m excited to see what the next 8 months of constant work on my blog brings. If it’s anything as much as the past 8 then I better start working out for my 2016 lingerie calender, obvs.

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