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This week has mostly been me trying to get in the festive mood. I’ve eaten a lot of cheese, baked mince pies and attempted to hunt out some new Chrustmas pyjamas in my size. In typical Primark fashion, all the really jazzy amazing pairs were only left in either 6-8 or 18-20, which isn’t the dream. Here’s to hoping Ipswich’s branch is a little more stocked when I frequent it this weekend…

1.  Pentax K-S1 camera

This camera’s pretty exciting because it means things are getting pretty serious blog-wise. I’m currently creating a 7 day diary for Pentax which you may have noted over on my Instagram and i’ll be creating a round-up post next week. I’m shit with cameras. I once lost one when I was 16 and found it in one of my Nike trainers five months later, so that’s good.

I admit, I may have come close to tears on Monday when I first started to have a play with this little lime-y gem. But it’s getting there! I’m getting so super bloody good at close-range pics. Photos of Oxford Street Christmas lights at night? Not so much.



2. bareMineral Prime Time

I’ve never been the sort of girl to bother with primer, mostly because my London morning routine was so speedy that my face was too wet with moisturiser to add anything else into the equation before my foundation went on. I found this cute little bottle of goodness among a box of beauty bits and pieces that had been festering in my Dad’s garage – treats from my LOOK-time.

As most of you know, I’ve been suffering with spots and scabby skin and crap and my face looks a bit like a piece of marshland, but this stuff just makes my foundation glide on like I have the skin of Jessica Alba. I picked Jessica Alba because she’s just a general glowy I’M SO PRETTY AND PERFECT AND AH GREEN JUICE AND EXERCISE kinda gal.



3. Office area

OK, so this isn;t finished and I haven’t started using it yet, but LOOK. A desk. Shelves. Picture thingies. A chair. The desk is from Ikea, the shelves are B&Q and the chair was £20 from eBay, but the whole little work station is nowhere near ready.

I’ve stuck all my frames from my flat in Leyton up for the time being just so they have a home, and I can’t bear to work there yet because out of shot is piles of clothes and Christmas presents that will hopefully get sorted this weekend. I cannot work with mess near me, or sleep with mess near me, it makes me feel incredibly anxious. Anyone else?


4. Perfect hair

I’m still really happy with the way the blonde came out when I got my hair done at Andrew Jose’s salon back in November, but this is my hair today and IT MAKES ME FEEL PRETTY. I sort of don’t really do anything with my hair anymore and this is literally just the result of sleeping with a lose plait in and running some dry shampoo through my roots. I haven’t brushed it, i’ve just let it be itself.

So number 4 is just a reminder to me that it takes literally about 30 seconds to make it look like my hair is naturally like a VS model, because turns out, i’ll never have a body to match…



5. Primark bedding

I went to the Primark SS15 press day yesterday and aside from some incredible trench coats, Sophia Webster-almost shoes and the cutest fruit clutch bags, it as the homeware which stole my heart. Primark don’t usually show their homeware at press day so it was lovely to see it, mostly so that I can compile a wish list before the rest of you Primark mentalists.

This bedding will be out next year as will the cute matching throw. There’s also an amazing ceramic pineapple candle which I know most of you will probably want to risk Primark heaving with small children on a Saturday for.



6. Faux fur sleeveless jacket

Recognise this navy bad boy from Zara? It’s not Zara. No, ladies and gents, this little AW gem is in fact Zala and it’s eBay. It’s a fake, complete with copycat Zara label and everything and it cost me a pretty nifty £15. I wore it to London yesterday with a denim shirt and roll neck jumper and despite it being absolutely fucking freezing, I couldn’t feel it. So yeah, ALMOST as warm as a winter coat, and pretty sexy looking too.



7. Giving blood

I know a lot of you majorly freaked out at this Instagram photo, or will majorly freak out from my putting it on my blog, but YOLO. I’ve given blood three times this year, and i’ve already signed up again to in April – it’s been the only New Year’s resolution i’ve managed to keep, but definitely the most important one.

I’d only given blood once before whilst at university and it was one of those things I always meant to get round to doing but never did because you have to book quite far in advance and life is busy and blah blah, but DO IT. All of you. What better way to make yourself feel happy than saving lives and a guilt-free excuse to chain drink tea and eat chocolate?


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