7 things this week


As most of you will know, I only got back from the States on Monday, so i’m still in a blog catch-up haze. Here are a handful of things that have been hugely appreciated in my life this week.


1. Mattress topper from Tesco

Me and Chris really wanted to invest in a king size bed as part of our house revamp, but to cut costs we settled on a normal double so we could keep our old mattress. AND LOOK WHAT WE BOUGHT – a mattress topper. You know how hard it is to get out of bed on these cold, dark, wintery mornings? It’s 4783765873 times harder when you’re rolling on top of one of these babies. We didn’t go for anything expensive – I can’t tell you the exact amount because naturally Black Friday means I can’t even go near the Tesco website without it breaking, but I think it was between £30 and £50.

Honestly? I’m desperate for a cold or something to leave me bedridden so I can lol about in this all day, guilt-free.

mattress topper


2. MAC Veluxe Brow Pencil

OK, so i’ve been using eye shadow to colour in my brows for about two years – no-one laugh at me. It started off as me trialling something in the mirror back when Cara’s brows were the centre of attention and just kind of stuck. Even make-up artists do it, or at least a Bobbi Brown make-up artist used powder on me once and now I tell everyone it’s a thing. I snapped this up from the Duty Free at Washington Dulles airport because I was tired and desperate to spend my non existent money, and err, it’s AMAZING.

You sort of draw around your eyebrows and then use the brush end to smudge it in and fill in. I went for the Brunette shade because it’s more of a dark mousey brown. So yeah, now I have eyebrows that don’t fall off my face after two hours and it’s dreamy (it’s £15.50 and you can buy it here).



3. Shot glasses

I never really tell anyone this unless i’m on holiday with them, but I collect shot glasses from places i’ve been on holiday. It only started when I went to New York in March 2013, but since then i’ve got a collection of about ten which is pretty dreamy. They’re more useful than magnets or keyrings obvs, and means if I ever go back into a wild house party stage (grown up dinner parties that get out of hand is the plan) i’ll be well equipped.



4. H&M bag

OK, so I have a serious small bag problem. As in every single bag I own (bar a gold beach bag) is either a clutch or chain cross body. I’ve no idea how it happened. With so much travelling between Ipswich and London it turns out I could really do with a bag big enough to fit a portable phone charger, book and notebook, so here it is, £25 later.

I really struggled to find a decent sized bag I like, like really struggled. In my eyes attractive bags are small and fun and cool, but I settled on this H&M one (purchased from the Ipswich branch) the day before my flight in a bit of a mad panic. And I love it, and being able to carry an emergency jumper around with me is the absolute dream <3



5. Beauty Lab cleanser and moisturiser

OK, so I’ve been documenting my turbulent skincare journey after coming off the make-up wipes. Gah, that makes me feel like a drug addict, but you get it. I was sent these beauties to review, and although a lot of you warned against a foaming cleanser (because it dries out skin) I thought i’d give it a whirl, because at this stage, when there’s so many sneaky white heads creeping up on my face, what have I really got to lose?

I love the way this makes my skin feel and it’s got a fresh, slighty-grapefuity smell. Although yes, my skin is just as spotty i’ve been told this could be because the foaming cleanser makes my skin too alkaline which is a perfect breeding ground for bacteria, the patches of skin which aren’t spotty have never felt better.

Thanks to the unlimited rolls and rolls of flannels available at hotels, I got into a really good regime of using Micellar Water to take my make up off and then using the Beauty Lab products straight after – i’m still in shock by just how much foundation came off on those flannels. Proof that my old make-up wipe days weren’t even beginning to tackle my skincare issues.

I’m planning to try a different cleanser next, something less foamy, but these luxury goodies have really helped me get into the routine of taking care of my skin first thing in the morning and first thing at night, which is exactly what I needed. Next up, gym routine… LOL. Not.



6. The Missing

OK, first thing’s first, The Missing is no Broadchurch. I’m sorry, it’s not. We’re over half way now in this BBC missing child drama, and i’m hooked quite a lot, but i’m not literally squirming all over the floor in the hours leading up to the new episode every week the way I was with ITV’s 2013 series – which is back SO soon, woo to the hoo.

I don’t like the constant flicking back and forth between 2006 and now, and I don’t like how much I feel sorry for a paedophile, and I don’t like that I don’t quite believe any of the actors in their role, but I do like it. I do want to see it to the end and see what happened, if only as a warm up for Broadchurch series two. Insert that giggling monkey emoji here.



7. Washington & Baltimore

It would be a weird list not to include these places considering I was there for five days. There’ll be a bigger post next week, but what I will say is that they’re both totally worth visiting and after only ever having visited New York in the U.S., I’m not determined to visit more cities and states. It feels really common and bland to say America is one of my favourite countries, but it is – the food is amazing, the culture and people are amazing and it just continually blows my mind.

Baltimore feels much more like a real city than New York and D.C., less catered to tourists and more how the USA actually is, whilst Washington has incredible museums, monuments and too many British people – when queuing for a 7am Creme Brulee Latte in Starbucks I counted no less than five British accents in the queue, so there’s that.


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