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I’ve been doing a monthly round-up of favourites for a little while now, but I thought i’d up the ante and turn that bad boy into a weekly thing.

It’ll be seven things every single Friday. Unless i’m ridiculously hungover or have the sort of cystitis that makes me feel like my vagina is on fire, but bar those things, i’m on it.

This week’s one is being written up on a Tuesday because come Friday i’ll be gallivanting around Baltimore in lashings of faux fur and pumpkin-flavoured treats, so HAPPY FRIDAY EVERYONE IN THE UK.

It’s been a busy couple of weeks for me because we’re decorating the house and I’ve been to B&Q more times than any sane person ever should (it is the most revoltingly dull place on Earth isn’t it? Like an orange-coloured Hell), and i’ve also been eating a lot of takeaways because it turns out after a day of rolling walls in off-white paint, the last thing you want to do is cook up a storm in the kitchen, so yeah, i’ve been letting myself get an extra bit chubby. I like th think that i’m building up some safety layers for the cold winter months.

Anyway, seven things here…

1. Second hand velvet stool

Admittedly Ipswich isn’t better than London for many things – country walks, seeing stars and car boots is pretty much your lot, but it’s the latter that helped me snap up this dreamy piece of furniture.

It cost a fiver and is in such good quality that it won’t need repainting or reupholstering, and, as we’ve found out, golden mustard clashes perfectly with a pale blue/violet wall. Who knew?

This beast is currently residing in the lounge but we’ll be using it as an emergency extra space round the dining table for all those magnificent Christmas soirees we’re yet to plan.



2. Si from Giorgio Armani

I’m not as big on fragrance as most girls my age, mostly because they’re so BLOODY expensive. That would have been an entire Christmas present for me as a teen, and it didn’t feel like great value for money so I never really jumped aboard the designer perfume wagon the way the rest of my friends did, I stuck by my Impulse with pride and happiness.

This however, is dreamy. As in Vera Wang Princess dreamy (my one true 18-year-old love). It’s sweet in the way the world makes me feel like I shouldn’t like in a perfume, but so sassy and cool and nice and classic and happy. You get the jist. New favourite fragrance right here.

(Disclaimer: I totally didn’t splash my own cash on this, because see above. It was a treat from House Of Fraser for visiting their SS15 press day, BUT IT IS AMAZING)



3. Diet Coke

It’s not like this addiction is new by any means. I grew up with my mum drinking Diet Coke so there was never any doubt that i’d go straight onto the silver cans and bypass the full fat version. During uni I chain drank these instead of guzzling back the Red Bull and popping the Pro Plus. In fact a friend and I went through a crate of 36 in approximately three days. It is a sweet, sweet nectar sent from the Gods and as i’m writing this i’m desperately trying to work out if 11am is too early for my first fix.

The more I write and the more I need energy and motivation the more I reach for this. It just puts me in a work frame of mind, makes me want to work. Maybe it’s because I associate it with writing essays and knuckling down until the early hours of the morning, but as i’ve got a pretty writing project on my handss at the moment i’m finding myself bulk buying this dream boat more and more. More little see-through teeth.



4. Roll neck jumpers

I bought a fine grey roll neck jumper from Primark last winter and it quickly became a wardrobe staple. It was thin enough to be worn as a snug top with a midi skirt and heels for the evening, and casual enough to go with jeans for the day. This season I’ve gone a bit 50-year-old woman about the whole thing, and who gives a crap, I am SO darn cosy. Like so cosy.

The golden jumper is quite fine for a chunky looking knit (Topshop’s website calls it a sweatshirt, which it definitely is not) and the grey one is an eBay find from Boden that set me back one fine English £10 note. I adore them both, and as i’ve mentioned before, I’m struggling to convince myself to wear anything else.

Top tip – with Topshop and other fast fashion shops you’re fine to stick to your normal clothes size, but if ordering from somehwere like Boden or M&S online go a size or two up. My Boden one is a 16 and would have fit just as well in an 18 – it’s the oversized shape that looks so damn good with skinny jeans and boots (and I can’t even explain the comfort levels, it’s like wearing a duvet out and about. Bliss).



5. Whitechapel on Netflix

The boyfriend went and splashed out on an Apple TV box so we can now watch Netflix on the TV. It’s the small things right?

And as well as me getting back into Gossip Girl where I left off halfway through season four during my 2nd year of university (it’s ultimate ironing TV/should-be-doing-work TV), we’ve been watching Whitechapel together.

I seem to miss all these goldies like Luther and Sherlock when they’re actually on TV so thank fucking god Netflix snaps them up (because let’s face it, they don’t snap up that much – i’d like Grey’s Anatomy if you’re reading this Netflix people, i’ve got about four episodes left of season 10 an no way of watching them and it’s killing me that I can’t start season 11, so yeah).

Whitechapel is a BBC series – there’s three short seaasons – and great if you like a detective programme with lots of murder the way I do. We’re also getting stuck into The Missing which is bloody brilliant, aside from that bit where they were on a road trip with their son and them mum was sat in the back with him rather than in the front passenger seat because that was wrong and NEVER HAPPENS IN REAL LIFE.



6. Faux fur

As i’ve mentioned before this is the first year that faux fur has been something i’m desperately pining for. I’ve invested in a scarf and pom pom bag charm so far, but am very tempted by this coat.

My striped scarf was £14.99 from H&M and I love how instantly glamorous it makes me feel – i’ve been shunning all my oversized checked scarves for it, naturally. I feel a bit like a glamorous bombshell and I have no shame in that.

The bag charm is my River Island baby, he comes in four colours and costs £6 – i’ve been moving it between bags as I go which is fun for everyone – this bag btw is from Accessorize and is still very much in stores.



7. Balance Me products

Most of you will know about my current skincare situation, so i’m playing with some new products in the hope something makes my skin happy.

I’ve told in glorifying detail about my crispy, dry patch of skin between my brows, and the Stellar Beauty Balm has absolutely obliterated it – it’s gone, my foundation glides on effortlessly instead of getting caught on pieces of scraggy skin. Win.

The Congested Skin Serum is brilliant on my spots – I put it on after my moisturiser before bed and it reduces swelling and redness overnight which makes them SO much easier to cover up in the morning. My polka dot face is slowly getting there…


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