Packing for my city break to Washington and Baltimore


As you are reading this I am…

a) attempting to battle the Underground at rush hour with a suitcase, too many layers and a pair of heeled leopard print boots and am sweaty and flustered.

b) Drinking a sassy cappuccino and eating pastries from the new Terminal 5 lounge at Heathrow Airport and feeling like i’m living the absolute high life.

c) Crying on the plane whilst watching The Fault In Our Stars and drinking one too many afternoon Gin and Tonics.


So yeah, firstly there’s all of that, secondly i’ve recorded an ELEVEN MINUTE vlog on my YouTube channel. Which is long. Stupidly long. But some of you like stupidly long, so i’ll let you make your own minds up.

It’s a Tuesday Hannah (yesterday) with no make-up on and a plethora of spots, and a straggly strand of hair that keeps trying to escape and make Hannah look like she’s in year 9 with some chavvy fringe strands all over again, so there’s that.

But it’s me going through all the clothes i’ve planned to take with me on my little November trip to the States. Naturally I have too much, and there’s a good chance that once i’ve shopped my little heart out in the SIMON Shopping Destinations (they’re who are taking me on this pretty fly holiday) i’ll need to buy another suitcase, which is nice.

The point of this blog post was to tell you that I have a new vlog and that it’s 2.35pm and I still haven’t actually packed – there’s just some clothes thrown on top of my suitcase and the surrounding floor, and also to say that whilst there’ll be less blog posts whilst i’m away (Wednesday – Monday) I am taking my laptop with me, with the hope of recording some sweet, sweet vlogs for you. Hopefully daily. That’ll be nice won’t it?

So yeah, pretty much the only blogger/vlogger who actually films themselves looking like this, but y’know what? That’s real life.

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