My November homeware wishlist


As most of you who follow me on social media will know, we’re currently in the stages of decorating.

And when I say the stages, I can now say that we’ve painted all the walls and sanded and glossed all the walls. And yes, i’ve basically earnt a six pack, albeit one that’s hidden under layers of Bic Mac fat, but whatcha gonna do, eh?

The whole house has a very clean, off-white look with pretty rustic floorboards (because, well, I didn’t have the elbow grease required to sand the edges by hand all that well), which means that furniture and accessory wise we can pretty much do what we want.

We’ve just ordered nearly a grand’s worth of white basic furniture from IKEA (HELLO SEXY NEW DESK FOR HANNAH), and to balance it out i’m hoping to get some second hand bits we can spruce up and paint ourselves. What will actually happen, is i’ll buy one chest of drawers, find the whole drama so exhausting that i’ll cry, and then it’ll never happen again. But a girl can dream, right?

I’m basically wetting myself over anything gold or bronze at the moment, so there’s that for you all to digest. And, aside from H&M and having a good nose around Asda and Tesco when i’m doing a food shop, i’m struggling to find any good low-cost places for cute homeware accessories, aside from Tiger, but Tiger isn’t in Ipswich or online and that makes me a sad little lamb. Woe is me.

Have you guys got any well kept homeware secrets? Any little online stores I should know about?

Anyway, these are the pieces i’m currently eyeing up with the hope I can finally achieve the dream of having a home that looks sexy as fuck on Instagram. Yup.

interior wishlist


1. Marks & Spencer baking dish, £25, 2. Tiger trinket pot, £4, 3. Asda initial cushion, £5, 4. Tiger stackable glass cake stand, £4 each, 5. Next blanket, £25, 6. Next boxes, £30, 7. H&M foil cushion, £6.99 8. Oliver Bonas table, £130 9. Tiger tin, £5, 10. Marks & Spencer faux fur blanket, £89, 11. H&M home basket, £14.99 12. Urban Outfitter bedside table, £80 13. Urban Outfitters duvet set, £50 14. Urban Outfitters magazine rack, £60


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